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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The Seekers.320.Kbps

Here we have the second L/P of the Seekers !...singing Irish & American and not forgetting where they came from !! Australian Songs !! and as it say's on the back cover "The Cool Clear Voice " of Judith Durham !!

1. The Wreck Of The Old 97
2. Danny Boy
3. Waltzing Matilda
4. Cotton Fields
5. Lemon Tree
6. Gotta travel On

1. With My Swag All On My Shoulder
2. Isa Lei
3. Whiskey In The Jar
4. Five Hundred Miles
5. Gypsy Rover
6. South Australia

02. Danny Boy.mp3


espo said...

Enjoy !

angstytimelord said...

Oh my god, you are just THE BEST! You post all this great music I had when I was a kid, stuff that I LOVED that I haven't heard in years! I had this album on vinyl, along with their "Georgy Girl" album, and I listened to them non-stop (well, until the Bay City Rollers came along and I was all about them, that is). THANK YOU for posting this great record!