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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Hol ! Hol ! Holiday's !!

Ok Folks !!! That's your lot for a while...going on holiday to get some sun and G&T's...Beer...Vodka...Cocktails..ect !!!!

Cilla Black...320 Kbps

Now we have Cilla singing some as she say's on the back sleeve "Modern Standards"which of course they are...BUT it's not the usual Cilla it's a very subdued one with an almost little girl voice !!...I was waiting for her to rip loose and give it some "Ooooph"but it did not happen !!..It was recorded in 1980 and I suppose most of the songs are of the romantic kind hence the interpretation !! That Disco beat gets everywhere !!!!...RIP Cilla You will be missed by many !!!

1. Baby Don't Change Your Mind
2. Sometimes When We Touch
3. Just The Way You Are
4. Talking In Your Sleep
5. You Don't Bring Me Flowers
6. How Deep Is Your Love
7. Bright Eyes
8. Don't Cry For Me Argentina 

1. When Will I See You Again
2. You Needed Me
3. If You Leave Me Now
4. When I Need You
5. Knowing Me Knowing You
6. Still
7. When i Child Is Born
8. Do That To me One More Time


Tommy Dorsey & Orchestra

From the "Lush" to the "Swing"...I'll leave it to the back sleeve for all the information !!

another one from across the channel !!!


The 101 Strings Orchestra.

From One England To Another !!!.... a lush selection of traditional "English " folks songs and some very informative information on the back cover !!!...Makes a change !!....Thanks "Bob"


Boy George...320 Kbps

Back to the 80's now...I hadn't listened very much to "George" in the past except for his hits so I didn't realise that he has definatly got a "Jazz" influence going on on this L/P !!...and "Helen Terry" is great on the backing vocals....The "Gem" on this one has to be Track 5 on first side "That's The Way" !!!!....Not forgetting of course Track 1 !!!

1. Karma Chameleon 
2. Its A Miracle
3. Black Money
4. Changing Every Day
5. That's The Way

1. Church Of The Poison Mind
2. Miss Me Blind
3. Mister Man
4. Stormkeeper
5. Victims