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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Earl Bostick....320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested By Teddybear42

The first "Jazz" 78rpm that I bought when I was in my teens was "Earl Bostic's Flamingo"
of course didn't realise at the time that it was a Jazz Record I just liked the rasping sound of the Tenor Sax...It was on a "Vogue" label and as I said a very brittle 78rpm and they did break very easy...I think it lasted about a couple of years before it got smashed up with a load more when I was taking some of them to play at a mates house on my bike and I fell of my bike and they shattered all over the road....didn't have the comfort of a car in those days !!...Anyway back to the L/P most of the tracks are well known songs and are all played in the "Earl Bostic" rasping tenor sax sound so no surprises track of course is "Flamingo" which to me is as fresh sounding today as it was in the 50's...

1. Flamingo
2. Deep Purple
3. Always
4. Moonglow
5. Cherokee

1. Liebestraum
2. When Your Lover Has Gone
3. East Of The Sun
4. Beyond the Blue Horizon
5. Harlem Nocturne

Dusty Springfield....320 Kbps

Not got much to say about this Dusty L/P its one of her lesser known ones and all the tracks are sung great but there is not one track that seems to stick in your mind....maybe that's it's failing none of the songs are memorable.....All the "Dusty" fans out there will no doubt disagree with me because if you are a dedicated "Fan" of Dusty's she can do no wrong....That's how I feel about my "Special" Singers !!!

1. Who Gets Your Love
2. Breakin' Up A Happy Home
3. Easy Evil
4. Mama's Little Girl
5. The Other Side Of Life
6. Comin' And Going

1. I Just Wanna Be There
2. Who Could Be Loving You Other Than Me
3. Tupelo Honey
4. Of All The Things
5. Learn To Say Goodbye

Friday, 8 February 2013

Mr Kelly

Hi...thanks Mr Kelly for your info on "Danny Williams" it was very informative and I am sure that quite a number of people will also be interested.

If anybody out there wishes to make any comments (good or bad) about any of the L/Ps please do just that...Don't be shy... could get some good discussions going !!....Cheers...Luigi

Monday, 4 February 2013

Jack Jones....320 Kbps

Another perfect L/P from Jack singing songs of the time 70's to be exact....not a standard song in sight !!!

1. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
2. Sweet Child
3. Easy To Be Hard
4. Josephine For Better Or For Worse
5. Spinning Wheel

1. A Time For Us
2. Isn't It Lonely Together
3. I Keep Leavin' Houses Behind
4. The Seven Last Days
5. And I'll Go
6. Home

Anita Harris....320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested By Teddybear42

This is definitely what you would call a "Concept" L/P all things fruity ect...Anita uses her top high range voice on most of the tracks and it suits her..all the tracks are not sung and played straight forward there are surprises on most of the tracks...soooooooooo the only way to find out the surprises is to download it....if you like her voice then you wont be disappointed

1. Somebody's In My Orchard
2. Watermelon Man
3. Cherry Ripe
4. Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree
5. Inch Worm
6. Butterfly With Coloured Wings

1. Taste Of Honey
2. Lullaby Of The Leaves
3. Oranges And Lemons
4. Honeysuckle Rose
5. Adams Apple
6. Green Leaves Of Summer