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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Richard Harris...320 Kbps

Well now this one I am leaving open for everybody who downloads it to give a comment !!!
I've only listened to it a couple of times....It has been supplied by "Geoff " so I will have to listen to it a bit more...The last three tracks on the second side are all joined together there was no break in the tracks even though it looked like there was on the record !....The lyrics are a bit strange and dark and were a bit dis-jointed to me that is ...but maybe after a few more plays I will get interesting to hear other views so get typing...Cheers...

1. The Yard Went On Forever
2. Watermark
3. Interim
4. Gayla

1. The Hymns From The Grand Terace
2. The Hive
3. Lucky Me
4. That's The Way It Was


Jaki Whitren...320 Kbps


 I am very glad that I started this blog because of all the great music that I am re-discovering....L/P's that I havn't played for years bringing back loads of memories....True I could have played them at any time but doing this Blog means that I have to listen to every track whilst recording them and it's Great !!....This L/P when I first got it was never off the turntable for quite some the 70's when this was recorded when Jaki was about 19 there was no "Internet" were you could go and find out about any artists so I didn't know much about you can "Google" her and get all the information that you want ...and that's what I did and glad that I did...the video's below is what she is doing today and Boy does she sound just as good as she did nearly 40 years ago when she made this L/P....I urge those of you who want to hear a fresh New Voice to have a download and see what you think !!..Take note of "Give Her A Day" and "Human Failure"...FANTASTIC...And she wrote all the songs herself except one !!

1. New Horizon
2. Oh Little Boy
3. A Little Bit Extra Please
4. Country Life
5. To A Friend Through A Friend
6. But Which Way Do I Go

1. Give Her The Day
2. Ain't It Funny
3. I've Thought Hard About It
4. As That Evening Sun Goes Down
5. Human Failure
6. Running All The Time


Court of Miracles feat' Jaki Whitren 'spirit soul hearted'

jaki whitren 'rock and roll gypsies'