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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Engelbert Humperdinck...320 Kbps

The year is 1969 when this L/P was recorded it was I should think one of Engel's early efforts with only one hit on it to date last track I believe !!   

1. I'm A Better Man
2. Gentle On My Mind
3. Love Letters
4. A Time For Us
5. Did'nt We
6. I Wish You Love

1. Aquarius--Let The Sunshine In
2. All You've Gotta Do Is Ask
3. The Signs Of Love
4. Cafe
5. Let's Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
6. Winter World Of Love

Glen Cambell.

Thanks Bob for this one definately not a 1-2-3 waltz time !!....some great tracks on here and great guitar playing....and correction.... there is a couple of 1-2-3 time tracks but its a well balanced set of songs... no well known songs accept of course the title track !!...can I hear "Danny Boy" in the background on one of the tracks ????
No moans about information on the back sleeve...thats how it should be every time !!

Jim Reeves...320..Kbps

The record company's must have definately raided the "Archives" for this one!!...and it's a good job that they are able to do just that !! otherwise we will have lost some very good and interesting tracks !....once again they have "Mono" tracks "Electroniclly Created Stereo"..they always seem to come out a bit echoey to me !!....Its great to hear Jim "Swing" on one of the tracks make a change for the 1-2-3 waltz time that seems to be the staple CW time !!!....not telling you which track it it and see for yourselves !!!!You will definately be surprised !!

1. Welcome To My World 
2. I'll Tell The World I Love You
3. Danny Boy
4. A Letter To My Heart
5. Have I Stayed Away To Long
6. Blue Skies 

1. I Wont Forget You 
2. Just Walking In The Rain
3. Am I That Easy To Forget
4. Have You Ever Been Lonely
5. Shifting Whispering Sands
6. You're The Only Good Thing


Waldo De Los Rios Orchestra..320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested By Mimidelahaye

 If you like your classics with a slight "Beat" then this might float your boat !! doubt the classical purists out there will be shaking their heads and thinking "No!!No!!No!!...But it is a good idea to get people interested in the classics and if they like what they hear then they might go and listen to the originals...This is the second L/P the first being"Symphony's For The Seventies"....that one is better than this one maybe its because the tracks on this one are not so well known as the first one..

1. Brahms Symphony No 1 Opus 68
2. Beethoven Symphony No 1 Opus 21
3. Mendelssohn Symphony No 5 Opus 107
4. Berlioz Symphony Fantastica Opus No 14
5. Beethoven Symphony No 7 Opus 92

1. Beethoven Symphony Pastoral Opus 68
2. Haydn Symphony No 101 Opus 95
3. Lalo Symphony Espanola Opus 21
4. Tchaikovsky Symphony Patetica Opus 74


Caterina Valente...320 Kbps

The great "Caterina" once again this time in German !!..Except "Malaguena" which is sung in Spanish...AND "The Breeze And I" even though on the sleeve it is in English its sung in German !!....A favourite moan coming up !!...back of the sleeve is the same as the front....WHY oh WHY could'nt they put information on there about the recordings !!!

1. Wo Mein Sonne Scheint
2. Ganz Paris Traumt Von Der Lieb
3. Sing Baby Sing 
4. Chanson D'amour
5. Spiel Noch Einmal Fur Mich Habanero
6. The Breeze And I

1. Dreh Dich Nicht Um Nach Fremden Scatten
2. Oho Aha
3. Steig In Das Traumboot Der Liebe
4. Musik Liegt In Der Luft
5. Maleguena
6. Schwarze Engel 

Pat Boone.

Pat Boone not cashing in on his hits and singing a selection of songs about "Memories" recorded in about 1966 I believe !!...Good stuff for the "Pat Boone" Fans!!
Thanks Bob !

Elvis Presley..320 Kbps

We now have Elvis doing his "God Spot Bit"with a selection of religious songs...It seems that all the top class singers on all the major labels released at least one in their recording career...even "Ella" with her "Brighten The Corner"....same as most of them did "Disco" at some point !!

1. You'll Never Walk Alone 
2. Who Am I
3. Let Us Pray
4. Peace In The Valley
5. We Call On Him

1. I Beleive
2. It Is No Secret
3 Sing You Children
4. Take My Hand Precious Lord
5. Swing Down Sweey Chariot


Tom Jones.320 Kbps

It's a pity that most of the London venues like "The Cafe De Paris" and the above "Talk Of The Town" are not now as they used to be in the 50'- 80's and maybe a few years all the great singers of the time!!...because its great to hear the interaction of a couple of hundred people that you get with this "Tom Jones" performance !!....Ok time's a - changing and now days we have the "Stadiums" and "Arena's" that hold thousands of people and they do have some cracking concerts there and folks do get carried away with the spectacle and do have a great time...but I do miss the intimacy of a small concert hall or as the above mention venues were like to go to for a night out to hear you favourite singers !!....Ok slight moan over back to the L/P this was recorded in 1967 so I think that Tom was at the begining of his career he certainly is in great voice and sings his hits to date !!....I was surprised at the choice of "My Yiddische Momme" because usualy that is sung by a female vocalist...good on him to have a go and he does a good job with it !!

1. Ain't That Good News
2. Hello Young Lovers
3. I Can't Stop Loving You
4. What's New Pussycat
5. Not Responsable 
6. I Believe
7. My Yiddische Momme

1. Shake
2. That Lucky Old Son
3. Thunderball
4. That Old Black Magic
5. Green Green Grass Of Home 
6. It's Not Unusual
7. Land Of A Thousand Dances

Jeannie C Riley...320 Kbps

Seems that we are now back in the good old CW mode and I'm sure that Track 3 on the second side "That's How It Is With Him And Me"has been re-incarnated as "Gentle On My Mind" or could it be the other way around !!....a good selection of CW songs that fits the bill very snugly !
 about the teenage school years and as the title indicates "Memories" !!

1. Yearbooks And Yesterdays
2. What Was Her Name
3. Edna Bugoo 
4. My Scrapbook
5.The Part Of Honey
6. Whatever Happened To Charlie Brown

1. The Girl Most Likely
2. Back To School
3. Thats How It Is With Him And Me
4. Teardrops On Page Forty Three
5. Box Of Memories
6. Taste Of Years