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Saturday, 14 January 2017

If people are having trouble with the "Zippyshare" player when they click on it to play the track...please let me know......cheers....Luigi..

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Verdelle Smith

Another new singer that is new to me...Its seems that this is the only L/P that she recorded which is a pity would have liked to have heard more of her !!

 Perhaps the closest parallel to Verdelle Smith would be Dionne Warwick: a soul singer by discipline but a dramatic pop singer by any other name. She cut two songs that were later covered by Nancy Sinatra and Scott Walker -- "In My Room" and "Tar and Cement," respectively -- and that gives a good idea of the symphonic melodrama that lies at the core of her work. This is not meek music. It's big, sweeping and grand, with mini pop symphonies that showcased her range and power.  Smith's appeal lies in how she never quite belonged in either the pop-soul world or in Hollywood pop. She fell through the cracks, a powerful soul singer but what's best about Smith is how she never belonged to any world, how she was soulful without being gritty, overblown without being sticky.

  09 -don-t-get-around-much-anymore.mp3

The Paris Sisters

New girl group for me !!...nice to be able to hear the actual tones of the voices in this set of songs is very gentle phrasing and singing with the orchestra not drowning out the singers....

09 - It's my party (stereo).mp3

Jeri Southern

Here's another great singer with a voice that is easy recognisable!..maybe it was the "Ciggies" that gave her that husky individual voice !! L/P that is also not to be missed !!

  03 -this-time-the-dream-s-on-me.mp3

Jo Stafford

There's some great music in this record store and here's one !!! you can see "Jo Stafford" Plus "Jazz" a great combination and she sure swings !!!...highly recommended !!...and It's great "Stereo" !!

1. Just Sqeeze Me
2. For You
3. Midnight Sun
4. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
5. The Folks Who Live On The Hill
6. I Didn't Know About You

1. What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry 
2. Dream Of You
3. Imagination
4. S'posin'
5. Day Dream
6. I've Got The World On A String

  02 - For You.mp3

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The Andrews Sisters

Back to the 40's now with one of the original "Girl Groups" of that time with some of their Top Hits....These are not the original recordings back sleeve says great if someone out there has the some original recordings so we can compare them !!! I believe that they must have recorded this one late 50's early 60's.

1. I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time
2. Beer Barrel Polka
3. Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar
4. I Can Dream Can't I
5. Pennsyvania Polka
6. Hold Tight 

1. Rum & Coca Cola
2. Down In The Valley
3. Bei Mir bist du Schon
4. Shrine Of St Cecelia 
5. Rum Boogie
6. Joseph Joseph

07 Rum and Coca cola.mp3

Nelson Riddle & Orchestra

We are still in Belgium with "Bob"...and here is a gentler "Nelson Riddle" it's a quieter sound than his arrangements associated with "Sinatra" ect !!

12 Sea of dreams.mp3

They're Playing Our Song

Dipping our toes into the "West End" and coming up with this one !!..One show that I have not heard of !! off now to "Google" it !!....thanking "Bob" in Belgium for this one !

 In a story based on the real-life relationship of Hamlisch and Sager, a wisecracking composer finds a new, offbeat lyricist, but initially the match is not one made in heaven. The two undergo a series of trials and overcome a number of hurdles before finding true love by the final curtain.

 The musical opened in the West End on October 1, 1980 at the Shaftesbury Theatre with Tom Conti and Gemma Craven, [4] who won a 1980 Laurence Olivier Award for Actress of the Year in a Musical.[5] According to the history of the Shaftesbury Theatre, "The most successful production during this time was the musical They're Playing Our Song (1980), starring Tom Conti and Gemma Craven, which ran for nearly two years.

09 Just for tonight.mp3

Jim Stafford.320.Kbps

Re- Post
 Its hard to say what category "Jim Stafford" comes under...he sings , plays guitar and he's a bit crazy in the "Ray Stevens" I recon he comes under the "Country & Western" with a bit of "Hillbilly" Thrown In !!!...this L/P is excellent it's got the best recording of "Mr Bojangles"to date and a minor hit with "Spiders & Snakes...and I wonder how many people who havn't heard "My Girl Bill" will guess the punch line before he sings it !!!! anybody who has not heard of "Jim" its well worth a download....

1. L.A. Mama
2. I Ain't Sharin' Sharon
3. Mr Bojangles / A Visit With An Old Friend
4. Wildwood Weed
5. 16 Little Red Noses And A Horse That Sweats
6. Spiders And Snakes

1. The Last Chant
2. My Girl Bill
3. Nifty Fifties Blues
4. A Real Good Time
5.Swamp Witch

06. Spiders And Snakes.mp3

Dusty Springfield.320.Kbps

 Everything about Dusty Springfield moves, the green eyes like Go lights twinkle and sometimes roll goonishly, her hands moving and gesturing constantly underline her words.Theres a lot of floor pacing too....that comes from some of the sleeve notes on this one of "Dusty's" best L/P's

1. Won't Be Long
2. Oh No Not My Baby
3. Long After Tonight Is Over
4. La Bamba
5. Who Can I Turn To
6. Doodlin'

1. If it Don't Work Out
2. That's How Heartaches Are Made
3. It Was Easier To Hurt him
4. I've been Wrong Before
5. I Can't Hear You
6. I Had a Talk With My Man
7. Packin' Up

12. I Had A Talk With My Man.mp3

Rex Stewart And His Footwarmers

Back in the late 1930's the recorded sound was on brittle 78's for the latest of record playing systems "Good old wind up gramophone's " and here are some 78's from "France" is my guess !!! we have music recorded in France ! found in the USA ! and brought to you from "Leicester" in the middle of "England".....Ain't technology great !!!!!...thanks "John"!!

1. Monmartre
2. Low Cotton
3. Finesse
4. I Know That You Know
5. Solid Old Man

04. I Know That You Know.mp3

Ralph McTell

Interesting story teller songs.... Folk and Blues orientated including one hit !!

01-Streets Of London.mp3

Monday, 9 January 2017


Ooops seems we have slid slided across the channel and negotiated "The Pond" and arrived surprisingly at the door of a certain "Record Store"...well now we are here can't waste a good "Rumage" around !!!

1. Oh Lonesome Me
2. Slowly
3. Fever
4. What Do You Want From Me
5. Heartbreak Hotel
6. I Just Don't Understand

1. His Ring
2. Could It Be
3. What Am I Suposed To Do
4.  Let Me Go Lover
5. Moon River
6. My Last Date With You

10 - Let me go lover.mp3


Over the channel now to see what "goodies" bob has !!.....first a gentle set of instrumentals from the films....Loads of "Violins" which of course is "Mantovani's" signature !!

07 LOve is a many splendored Thing.mp3

Stanley Black & Orchestra

Fancy a tango with your partner !!!clear the furniture !!!..move all the breakables !! and away you Go !!!

12 El choclo.mp3

The Sandpipers

 We now have "The Sandpipers" singing in Spanish /English some very popular a very laid back style which is very relaxing after a hard day's work !!!!..

02 And I love her.mp3

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Electric Light Orchestra

Some "big" "big" symphonic sounds now !!...the aptly named "ELO" all the way from "johns record store !

1. Turn To Stone
2. It's Over
3. Sweet Talking Women
4. Across The Border
5. Night In The City
6. Starlight
7. Jungle
8. Believe Me Now

1. Steppin' Out
2. Standing' In The Rain 
3. Big Wheels
4. Summer And Lightning
5. Mr Blue Sky
6. Sweet Is The Night
7. The Whale
8. Birmingham Blues
9. Wild West Hero

  13. Mr Blue Sky.mp3

Judy Garland.320.Kbps

Here's Judy singing some not so familar songs...Except of course the "Palace" Medley....I guess no comment is needed !!!!!

1. Lucky Day
2. I Happen To Like New York
3. Comes Once In A Lifetime
4. Judy At The Palace (Medley)
    a. Shine On Harvest Moon
    b. Some Of These Days
    c. My Man
    d. I Don't Care

1. Happiness is Just A Thing Called Joe
2. Sweet Danger
3. You'll Never Walk Alone
4. Do I Love You
5. More Than You Know
6. It's a Great Day For The Irish 

08. Do I Love You.mp3