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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Salena Jones

After that French lesson we now have a singer that should have been more popular than she  was...Just checked on her on "Wikipedia" and she has been very succsessful and has quiet a write up on there worth having a look if anybody is interested.....she now lives in Ascot at the ripe age of 86 or maybe 72...bit of mix up when she was born

  Several reliable sources, including 60 Years of Recorded Jazz, 1917–1967 by Walter Bruyninckx,[1] and The Encyclopedia Yearbooks of Jazz by Leonard Feather,[2] give January 29, 1930 as the date of birth of the singer Joan Shaw. The liner notes for her 1961 LP Joan Shaw Sings For Swingers, also written by Feather, state that she "...began singing in amateur programs around town from the time she was 13. Within a couple of years she had graduated to local night clubs, and soon she had her first fling in New York, trying out in the amateur hour at the Apollo Theater. Soon after, in 1948, she was hired as band vocalist with a group led by Paul Williams....".[3] It is clear and uncontested that Joan Shaw later began using the name Salena Jones, after moving to England. However, the sources for Joan Shaw conflict with other sources such as AllMusic,[4] and The Rough Guide to Jazz,[5] which give Salena Jones' date of birth as January 29, 1944.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Les Compagnons De La Chanson

Getting more continental now from "Belgium" some "French" songs from the excellent "French Group" that is well known all over the world...and the songs are very familar so relax with some "Cheese & Wine" just like the Cover !!!!!


Dionne Warwick

We are still across the channel in "Belgium" with some "Golden Oldie's"


Elvis Presley..320 Kbps

We definitely know where this "Elvis" Live performance was "International Hotel" Las Vegas it has been doctored a bit you can tell by the endings and beginning of the seems a more polished production that the other post but that is probably where the men with the knobs on the machines come in !!....I'm sure that Elvis would have sung more songs that 10 !!

1. See See Rider
2. Release Me
3. Sweet Caroline
4. Runaway
5. The Wonder Of You

1. Polk Salad Annie
2. Yesterday
3. Proud Mary
4. Walk A Mile In My Shoes
5. Let It Be Me 


Engelbert Humperdinck.320 Kbps

"The World Of" series by "Decca" in the 70's brought together artists "Hit" singles and "B" sides of many of their singers and here is a prime example of one compilation of songs by EH !!
"Ten Guitars" is a favourite Of Mine !!!

1. Release Me
2. Do I Love You 
3. Just Say I Love Her
4. Lets Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
5. Call On Me
6. Killing Me Softly With His Song

1. Ten Guitars
2. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
3. Didn't We
4. Take My Heart
5. I Never Said Goodbye
6. Love Is All 


Elvis Presley.320 Kbps

It does not say if the concert was held at "Graceland" by the L/P cover it gives that impression that it might have been !!....Live performances are always good and true they can't fiddle about with the sound too much so you do get a true performance !!

1. See See Rider 
2. I Got a Woman
3. Love Me
4. Trying To Get To You
5. Long Tall Sally
6. Whole Lotta Shakin Going On
7. Mama Don't Dance
8. Flip Flop And Fly
9. Jailhouse Rock
10. Hound Dog
11. Why Me Lord
12. How Great Thou Art

1. Blueberry Hill
2. I Can't Stop Loving You
3. Help Me
4. American Trilogy
5. Let Me Be There
6. My Baby Left Me
7. Lawdy Miss Clawdy
8. Can't Help Falling In Love
9. Closing Vamp


George McRae.320 Kbps

"Rock Your Baby" was a fantastic single of the 70's and here we have 7 versions disguised with different song titles....the beat and the high "falsetto" cry's make the whole L/P a variation on the song !!!...still if you are a fan of "George's" and the song then get those arms movin' !!!!

1. Rock Your Baby
2. I Can't Leave You Alone
3. You got My Heart
4. You Can Have It All

1. Look at You 
2. Make it Right 
3. I Need Somebody Like You
4. I Get Lifted
5. Rock Your Baby


B.T.Express..320 Kbps

If you like repetitive disco type music with a distinctive beat  then here's a couple that will get your body movin' !!!!!....Is it my Imagination but do the titles in the running order seem to make sense in a weird way !!!!

1. Express
2. If It Don't Turn You On
3. Once You Get It
4. Everything's Good To You
5. Mental Telepathy

1. Do It Till Your Satisfied
2. Do You Like It
3. That's What I Want For You Baby
4. This House Is Smokin' 


Tom Jones..320 Kbps

Tom in the late 60's with his "Hit" "Delilah" and 11 tracks that seem to be L/P "fillers"...a couple of well known songs as well....all sung as only TJ can !!

1. Delilah
2. Weeping Amaleah
3. One Day Soon
4. Laura
5. Make This Heart Of Mine Smile Again 
6. Lingering On

1. You Can't Stop Love
2. My Elusive Dreams
3. Just Out Of Reach
4. Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart
5. Why Can't I Cry 
6. Take Me

The Lettermen.320 Kbps


 A very nice relaxing album of 70's song's sung by one of the better American vocal groups....they have been around since the 60's and have a nice easy listening style....If I had to pick the best track I think it would be the title track"Hurt So Bad"

1. Hurt So Bad
2. Baby Its You
3. A Time For Us
4. Sunny
5. On Broadway
6. Traces / Memories

1. Shangri-La
2. Here There And Everywhere
3. Love Is Here And Now Your Gone
4. Elusive Butterfly 
5. All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings
6. For Once In A Lifetime

Caterina Valente.320 Kbps

 Ok so we are off the horses and back on track of some Re-Posts....

This L/P is the best one Caterina recorded after she left the "Polydor" label...The arrangements are first class it was recorded in New York and its Caterina at her loudest...plenty of vocal gymnastics and the selection of songs are great....when I first had it it was played very loud and often....That's exactly how this L/P should be played as long as you warn the neighbors first !!

P.S. A great L/P and I hope that all the people who enjoyed "A Toast To The Girls" will give this one a whirl !!...It's different showing off Caterina's vocal range....Those with sensitive ears be warned !!!!

1. Falling In Love With Love
2. The Party's Over
3. Boom
4. Stella by Starlight
5. I've Grown Accustomed To His Face
6. Two Ladies In De Shade Of De Banana Tree 

1. Taboo
2. Invitation
3. You Stepped Out Of A Dream
4. Out Of This World 
5. Serenata
6. Goody Goody


Geoff Love & Orchestra..320 Kbps

I think we will come of the horses after this one !!...Its a bit on the scratchy side but still listenable !!

1. The Big Country
2. A Fistful Of Dollars
3. The Call Of The Faraway Hills
4. How The West Was Won 
5. The Green Leaves Of Summer
6. The Maginificent Seven

1. The good The Bad And The Ugly
2. Friendly Persuasion
3. Gunfight At The O K Corral
4. Stagecoach to Cheyenne 
5. High Noon
6. A Man A Horse And a Gun


Marty Robbins.320 Kbps

Seems that we are still in the saddle !!...I'm sure that the tracks are repeated on some other posts but never mind it gives the "Country & Western" fans double pleasure !!!

1. The Fastest Gun Around
2. Waiting In Reno
3. Five Brothers
4. In The Valley Of The Rio Grande
5. San Angelo
6. Bound For Old Mexico

1. Big Iron
2. Cool Water
3. A Hundred And Sixty Acres
4. The Cowboy In The Continental Suit
5. Red River Valley
6. Ride Cowboy Ride


Charlie Rich.320 Kbps

I don't know much about CW singers so I will leave all the comments open for everybody to have a say !!!

Shirley Bassey.320 Kbps

Here's some of Shirley's recordings from the early 60's....I thought that I had heard most of her recordings at some point in time....But no... a great recording of "In Other Words" which I had not heard before and it preludes what a great singer she was to become !!

1. In Other Words
2. The Song Is You
3. Above All Others
4. I've Never Been In Love Before
5. Far Away
6. Tonight

1. No Regrets
2. You Can Have Him
3. Seesaw Of Dreams
4. Goodbye Lover Hello Friend 
5. Strange How Love Can Be
6. Just One Of Those Things