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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Shirley Bassey

On July 8 th. 1974 Shirley Bassey performed at Kosei-Nenkin Kaikan Hall in Tokyo. The concert was recorded for televison and probably only broadcast in Japan. Here we have songs from that concert: Goldfinger, Sing, Diamonds Are Forever, Day By Day, Yesterday When I was Young (her biggest hit ever in Japan) Something. The concert was released on a double-LP but only in Japan. Probably because it came just a year after the release of “Live at Carnegie Hall”, which featured a very similar track listing to “Live in Japan”.

Thanks John for this rare gem !

1. Goldfinger
2. Sing
3. Let Me Sing And I'm Happy
4. Make The World A Little Younger
5. Going Going Gone
6. Without You
7. Diamonds Are Forever
8. When You Smile
9. All That Love Went To Waste
10. Big Spender
11. Day By Day
12. Never Never Never
13. Something
14. Yesterday When I Was Young
15. Intro Of Orch
16. You And I
17. This Is My Life


espo said...

Enjoy !

ginttarr said...

Thank you very much for Shirley Basseys' voice live in Japan!

Best regards,

martymartymarty said...

Absolutely phenomenal share! Thank you thank you thank you!!!