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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Hudson & Ford.320 Kbps

 Now here's one that hasn't seen the light of day in 30 years !!....I bought it for the Title track "Free Spirit" played it a couple of times then must have forgotten all about it !!....I have since "Googled" them and have some information that I didn't know...I always thought they were a US Duo but seems they are a UK rock band !!...great how you can now find out so much information about bands and singers that you could not do years ago......Some  tracks to me are very reminiscent of "The Beatles" doubt that some people might disagree with me !! please leave a comment if you do !!...BUT it was made in the 70's !!

1. Take A Little Word
2. Free Spirit
3. Mother Mild
4. I Don't Want To Be A Star

1. Silent Star
2. Such A Day
3. How Many Times
4. Floating In The Wind

02. Free Spirit.mp3


espo said...

Enjoy !

Tanktop said...

Thank you, Luigi!
These humorous blokes splintered off from that great progressive rock group, The Strawbs;)