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Monday, 27 March 2017

Sparky's Magic Piano

WOW !!!'s a blast from my past !!....I had this on 78's
when I was about 12 or there abouts and loved it....hav'nt heard it for thanks John's store in New York for this memory !!..I guess that this is why I like piano music so much !!....if you havn't heard it it's a story about a Piano that plays itself !!  and "Sparky" of course !!! be a kid again and have a listen !!!! only lasts about 15 mins !!



espo said...

Enjoy !

ALLAN C. said...

Thank-you for posting this. It brought back some truly happy childhood memories.

pottsy said...

thanks mate - great memories

Wasn't there a sparky and tain?

Newlyner said...

Thanks .... I Think :)

Trumark said...

Thanks espo!

Jimmy the Owl said...

Thanks. I remember this well from my childhood and yes Pottsy, I do believe there was a sparky and the train