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Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Temperance Seven

Ok time to get on that crazy carpet and have a windy journey back to "Blighty" will end with something a bit crazy !!

 The Temperance (Temperence? - ref certain album covers) Seven were founded at Christmas 1955 by students at the Chelsea School of Art, though the band mythologized its foundation as dating from 1904 at the fictitious Pasadena Cocoa Rooms, Balls Pond Road, North London. The three founder members were Paul McDowell (who originally played trombone), Philip Harrison (who originally played banjo) and Brian Innes (drums). Gradually the band evolved into a nine-piece ensemble with a light-hearted and humorous performing style.

1. Pasadena 
2. Chilli-Bom-Bom
3. Vo-Do-Do-Do-O-Blues
4. Falling In Love Again
5.That Certain Party
6. Dinah
7. Oh Baby 

1. East Street Louis Toodle O
2. Kaiser Drag
3. Hard Hearted Hannah
4. Wonder What's Become Of Joe
5. Autumn Leaves
6. My Blue Heaven


Otis Reading

From "Jazz" to "Soul" now....I guess that these are some early if you are a "Soul" fan  then be my guest !!!...great track Side 2 track 6 !!!

Neal Hefti & Orchestra

Still keeping in the "Jazzy" mood here is a selection of tunes....the picture..the title..and the track list gives an indication what this is all about !!!

1. Cute
2. Should I Or Shouldn't I
3. Duet
4. Late Date
5. Li'l Darling

1. Scoot
2. Pensive Miss
3. Sunday Mornin'
4. Nice To Be With You
5. Rose Bud
6. Repitition


Ella Fitzgerald

Here's another Ella that I missed !! Thanks "John" for that !!....we have Ella in her "Concert" mode "Jammin' away with all the musicians as only she can do...using her voice as an instrument doing her bit to make this a great L/P to listen to !!!

 1. Fine And Mellow
2. I'm Just A Lucky So And So
3. I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You
4. Rockin' In Rhythm

 1. I'm In The Mood For Love
2. Round Midnight
3. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
4. The Man I Love
5. Polka Dots And Moonbeams


Jim Dale

You can't get more English than some of the tracks on this "Jim Dale" L/P.....He apeared in many of the "Carry On" films and has been the lead in many of the west end musicals...AND
 Jim became "The Toast of Broadway" [NY Times 1981] when he created the flamboyant title role in the now world famous Cy Coleman musical "Barnum".

1. Plenty More Days To Come
2. Mouses
3. Wake Me Up Then Go To Sleep Again
4. Old Time Movie Queen
5. Oh Mother Please
6. Dick-a Dum-Dum

1. Miss Linda Grey
2. I Can GiveYou The Answers
3. I Think I'll Live Forever
4. Of My Life 
5. My Punctured Romance
6. Georgy Girl


The Betty Smith Quintet

Now here's a rare find !!...Betty was a English saxophone player that lived in my home town of "Leicestershire" in essence here is a EP that was recorded in England in 1957  travelled all the way to USA and then made its way back to this "English Blog" in "Flac" form !!....Its a great retrospect EP...and it shows that in the 50's the influence of the "American" popular songs !!

1. There's A Blue Ridge Round My Heart Virginia
2. Who's Sorry Now
3. Everything Is Peaches Down in Georgia
4.  Because My Baby Don't Mean Maybe Now