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Thursday, 10 November 2016

A Little Night Music.320 Kbps

Re-Post Bonus for Gary !

 Isn't it a pity that when L/P's were first thought of and invented they didn't incorporate a video built in or on it !!...because as with most of the "Soundtracks" from Shows and films you can not appreciate them 100% unless you have actually seen the show in a theatre and the film in a cinema !!......As in the case of this L/P...It is a typical Broadway/West End performance...and there is only one song out of the show "Send In The Clowns" that has had any real impact...just about every good singer has had a go at it !!....I am sure that if I had seen the show these comments would be different !!.....Unfortunatly the songs to me don't seem to have a life outside of the show....not like some of the previous show posts !!!

 1. Overture And Night Waltz
2. Now-Later-Soon
3. The Glamorous Life                           " Original Broadway Cast"
4. Remember
5. You Must Meet My Wife
6. Liasons

1. In Praise Of Women
2. Every Day A Little Death
3. A Weekend In The Country
4. The Sun Won't Set
5. It Would Have Been Wonderful
6. Perpetual Anticipation
7. Send In The Clowns ****
8. The Millers Son
9. Finale


espo said...

Enjoy !

Goga said...

Espo , what irony when you say every good singer has sung "Send In The Clowns "
The writer of this song said he was commissioned to write a song for "someone who couldn't sing a note " - which is why the tune is little more than spoken, rather than sung .

The actress who couldn't sing ? That was English actress Glynis Johns .

benbob 9 said...

I don't know whether Glynis would be regarded as a good singer or not but I heard her 'sing'
send in the clowns on a TV show some years back and no one could have performed the song with such power of emotion. I have heard it sung many times by other artists and I honestly believe hers to be by far the best.
Anyhoo thanks espo for the re up. Brill