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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Malcolm Lockyer & Orchestra.320 Kbps

Re- Post Requested By Aldo

 This L/P is part of a collection from "The Readers Digest".....and a good collection of Film Music.....Recorded By "Malcolm Lockyer And His Concert Orchestra"....Soooooo as the T/V advert says.."It does what it says on the Tin"!!!!!

1. Around The World
2. The Harry Lime Theme
3. Cornish Rhapsody
4. Carioca
5. Terry's Theme
6. Falling In Love Again

1. Begin The Beguine
2. March Of The Siamese Children
3. The Dream Of Olwin
4. Three Coins In The Fountain
5. Anna
6. High Noon

11. Anna.mp3

Etta James

A great Voice !!

02 Etta James - That's all I want from you (stereo).mp3

Jack Jones.320.Kbps

 Another very good set of tracks from a great singer circa 1975

1. After The Lovin'
2. Home Thoughts From Abroad
3. What I Did For Love
4. If That's The Way You Want It
5. Dont Mention Love
6. That What Lovin' Means
1. You Turn Me Around
2. Please Just Go
3. Empty Chairs
4. She
5. Over To You Now
6. After The Lovin'

09. Empty Chairs.mp3

Aled Jones introduces his new album, One Voice

Aled Jones.320 KBps

Now we have a "Magical" effort made possible by the wonders of our "modern technology"
A 46 year old singer Dueting with himself at the age of 15....

 Jones' recording career was temporarily halted when his voice broke at 16. By then he had recorded 16 albums, sold more than six million copies, and sung for Pope John Paul II, the Queen, and the Prince and Princess of Wales in a private recital, as well as presenting numerous children's television programmes. He sang at the wedding of celebrities Bob Geldof and Paula Yates in 1986. Jones also had the distinction of being the first artist to have two classical albums listed simultaneously in the popular music charts, and worked with Leonard Bernstein (Chichester Psalms).

1. Eriskay Love Lilt
2. The Lark In The Clear Air
3. Danny Boy
4. Come To Me Soothing Sleep
5. The Rowan Tree
6. All Through The Night (Ar Hyd Y Nos )

1. Linden Lea
2. The Ash Grove
3. David Of The White Rock (Dafydd Y Garreg Wen)
4. The Plough Boy
5. Passing By
6. O Waly Waly
7. Ye Banks And Bries O' Bonnie Doon

03 - Danny Boy.mp3

Dexter Gordon

How's about some "Tenor Sax" music to blow those winter blues away !!....Ta "John" !!

06 - Three O'Clock In The Morning.mp3

Judy Garland.320 Kbps


 Even with the lack of a professional recording system Judy still has that magical Ooomph !
Ok !  her voice wasn't at its best BUT considering what we know now it is a fitting Epitaph for a great singer...And I think that you had to be there to appreciate the performance 100%
RIP Judy !! 

1. I Belong To London
2. Get Happy
3. The Man That Got Away
4. I'd Like To Hate Myself In The Morning 

1. Just In Time
2. Medley
    a. You Made Me Love You
    b. For Me And My Girl
    c. The Trolley Song
3. For Once In My Life
4. San Francisco
5. Over The Rainbow

Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Didn't It Rain

Billy Fury

There are "oldies" galore in that "New York" record shop (Store)...good job I made a duplicate key !!

1. Maybe Tomorrow
2. Gonna Type A Letter
3. Margo
4. Don't Knock On My Door
5. Time Has Come

1. Collete
2. Baby How I Cried
3. Angel Face
4. The Last Kiss
5. Wondrous Place

  07 baby how i cried.mp3

Friday, 6 January 2017

Sylvia Vrethammer & Georgie Fame.320 Kbps

Re- Post
 This L/P was recorded in "Stockholm"...was intrigued by the selections of songs on it ...tribute to "Benny Goodman"...It turned out to be okay.....the video below from a TV show must have been done at about the same time...Georgie's still got his "Tux" on but Sylvia has changed her dress !!

 1. Flying Home...Georgie Fame & Sylvia Vrethammar
2. Makin' Whoopee....Georgie Fame & Sylvia Vrethammar
3. King Porter Stomp....Georgie Fame & Sylvia Vrethammar
4. Limehouse Blues....Georgie Fame & Sylvia Vrethammar
5. Just One Of Those Things....Sylvia Vrethammar
6. Don't Be That Way....Georgie Fame

1. Alexanders Ragtime Band....Georgie Fame & Sylvia Vrethammar
2. Sweet Georgia Brown....Sylvia Vrethammar
3. You Turned The Tables On Me....Georgie Fame & Sylvia Vrethammer
4. Airmail Special....Georgie Fame
5. Memories Of You....Sylvia Vrethammar
6. In Goodmanland....Georgie Fame & Sylvia Vrethammar
    a. Lets Dance
    b. Stompin' At The Savoy
    c. Rose Room
    d. Sing Sing Sing
    e. Good Bye

09. You Turned The Tables On Me.mp3

Sylvia Vrethammar & Georgie Fame - Lets fall in love

The 5th Dimension

Another One from The 5th D...magicly conjured up by "John" in his record store !

1. California Soul
2. Let It Be Me
3. Poor Side Of Town
4. Blown Away
5. Working On A Groovy Thing

1. Carpet Man
2. Those Were The Days
3. It'll Never be The Same
4. California My Way 

  05. Workin On A Groovy Thing.mp3

Georgia Brown.320 Kbps

 Looking at my stats I see that I have quite a lot of people from "Australia" and "Russia" having a look at this blog..sooooo just some info about "Georgia Brown" She was the original "Nancy"in "Lional Barts" "Oliver"when it was first put on in London..she was a stage actress and singer she did do some films but mainly stage work...If you "Google" her you will see that she was quite busy..unfortunately she is no longer with us...But back to the L/P it consists of 12 good standard song tracks that she stamps her style on them familar songs but done so different that they seem "New"....and boy does she belt them out !!

P.S. If I were a Vocal Teacher or "Coach" as they are called these days I would definatley use this L/P as a "BenchMarch" and try to get "Georgia" to do a "MasterClass" to all the up and coming Female Singers....But Alas !! I wouldn't know where to start as a "Coach" and unfortunately "Georgia" is no longer with us.....BUT this is still one of the best vocal L/P's of the 60's (1963) to be precise !!!

 1. Why Was I Born
2. Every Time We Say Goodbye
3. Mad About The Boy
4. Don't Take Your Love From Me
5. Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year
6. As Long As He Needs Me

1. My Man
2. Bye Bye Blackbird
3. If You Were The Only Boy In The World
4. Too Soon
5. Broken Doll
6. If I Should Lose You

09. If You Were The Only Boy In The World.mp3

Marcel Amont.320 Kbps


Now here is a L/P that is definitely different...first its sung in French which will please my 1289 hits from France !!...and by the title you would think that it is about "Operettas" which it is but not as we know them !!...A friend of mine had this for quite a while and kept asking me to have a listen but I didn't fancy it at all so ignored it...but one day it was on when I arrived at his house and was immediately fascinated by it and couldn't believe when he told me what it was and even tho' couldn't under stand a word he was singing I thought it was great...So come on you Anglophile's give it a listen too it's a cool one !!

 1. Le Muletier Et La Jeune Personne
2. Dans La Vie Faut Pas S'en Faire
3. Mediterranee
4. Oh Ma Rose-Marie
5. Les Inseparables
6. Elle Est Tellement innocente
7. I Love Paris

 1. Si Vous N'aimez Pas Ca
2. J'ai Toujours Cru Qu'un Baiser
3. La Lecon De Solfege
4. L'heure Exquise
5. Il Est Minuit
6. Romance De Maitre Pathelin
7. On a L'beguin

07. I Love Paris .mp3