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Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Billie Holiday.

This is a fantastic L/P maybe perhaps for the Jazz lovers...but maybe after reading this some of you out there with good music taste will perhaps give it a listen...Billie sings with a jazz group of Trumpet, Tenor Sax, Piano, Guitar And Drums and all the tracks except one is done in a Jam Session Style.. that is Billie Sings then you have the solo's of trumpet, sax, ect ending with Billie singing again...The Track "One For My Baby" is a corker she sings all the time all 5 and a half minuets of it and it even beats the "Sinatra's" version and boy does that take some doing !! Billie voice is definitely an acquired taste when I first heard her I didn't take much notice but as the years went by and I got older and wiser then the appreciation kicked in...This was recorded in 1956 unfortunately 3 years later Billie died.....

 1. Day In Day Out
2. A Foggy Day
3. Stars Fell On Alabama
4. One For My Baby
5. Lets Call the Whole Thing Off

1. Just One Of Those Things
2. I Didn't Know What Time It Was
3. Comes Love
4. Embraceable You
5. They Can't Take That Away From Me

3. Stars Fell On Alabama.

Bernard Cribbins.

This L/P features an "English" character actor and singer who started his career in the 50's and is still with us !! on the way he's collected an OBE !...Gud on you Lad !!! here's a slice of "British" humour !!!!

 In 1962 he released three comic songs. "The Hole in the Ground" was about an annoyed workman who eventually buries a harasser. "Right Said Fred" was about three workmen who struggle to move an unspecified heavy and awkward object into or out of a building. Both these songs were produced by George Martin for Parlophone, with music by Ted Dicks and lyrics by Myles Rudge. "Hole in the Ground" and "Right Said Fred" both reached the top ten in the UK Singles Chart  His third and final single was "Gossip Calypso", which was another top 30 hit.

1. Hole In The Ground
2. Folk Song
3. Right Said Fred
4. Winkle Picker Shoes Blues 
5. I Go A Bundle
6. Quietly Bonkers 
7. Sea Shanty

1. Gossip Calypso
2. The Tale Of A Mouse
3. Verily
4. The Bird On The Second Floor
5.  Double Thinks
6. I'd Rather go Fishing
7. One Man Band  

1. Gossip Calypso

Sunday, 31 March 2019

20 Star Tracks.VA

Now for something from the 70's a great compilation of hits some well known and some not so !
An interesting track is track 9 Side 2 "Brandy" by "Scott English" I wonder if it would have become a bigger hit if "Barry Manilow" hadn't recorded it as "Mandy" !!!
All in all this is a good reflection of the songs that defined the hits of the 70's !! 

6. In The Summertime.

Charles Aznavour.

A set of Charles Aznavour's songs sung in English by him..some are a bit "Frantic" but they are great lyrics...I wonder if he wrote the lyrics or composed the songs or maybe did both..there is one or two other names credited after the song titles on the back of the L/P...Maybe someone out there could enlighten me and tell me !!....The best song for the best lyrics has to be"You've let Yourself Go"and I just love "I'll Go On Loving Her" !!!

1. All Those Pretty Young Girls
2. Love Is New Every Day
3. You've Got To Learn
4. C'est Fini
5. Two Guitars
6. You've Let Yourself Go

1. Yesterday When I Was Young
2. We'll Drift Away
3. I'll Go On Loving Her
4. My Hand Needs Your Hand
5. Go On Laugh Little Girl
6. Somewhere 

3. I'll Go On Loving Her.