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Friday, 31 March 2017

VA.Swing Is The Thing

Re-Post..requested by Tanktop.

We now have some vintage swing tracks that makes up a great nostalgic listening from the 40's which I'm sure will jog a lot of peoples's memories !!..Thanks Bob !!

07 In the mood.mp3

Neil Diamond.320.Kbps


Another classic L/P from Neil....Side One is some of his hit singles and Side Two is composed of African themes which in the 70's all the major artists were having a go at !!!

1. Cracklin' Rosie
2. Free Life
3. Coldwater Morning
4. Done To Soon
5. He Ain't Heavy He's my Brother

1. Childsong
2. I Am the Lion
3. Madrigal
4. Soolaimon
5. Missa
6 African Suite
7. Chilsong (Reprise) 

01. Cracklin' Rose_1216180817.mp3

Georgia Brown.320 Kbps

Re-Post..requested By Terry Peck

 Here's One For the "Kurt Weill" appreciators three of the tracks are sung in German the rest in English

1. September Song (Verse)
2. Jenny
3. Pirate Jenny
4. Alabama Song
5. Speak low
6. It Never Was Anywhere You
1. My Ship
2. Mack The Knife
3. Barbara Song
4. Surabaya Johnny
5. Furchte Dich Nicht
6. September Song (Chorus)
06. It Never Was Anywhere You.mp3

The Moody Blues.320 Kbps

Re- Post
 I'm not going to attempt to make any comment about this L/P except that its a classic one !!
Pure listen and hear for yourselves !!!!!
No sample track on this one....recorded as Side 1 & Side 2 !!

1. In The Beginning
2. Lovely To See You
3. Dear Diary
4. Send Me No Wine
5. To Share Our Love
6. So Deep Within You 

1. Never Comes The Day
2. Lazy Day
3. Are You Sitting Comfortably
4. The Dream
5. Have You Heard 1,
6. The Voyage
7. Have You Heard 2. 

Neil Diamond.320.Kbps

  Here is another great singer/songwriter in a quiet mood apart from "Reggae Strut" !!

1. I've Been This Way Before
2. Rosemarys Wine
3. Lady Magdelene
4. The Last Picasso

1. Longfellow Serenade
2. Yes I Will
3. Reggae Strut
4. The Gift Of Song

07. Reggae Strut.mp3

Pearl Bailey.320 Kbps

 Things that record company's do to sell their's one that had a go by putting provocative signs on the cover...note "Restricted From Air Play" of release 1966 would have thought by then the "Victorian Era" had gone!!!....Back to the contents of the L/P it is songs that Pearl was singing in her nightclub act nothing "Smutty" or swearing just Pearl Bailey being herself...Track one is the suspect one the rest are just normal songs....

1. She Had To Go And Lose It At The Astor
2. Josephine
3. To Keep my Love Alive
4. I Want A Man 
5. Let's Do It

1. The Physician
2. Legalize My Name
3. Flings
4. You Can Be Replaced
5. I Wanna Get Married

03. To Keep My Love Alive.mp3

Thursday, 30 March 2017

The Carpenters.320 Kbps

This I think was one of the Carpenters best L/P's different from all the previous ones and as it says on the inside of this cover ..."Daring Innovative Surprising Serendipitous and Satisfying"
I reckon that says it all !!

1. B'Wanna She No Home
2. All You Get From Love Is A Love Song
3. I Just Fall In Love Again
4. On The Balcony Of Casa Rosada / Don't Cry For Me Argentina

1. Sweet Sweet Smile
2. Two Sides
3. Man Smart Woman Smarter
4. Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft 

05. Sweet Sweet Smile.mp3

VA.Sealed With A Kiss.320 Kbps

Re-Post..requested by Tutorman & Gary Cole

 Seems we are stil in the 60's so enjoy another walk down memory lane with some classics !!..some tracks I know are repeated on other posts....but it's nice to hear them again and again and again and again !!!!

1. Sealed With A Kiss......Brian Hyland 
2. Monday Monday......The Mama's & The Papa's
3. The Clapping Song......Shirley Ellis
4. Speedy Gonzales.......Pat Boone
5. Dedicated To The One I Love....
6. Dizzy.....Tommy Roe

1. California Dreaming......The Mama's & The Papa's
2. 1-2-3.......Len Barry
3. Shelia......Tommy Roe
4. Wipe Out..... The Surfaris
5. Tracy......The Cufflinks
6. Sweet Pea.......Tommy Roe
7. Eve of Destruction......Barry McGuire

12. Sweet Pea.mp3

Matt Monroe

Re-Post..requested by Pepe

 This one the has come from across the Channel via "Bob" so its great to hear and re-live some well known tracks as "Matt" sings some of his hit songs so Thanks once again Bob !!

06 Chatanooga choo choo.mp3

Buddy Greco

Re-Post..requested by Denyspr.

 This is also from "Bob" it seems to be a mixture of his "live" recordings and probably some from his other L/P's noinformation on the back sleeve at all....

1. The Lady Is A Tramp
2. Girl Talk
3. It's Gonna Take Some Time
4. You Song
5. A Beautiful Friendship
6. As Long As She Will Stay

1. You Are The Sunshime Of My Life 
2. Touch You In The Morning
3. McArthur Park
4. Around The World
5. I Wish You Love

  12 I wish you love.mp3

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Billy Eckstine

Re-Post..requested by Sergio Gomes

 Okay wandering is now over and we are in the comfort of a nice easy chair or sofa listening to the silky voice of "Billy Eckstine" the info is on the back sleeve....
A great set of songs sung perfectly !!

07 Had you been around.mp3

Broadway Hit Parade.320 Kbps

Re-Post..Requested by Tudorman

Readers Digest having a go at some broadway tunes...

 1. With A Little Bit Of Luck....Robert Bentley & His Orchestra 
2. Getting To Know You....Adele Leigh
3. Make Someone Happy....Johnny Douglas And His Orchestra
4. Some Enchanted Evening....Ivor Emmanuel
5. Tonight....Rosalind Page
6. A Lot Of Livin' To Do....Robeert Mandell & His Orchestra And Chorus

1. Seventy Six Trombones....Robert Mandell His Orchestra And Chorus
2. The Sound Of Music....Rosalind Page
3. Once In A Lifetime....Robert Mandell And His Orchestra
4. On A Clear Day....Alan Roper And His Orchestra
5. The Sweetest Sounds....Robert Peterson
6. Everthing's Coming Up Roses....Robert Bentley And His Orchestra

01. With A Little Bit Of luck.mp3

Julie Andrews

Julie still in English mode !!...singing songs from the American song writers as stated on the front !!!

1. It Might As Well Be Spring
2. Falling In Love With Love
3. We'll Gather Lilacs In The Spring
4. He Loves She Loves
5. I'm Old Fashioned
6. You're A Builder- Upper

1. Little Old Lady
2. My Ship
3. Cheek To Cheek
4. Come To Me Bend Me
5. So In Love
6. Matelot

  07 - Little Old Lady.mp3

Jackie Trent & Tony Hatch

The fantastic voice of Jackie Trent does justice to some of the twenty tracks on this L/P also joined by her then husband Tony Hatch on some of them !!...then to keep it well in the family we have tracks from "The Orchestra" "Sound" & "The Singers & Swingers" of Tony Hatch !!

01 - The Two of Us.mp3

Faye Richmonde this from the top shelf !!!...a "Double Entendre" feast !!!..and the voice is not too bad !!...cosidering the content !!....Maiden Aunts cover your ears !!!!
I hope that's not Kim Novak on the cover !!!

 Very interesting platter called Girlesque featuring Faye Richmonde on Davis records. The song titles are risque to say the least but more interestingly is the controversy surrounding the record when it came out in '58.
 Davis was charged with manufacturing off color disks specifically two LP's on Davis Records "For Men Only" and "Girlesque". However the jury listened to the records and after being out 12 hours returned with the not guilty verdict.


Bea Wain

Some 78's now from a 30's big band singer from John's giant box of "Shellacs" !!..if you like the big band singers of the 30's then you will love this collection !!

 Beatrice "Bea" Wain (born April 30, 1917) is an American Big Band-era singer born in the Bronx, New York City. She had a number of hits with Larry Clinton and his Orchestra. After her marriage she and her husband became involved in radio.

1. My Reverie
2. Heart And Soul
3. I Didn't Know What Time It Was
4. Do I Love You
5. Do I Worry
6. Mr Jinx Stay Away From me
7. Oh You Crazy Moon
8. Dr Rhythm
9. I'm The Lonesomest Gal In Town
10. Deep Purple
11. You Started Something
12. Kiss The Boys goodbye 02- heart_and_soul.mp3

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Ottilie Patterson

And now we have a four track EP from 1956.. from Chris Barbers then wife...great recordings from a great Irish Blues singer !

 Ottilie Patterson (31 January 1932 – 20 June 2011) was a Northern Irish blues singer best known for her performances and recordings with the Chris Barber Jazz Band in the late 1950s and early 1960s.
She joined the Barber band full-time on 28 December 1954, and her first public appearance was at the Royal Festival Hall on January 9, 1955. Between 1955 and 1962 Ottilie toured extensively with the Chris Barber Jazz Band and issued many recordings: those featuring her on every track include the EPs Blues (1955), That Patterson Girl (1955), That Patterson Girl Volume 2 (1956), Ottilie (1959), and the LP Chris Barber's Blues Book (1961); she also appeared on numerous Chris Barber records.
She and Barber were married in 1959. They divorced in 1983.

01 – Beale St. Blues.mp3

Chris Barbers Jazz Band

Still in the land of stars and stripes !!..and its amazing what coming out of John's record store thanks John !!!.....I never could make up my mind was this band a Jazz Band or a Blues Band or a Traditional Jazz Band or even a Skiffle band !!!...So here are the words of Wikipedia !!

 Donald Christopher "Chris" Barber (born 17 April 1930) is an English jazz musician, best known as a bandleader and trombonist. As well as scoring a UK top twenty trad jazz hit, he helped the careers of many musicians, notably the blues singer Ottilie Patterson, who was at one time his wife, and vocalist/banjoist Lonnie Donegan, whose appearances with Barber triggered the skiffle craze of the mid-1950s and who had his first transatlantic hit, "Rock Island Line", while with Chris Barber's band. His providing an audience for Donegan and, later, Alexis Korner makes Barber a significant figure in the British rhythm and blues and "beat boom" of the 1960s.

05 - 'S Wonderful.mp3