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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Francis Bay And Orchestra...320 Kbps

Another one from "Bob" from across the channel...its very interesting and enlightening to listen to orchestra's...bands...singers that you have not heard of before...It broadens the mind and lets you appreciate all kinds of music if you only have "ears" for a particular style !!



espo said...

Enjoy !

espo said...


Newton said...

Please, how can I download this item?
Thank you.
Newton, from Brazil

Dusty said...

Hi Luigi
With this Lp you hit one of my favorite band .And i can say Francis Bay ain't one of the easy name to find in the www World
So a BIG thanks from

Gerard said...

Newton clicq on the blue spots!
Enjoy or Mega.

Newton said...

Hi Luigi.

Thank you, very much.

Groovesaver said...

Thank You for the share .

Hit Parade said...


Thank you and Bob from Belgium for this Francis Bay album.

I discovered Francis Bay earlier this year with his wonderful Artie Shaw & Benny Goodman Collection (2 record set). He has another Les Brown and Charlie Barnet Collection. Then I read about him, and realized it is impossible to purchase his music where I live.

He deserves to be remembered and preserved for history and future decades of big band music lovers.

Francis Bay lived his whole life in Belgium, so his recordings are probably there. So please consider setting up a project with Bob to collect all of his music and preserve and share it through your blog.

Thank you :-)