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Saturday, 4 April 2015

The Importance Of Being Earnest 2 ...320 Kbps

Ok folk's this is as you can see the number 2 L/P....I hope you enjoyed the first one !!....You have of course on the cover of L/P No 1 "The Dame" and this one is of course "The Sir" !!!


The Importance Of Being Earnest 1...320 Kbps

I should imagine that quite a number of people might be thinking at this point "What the hell is a couple of "Spoken" L/P's doing on a Music Blog" !!....Well now Hummmmmmmm let me think !!...No idea !! except "Variety is the spice of life"!!!!....AND there's not many places that you can listen to a "British Sir & Dame" squashed between "Dusty Springfield" & "The Hi-Lo's" !!!...Go on give it a download you might enjoy it !!!!!!


Dusty Springfield...320 Kbps

 I think that this was the last L/P that Dusty recorded on the "Mercury Label" when she came back to England from her stint in America....She certainly looked different when she came back...
The voice is still there but the L/P along with "It Begins Again"didn't do to well..

1. You've Realy Got A Hold On Me 
2. You Can Do It
3. Be Somebody
4. Closet Man
5. Living Without Your Love

1. Save Me Save Me
2. Get Yourself To Love
3. I Just Fall In Love Again
4. Dream On
5. I'm Coming Home Again