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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Saskia & Serge

Saskia & Serge are a Dutch vocal duo consisting of singer Trudy van den Berg (born 23 April 1947, and singer-guitarist Ruud Schaap (born 22 March 1946. They are known for their participation in the 1971 Eurovision Song Contest, and have enjoyed a long and successful career in their native Netherlands.

Shades of ABBA on this one !!...and there are three tracks with the same titles of very popular hits that are not them but different songs !!......Thanks Bob for all your contributions !!

04 He loves another woman.mp3


espo said...

Enjoy !

Trumark said...

Thank you!

Mike said...

What a great surprises - haven't heard this group in a long time.

Fans of ABBA-type music should enjoy this album.

Thank you!