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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Xmas !!

Hi Everybody.....Here's Wishing You All "A Very Merry Xmas Day".....Luigi.....

Dr Hook.320 Kbps

Ok folks this is the last "Upload" before I wish everybody "A Happy Xmas Day"
this group is my Sister Rina's favourite group..and I agree with her...all the songs I believe are written by the group so they are all original "Covers".....and they are all good ones and easy to remember...that I believe if you can remember the words and tune constitutes a "HIT"!!!!!

1. More Like The Movies
2. A Little Bit More
3. The Radio
4. Up On The Mountain
5. If Not You

1. Jungle To The Zoo
2. Bad Eye Bill
3. What About You
4. I Need the High
5. A Couple More Years 


Pia Beck

Last one from "Bob".....and a great one too !! to me and getting better every time Bob sends me a download of hers !!...anybody who likes something different will miss out  if they don't have a listen !!.....I Just Love "I Left My Heart In San Fransico" !! have a listen to that track here...

Nana Mouskouri

A good cross selection of the work of "Nana" from a Double L/P selection...If you like Nana then this is a good "Ear Shot"of her "Voice" !!!!


Jim Reeves

Staying with "Bob" for a couple more !!..

Bing Crosby.

One from across the channel now from "Bob"...there is some info on the back but does not refer to this the sound of the orchestra and arrangments would have a guess at the late70's early 80's...does anybody know any different ??

Tom Jones.320 Kbps

Its 1966 and Mr Tom Jones have been to America Met "Elvis"done all the Major American TV programs and this is his second L/P....All tracks are original not a hit or a standard in sight !! with the exception of "More" which seems to me out of place !!...Plenty of info on the back cover !!
It shows just how "Tom" earned the Title of the L/P ATOMIC !!!.

1. Dr Love
2. Face Of A Loser
3. It's Been a Long Time Coming
4. Ia a Woman's Eye
5. More 
6. I'll Never Let You Go
7. The Loser 

1. To Make a Big Man Cry
2. Key To My Heart
3. True Love Comes Only Once In A Lifetime
4. A Little You
5. You're So Good For Me
6. Where Do You Belong
7. These Things You Don't Forget