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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Barbra Streisand...320 Kbps

Must have missed this one !! didn't know about it till "Geoff's" Box of L/P's was sorted...pity that the concert was so short I'm sure that she could have done more songs !! Maybe she did but they were not recoreded.....I Wonder if anyone looking in was at the concert ?? !! if they were maybe they could enlighten us and tell us more !!!

1. Somewhere
2. Evergreen
3. Something's Coming
4. People
5. Over The Rainbow
6. Guilty...with Barry Gibb

1. What Kind Of Fool...with Barry Gibb
2. Papa can You Hear Me
3. The Way We Were
4. It's A New World 
5. Happy Days Are Here Again
6. America The Beautiful