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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Judy Garland...320.Kbps

Now this I believe might be a rare 45 EP of Judy's it was recorded in1964 and was probably recorded in London when she was filming "I Could Go On Singing"....all the tracks have the Garland stamp on them and the only one that I am familiar with is "Its Yourself" !!

1. Maggie Maggie May
2. There's Only One Union

1. The Land Of Promises
2. It's Yourself

Monday, 17 March 2014

Andy Williams...320 Kbps

One more from across the channel !!....Andy Williams with a selection of songs from the 70's....Andy made many L/P's and "Moon River" was one of his many hits and probably the best recording commercially of that song....This L/P is typical of his fine voice.... Last track "Abraham Martin And John" never heard it before but it's a great one !!!...Alas he is no longer with us the big "C" got him in 2012.... RIP !!

1. For Once In My Life 
2. Where's The Playground Susie
3. My Way
4. Wichita Lineman
5. Happy Heart
6. Gentle On My Mind

1. Didn't We
2. Memories
3. Little Green Apples
4. Here There And Everywhere
5. Abraham Martin And John

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Johnny Pearson Orchestra....320 Kbps

Piano music at the forefront as "The Johnny Pearson"Orchestra delights us with a good selection of fine popular songs....supplied by "Bob"


Who Pays The Ferryman...320Kbps

This is music from a BBC T/V Series from 1977 as well as other tracks written by "Yannis Markopoulos".....

Ella Fitzgerald...320 Kpbs

Here is the third Volume of Gershwins Songbook...Once again Lush arrangements and Ella At Her Peak

1. A Foggy Day
2.Clap Yo Hands
3. For You For Me Forevermore
4. Stiff Upper Lip
5. Boy Wanted 
6. Strike Up The Band

1. Soon
2. I've Got A Crush On You
3. Bidin' My Time
4. Aren't You Kind Of Glad We Did
5. Of Thee I Sing

Johnny Mathis...320 Kbps

This is a double set of L/P's featuring most of Johnny early hits and some tracks taken from some of his other L/P's...There is only 5 tracks a side so CBS could quite easily fitted all the tracks on one L/P....but I recon the "Marketing Guys" though that maybe "Joe Public" would think that they had a bargain 2 L/P's for the price of 1!!!!....don't think we are that guilable or are we !!!!....Just a note "Where Do I Begin & If We Only Have Love" is recorded as one track 

Side One                                                            Side Three

1. A Certain Smile                                            1. Where Do I Begin
2. When Sunny Gets Blue                                2. If We Only Have Love
3. Small World                                                  3. My Funny Valentine
4. Misty                                                              4. Come To Me
5. Chances Are                                                  5. Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet

Side Two                                                           Side Four

1. Venus                                                            1. Wonderful Wonderful
2. Maria                                                            2. All The Time
3. Misty Roses                                                  3. The Twelfth Of Never
4. Gina                                                              4. Wild Is The Wind
5. What Will My Mary Say                            5. It's Not For Me To Say