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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Emotions..Various Artists...320 Kbps

This one comes from "Lesley"....but I'm afraid the curse of the "knitting needles" has struck again !!...I have tried to get rid of the jumps to no avail and also there was hardly a break between tracks so I have had to record it as "Side 1 and Side 2.....there are some very good tracks on it so I did decide to post it....hope it doesn't spoil your enjoyment of it too much !!!

1. Emotions....Samantha Sang
2. Free....Deniece Williams 
3. I Love You Just The way You Are....Billy Joel
4. I Want To Stay With You....Gallagher and Lyle
5. Lets Have A Quiet Night In....David Soul
6. Wide Eyed & Legless.....Andy Fairweather Lowe
7. Can't Smile Without You.....Barry Manilow
8. Love is In The Air.....John Paul Young
9. The One And Only.....Cladys Knight And The Pips
10. Without You....Nilsson

1. Lilac Wine.....Elkie Brooks
2. Lost In France.....Bonnie Tyler
3. Fool If You Think Its Over.....Chris Rea
4. Breakaway.....Gallagher And Lyle
5. Home Loving Man.....Andy Williams
6. Weekend In New England.....Barry Manilow
7. I'm Not In Love.....London Symphony Orchestra
8. Angel Of The Morning / Anyway You Want Me.....Mary Mason
9. I'm Stoned In Love With You.....Johnny Mathis
10. Swearing To God....Frankie Valli



This one is courtesy of "Bob" from across the channel....I have heard of "Dalida" but never had anything to listen to but now I have...and I like her...I believe that she is very popular in "Europe"....will have to check on "Google" & "Wikipedia" to get more info !!!


Bread...320 Kbps

This one comes courtesy of "Geoff"..don't know much about "Bread" so I will leave the comments to those who do !!....It contains one of the most recorded song of the 70's !!!!!

1. Let Your Love Go
2. Take Comfort
3. Too Much Love
4. If
5. Be Kind To Me
6. He's A Good Lad

1. She Was My Lady
2. Live In Your Love
3. What A Change
4. I Say Again
5. Come Again
6. Truckin'