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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Stan Kenton.320 Kbps


 I wasn't going to post this L/P because even now having bought it 50 odd years ago It's still a mystery to me...Do I Like It ? well that has been going round my brain for the said 50 years !!
It really has no Melody but there is something fascinating about it....You can Compare it to a "Picasso" abstract painting  I suppose !!...Even the composer "Bob Graettinger" states on the back..."The Music Of "The City Of Glass" is primary abstract and non-objective"!!!...whatever that means !!....SOOOOO if you want a challenge and want something that is "Out Of This world"give it a listen and make a comment would love to hear what everyone thinks about it...or am I on my own thinking I might like it in another 50 years !!!.....It is a 10 inch L/P and only lasts for aprox 18 mins....

1. Entrance Into The City
2. The Structures
3. Dance Before The Mirror
4. Reflections




RonH said...

I am a big fan of Stan Kenton. I saw him two times live. In the UK and in Amsterdam. Unforgettable concerts. I have a lot of albums from him but this one, 18 minutes is just enough. Too much experimented on one album. But it is a Kenton so....he belongs to the collection. Thanks a lot.

WOODY said...

Very interesting music in comparison to standard Big Band sounds our ears usually are accustomed to. Reminds me of music for films which cannot provoke the same impressions without having the pictures in the face.

Maybe you can take it as a big symphony for Big Band, but this time you have to listen to it carefully instead of dancing to or to do the household work simultaneously...!
Beside this we have to consider the fact that our musical ears nowadays are far advanced to the listeners in the year 1951, when bebop sounds so strange to standard record buyers.
So I have to thank for this gem, very much appreciated!

DonHo57 said...

Kenton wasn't afraid to take a ride in strange waters. Never heard this, but I appreciate it as it's part of the SK legacy. Thank you for it, espo!!!

Terry Peck said...

Those whose palate (or ears) has been tickled, would do well to seek out the later released full version, which better contextualises the music. It runs just over 60 minutes. The following, interesting?, quote is from Wiki
"There is never complete agreement about music as controversial as City of Glass, only a consensus on either side. Asked by English record aficionado Colin Goodall, trumpeter Buddy Childers was explicit: "Either you do have the intellectual capacity to appreciate the music, or it is bullshit,"... so Childers was asked his opinion, "It's bullshit." Stan Kenton adamantly defended Graettinger's music but later had his doubts. Stan Kenton, "Well, I tell ya, it was either the greatest music the band ever presented, or the biggest pile of crap we ever played, and I still do not know which."

espo said...

Enjoy !Correct Speed !

espo said...

Sorry Guys !! the speed is now correct...a real funny senior moment !! should have noticed but I guess the content of both posts must have sounded ok !! if it was a vocal sound then the outcome would have been different !!....cheers Luigi..

Trumark said...

Thank you!