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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Frank Sinatra....320 Kbps

It seems that the record company decided to do a "Mix" of Sinatra's singles on this L/P or so it seems !! starting with a "Swinger" then a slow "Ballad"all thro' the L/P... all orchestrations by "Nelson Riddle" from the "Capitol" stable !!

1. High Hopes
2. Talk To Me
3. French Foreign Legion
4. To Love And Be Loved
5. River Stay Way From My Door
6. All The Way

1. It's Over It's Over It's Over
2. Ol' Macdonald
3. This Was My Love
4. All My Tomorrows
5. Sleep Warm
6. Witchcraft

Friday, 22 June 2012


Hi Todd...glad that you are liking my Blog and Music and thanks for taking the time to make a comment...More Dame Shirley coming later so keep your eye on your screen !!!!....Cheers...Luigi

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Danyo From Over The Pond (U.S.A)

Thanks Danyo for your very interesting comment it was much appreciated as yet I have not had any stinkers as you put it ! fingered crossed for the you can see I am now getting comments which is great the particular time I posted that comment was last November I was hardly getting any...The programme that I use for recording is "MusicMatch" (which is an old programme) to digital has a maximum of 160kbs so that's what I use....Glad that you enjoy my Blog and thanks once again for you interest and comment...Cheers....Luigi

John Daly

Hi John... thanks for your comments on "Barbra Streisand"and "Judith Durham"...just as a matter of interest where is  "Paddington RSL" ??...cheers...

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Anonymous Comments !!

Thanks for the comments about "Danny Williams"and for the information about "Paul Anka's My Way"....Much appreciated To 2 "Anonymous" People !!