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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Holiday !!

Off on holiday today so no more posts till I get back in aprox 14 days !!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Andrew Lloyd Webber....320 Kbps


This one is going to be a bit hard to tell what it's all about....I suppose you could call it "Classical" but it's not... certainly has a classical feel about it and again it gets a bit "Jazzy"and then a bit "Funky"and then in certain parts you would swear that you was listening to the "Shadows" overall it's a mixture of "Styles".....Think "ELO" and"Tubular Bells" and you may get some idea whats it all about !!!couldn't record track by track because the music blended between tracks so I had to record Side One then Side Two....but you can see from the back sleeve all the tracks are "Variations"...hence the name !!

Francis Goya...

Here's the other "Francis Goya"....courtesy of "BoB" I hope you enjoy them there are a couple of repeat tracks so you are getting twice the value !!!

Francis Goya...

I'm giving all the Easy Listeners a treat this L/P and the next one is guitar and orchestra playing popular tunes....I had never heard of "Francis Goya" before but its a cool combination
Thanks once again to "Bob from across the channel !!


Bert Kaempfert....320.Kbps

Another great BK recording for the easy listeners brigade.....This L/P is courtesy of Bob from Belgium Thanks !!!