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Friday, 12 June 2015

Barry Manilow...320.Kbps

As with all "Live & Concert L/P's" to get 100% enjoyment out of it you would have to been there and a part of the audience "clapping" and "shouting" and "cheering" as this "Royal Albert Hall" concert on 11th &12th of January 1982 is just doing that !!....Like the "Cliff Richard" concert that was posted earlier this seems to be a great couple of nights out!!...It is "Barry" at his peak voice wise singing most of his well known hits and doing a great job....he even pokes fun at himself with a self comment about his "nose"....So all of us that was not there will have to do with just the sound and not the vision....Somebody should invent a stylus that could read visuals as well as music!!....and a whole new concept would be born !!!!

Neil Sedaka ...320 Kbps

All the tracks on this L/P were  written by "Neil" and it proves that he can write some good songs with great lyrics that you can understand which is great for these days !!...It was recorded in England...  Manchester to be exact and mastered at the Apple Studios in London in 1972....There are some great songs on this one including one of the best and that one has been recorded by most of the good singers of the 70's 80's 90's ect !!....It is the title of the L/P of course !!!

1. Thats When The Music Takes Me
2. Beautiful You
3. Express Yourself
4. Anywhere Your Gonna Be
5. Home
6. Adventures Of A Boy Child Wonder

1. Better Days Are Coming
2. Dimbo Man
3. Trying To Say Goodbye
4. Solitaire
5. Don't Let It Mess Your Mind


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Trio Cassman

I have never heard of "Trio Cassiman" before now but by courtesy once again of "Bob" its something good and worth listening to not too "Folksy" or "Spiritual" but spot on for good ears !!


Harry James

Here's one set firmly in the 40's....not to sure wether they are the original recordings...there seems to be a lot of strings for a swing band !!....could be re-recordings at a later date ??...YEP seems it is according to the back sleeve !!...this one came from "Bob"