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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Tony Bennett.320 Kbps


Another great set of songs sung as only "Tony Bennett" can do....great what he does to "The Trolley Song" !!


Tony Bennett.320 Kbps


 Here's a nice selection of song's by "The greatest singer in the world" as Quoted by "Frank Sinatra"!!!....Some well known song's are on this L/P and they are different from what the originals are and sung by other singers....Tony seems to do that with most of the well known songs...hence the Quote by Sinatra !!....I prefer his more "Jazz" and "Swing" L/P's.....But this one is worth having a good listen to.....

1. Something
2. The Long And Winding Road
3. Everybody's Talking
4. On a Clear Day
5. Coco
6. Think How Its Gonna be

1. Wave
2. Make It Easy On Yourself
3. Come Saturday Morning
4. When I Look In Your Eyes
5. Yellow Days
6. What A Wonderful World 


Madeline Bell.320 Kbps


 If you like Dusty Springfield then give "Maddy" a listen....voices are very similar in fact she is one of the backing singers on this L/P...Madeline was nearly always one of "Dusty's" backing Singers..a nice set of 60's songs"Beat The Clock" and "Soul Time"are the two best..

1. Picture Me Gone
2. You Don't Love Me No More
3. Baby I'll Come Right Away
4. Beat The Clock
5. Mr Dream Merchant
6. Can't Get Used To Losing You

1. Soul Time
2. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
3. I'm Gonna Leave You
4. The Last One To Be Loved
5. I Didn't Wanna Have To Do It
6. Mercy Mercy Mercy


Charles Aznavour.320 Kbps

  A set of Charles Aznavour's songs sung in English by him..some are a bit "Frantic" but they are great lyrics...I wonder if he wrote the lyrics or composed the songs or maybe did both..there is one or two other names credited after the song titles on the back of the L/P...Maybe someone out there could enlighten me and tell me !!....The best song for the best lyrics has to be"You've let Yourself Go"and I just love "I'll Go On Loving Her" !!!

1. All Those Pretty Young Girls
2. Love Is New Every Day
3. You've Got To Learn
4. C'est Fini
5. Two Guitars
6. You've Let Yourself Go

1. Yesterday When I Was Young
2. We'll Drift Away
3. I'll Go On Loving Her
4. My Hand Needs Your Hand
5. Go On Laugh Little Girl
6. Somewhere