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Saturday, 4 April 2015

The Importance Of Being Earnest 2 ...320 Kbps

Ok folk's this is as you can see the number 2 L/P....I hope you enjoyed the first one !!....You have of course on the cover of L/P No 1 "The Dame" and this one is of course "The Sir" !!!


The Importance Of Being Earnest 1...320 Kbps

I should imagine that quite a number of people might be thinking at this point "What the hell is a couple of "Spoken" L/P's doing on a Music Blog" !!....Well now Hummmmmmmm let me think !!...No idea !! except "Variety is the spice of life"!!!!....AND there's not many places that you can listen to a "British Sir & Dame" squashed between "Dusty Springfield" & "The Hi-Lo's" !!!...Go on give it a download you might enjoy it !!!!!!