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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Ella Fitzgerald..320 KBps

 This is a 10 inch L/P of early Ella's....way before her move to Verve Records and all the "Songbooks".....I think there is a slight imperfection in the pressing of this L/P...on the track
"I've Got A Crush on you" if you listen very carefully you can hear the repeat of her singing it only goes on for a couple of lines... but it's worth a mention I wonder if anyone else who has got the album has also got it or maybe it's a one off....anyway its Ella and she can't do no wrong !!

Ella Fitzgerald..320 Kbps


 Here is another 10 inch L/P...this one seems to be a very early Ella...there is no indication on the back of the sleeve of who the musicians guess is that it could be some of the first recordings Ella made for "Brunswick"...could even be with "Chick Web and his Orch"....But it doesn't sound like a swing band so maybe not...


Barbara Dickson..320.Kbps

Well now I was a bit disappointed in this L/P I think that it should have been better can't put my finger on why I was disappointed because I do like "Barbara's Voice" maybe it is one of those L/P's that the more you hear it the better it becomes !!....But if you are a "BD" fan then you will love it !!

1. I Don't Believe In Miracles
2. We Were Never Realy Out Of Love
3. Skye Boat Song
4. Tell Me It's Not True
5. You Know Its Me 
6. Keeping My Love For You
7. Can't Get By Without You
8. I Believe In You
9. Still In The Game

1. Rita's Theme
2. The Crying Game
3. Peter
4. Fallen Angel
5. It's Really You 
6. Stop In The Name Of Love
7. Anytime Your Down And Out
8. Medley
   a. Dancing In The Strret
   b. He's A Rebel 
   c. I Only Want To Be With You
   d. You Keep Me Hanging On


Broadway Hit Parade..320 .Kbps

Reader's Digest Having A Go At Some "Broadway Tunes"

1. With A Little Bit Of Luck....Robert Bentley & His Orchestra 
2. Getting To Know You....Adele Leigh
3. Make Someone Happy....Johnny Douglas And His Orchestra
4. Some Enchanted Evening....Ivor Emmanuel
5. Tonight....Rosalind Page
6. A Lot Of Livin' To Do....Robeert Mandell & His Orchestra And Chorus

1. Seventy Six Trombones....Robert Mandell His Orchestra And Chorus
2. The Sound Of Music....Rosalind Page
3. Once In A Lifetime....Robert Mandell And His Orchestra
4. On A Clear Day....Alan Roper And His Orchestra
5. The Sweetest Sounds....Robert Peterson
6. Everthing's Coming Up Roses....Robert Bentley And His Orchestra

World Wide Movie And TV Hits..320 Kbps


 The first side of this L/P from "Readers Digest " Stable takes some well known "Film" songs and gives them  completely different arrangements and they are great !!...The second side is okay but not as good as the first one....I Wonder if all the orchestras that are featured are all the same !!!..what I mean is made up of "Session Musicians" and a random name picked out from a hat !!!!

1. To Sir With Love...Norman Percival & His Orch
2. Somewhere My Love...Carlo Savina & His Orch
3. Born Free...London Pops Orch
3. A Man And A Woman...Johnny Gibbs& His Orch
4. You Only Live Twice...Johnny Gibs & His Orch
5. Stella By Starlight...London Pops Orch
6. Long Ago And far Away...Robert Mandell & The Mike Sammes Singers

1. Peter-Gunn...Warren Barker & Orch
2. Theme From Peyton Place...Warren Barker & Orch
3. I Spy...Warren Barker & Orch
4. The Untouchables...Warren Barker & Orch
5. Gunsmoke...Warren Barker & Orch
6. Theme From Route 66...Warren barker & Orch
7. Theme From The Man From Uncle...Warren Barker & Orch

James Last & His Hammond-Bar Combo..320 Kbps

Here's a different "James Last" From the "Norm" !! grab a "Pint" or a G&T and have a Jig !!!

Hans Anderson...London Cast

I didn't realise till "Bob" sent me this one that the film had been made into a Show !!
"London Palladium" Circa 1974 !!

Fiddler On The Roof

Tip toeing over the channel for the next couple via "Belgium Bob" don't get your "Top Hat And Tails" wet amd dirty !!

Bread..320 Kbps

All of "Bread's  classic songs are on this "Best Of" !!!

1. Make It With You
2. Too Much Love
3. If
4. Let Yourself Go
5. Everything I Own
6. Been Too Long On The Road

1. Baby I'm A Want You
2. Down On My Knees
3. It Don't Matter To Me
4. Mother Freedom
5. Look What You've Done 
6. Truckin'


Dr Hook..320 Kbps

 A good selection of catchy songs sung and done as only "Dr Hook" can do !! track "Walk Right In"

1. Makin' Love And Music
2. Layin' Too Low Too Long
3. What A Way To Go
4. Sleeping Late
5. Walk Right In

1. Who Dat
2. Let The Loose End Drag
3. I'm A Lamb
4. I Wanna Make The Women Tremble
5. Sexy Energy

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Barbra Streisand..320 Kbps

  This is one of the best of Barbra's early recordings...she has now got control of her voice on the high notes that she usually blasts out...and she sounds much sweeter....she is now the singer on this L/P that we all know now....Saying that I still reckon that her 1 st and 2 nd L/P's take some opinion of course...if you disagree leave a comment !!

 1. My Funny Valentine
2. The Nearness Of You
3. When Sunny Gets Blue
4. Make The Man Love Me
5. Lover Man

1. More Than You Know
2. I'll Know
3. All The Things You Are
4. The Boy Next Door
5. Stout Hearted Men