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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Tammy Wynette

Another "Best Of" this time CW Singer...also supplied by "Bob"....If you like CW then you will like this all of her hits !!


Werner Muller & Orchestra

The title of this L/P says it all and I agree wholehearted !!!...courtesey of "Bob"

Liza Minnelli....320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested By Hit Parade
 Liza sings mostly standards on this L/P but the arrangements and style are typically 70's style...this was recorded in 1970 just before she got the part of "Sally Bowles" in the Musical Film"Cabaret"....the songs are by "Kern" "Berlin" "Porter" "Arlen" "Mercer" "Gershwin" so you can see that its the American Songbook Theme.....They are definitely sung different....She does go a bit "frantic"at times but its definitely one of her better recordings !!
Found the video below.....on a couple of plays it went out of sync but seems okay now !!

P.S. I love it when you get a selection of well known songs and they are arranged and performed entirely different from the originals and like nobody else's versions..and Liza and her arranger has just done that !!...Greaaaaaaaat !!!

1. Love For Sale
2. Stormy Weather
3. Come Rain Or Come Shine
4. Lazy Bones
5. Can't Help Loving That Man

1. I Wonder Where My Easy Rider's Gone 
2. The Man I Love
3. How Long Has This Been Going On
4. God Bless The Child
5. Maybe This Time

Liza Minnelli on "The Johnny Cash Show"

Anthony Ventura & Orch

Still keeping over the channel in "Belgium" with "Bob" we have an orchestra playing a selection of well know tunes !! at least I know some of them !!


Monday, 5 January 2015

Richard Harris....320...Kbps

We now have a "Mr Harris"singing the songs of "Jim Webb"..still wondering if he finally got time to bake that cake again !!!....I would guess that this might be the first of "Richard's" venture into the recording studio....If I am wrong I guess somebody will put me right !!!

1. Prelude / Didn't We
2. Interlude / Paper Chase
3. Interlude / Name Of My Sorrow
4. Interlude / Lovers Such As I
5. In The Final Hours

1. Mac Arther Park
2. Dancing Girl
3. Interlude / If You Must Leave My Life
4. A Tramp Shining

Karel Gott...320 Kbps

Still keeping with "Bob" from across the channel..this singer I also have not heard of before and the more I heard this one the more I liked it...I do play the L/P's two or three times before I post them and this one definatly comes into the "More You Hear It The Better It Becomes" !!!...So if you also are not familar with his work give it a try and see if you agree !!!

Horst Fischer....320 Kbps

Another one from "Bob"...


Sunday, 4 January 2015

Nina Simone...320 Kbps

 This was recorded in September 1959 in New York and is one of the best L/P's of Nina's there was not enough gaps in the tracks so I had to record Side One as  Track 1 and Side Two as Track 2...Just listen to "The Other Woman" & "You Can Have Him" for sheer perfection

1. Black Is The Colour of My Tue Loves Hair
2. Exactly Like You
3. The Other Woman
4. Under The Lowest
5. You Can Have Him

1. Summertime....Insrumental
2. Summertime...Vocal
3. Cotton Eyed Joe
4. Return Home
5. Fine And Mellow