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Wednesday 27 July 2022

Bee Gees

 Here's a selection of tracks over 2 L/P's...The BG's in their Disco moods....

1. Jive Talkin'
2. Night Fever
3. Tragedy
4. You Should Be Dancing
5. Stayin' Alive

1. How Deep Is Your Love
2. Love So Right
3. Too Much Heaven
4. Our Love Don't Throw It all Away
5. Fanny

1. If I Can't Have You
2. You Stepped Into my Life
3. Love Me
4. More Than a Woman
5. Rest Your Love On Me

1. Nights On Broadway
2. Spirits having Flown
3. Love You Inside And Out
4. Winds Of Change
5. Children Of The World

          2. Night Fever

Saturday 23 July 2022

Eddie Fisher

Here's The Singer !!

1. Anytime
2. Oh My Papa
3. Heart
4. Trust In Me
5. Lady Of Spain
6. I'm Walking Behind You

1. Tell Me Why
2. I'm Yours
3. I Need You Now
4. Wish You Were Here
5. Thinking Of You
6. Fanny
          5. Lady Of Spain

Eddie Calvert

We now have two "Eddies" on Trumpet and one vocal cordist ! (Singer)

         5. La Ultima Noche

Francoise Hardy

A set of French Songs sung by the soft voice of Francoise Hardy...

                               A Couple More Re-Posts

   4. La Fin De L'ete

Friday 15 July 2022

Perry Como.

We now have some re-posts that has been requested

Seems that we are stuck on "Compilations" at the moment so here is another one !!...Mr Laid Back himself singing a couple of his hits then filled out with a couple of standard songs ending with not so familiar songs !!....All sung as only Mr PC can do !!!...Horizontally !!!

1. Kiss Me Kiss Me And Kiss Me
2. Here's To My Lady
3. You'll Always Be My Lifetime Sweetheart
4. Carolina Moon
5. Somebody Loves Me

1. Juke Box Baby
2. Mandolins In The Moonlight
3. I Know
4. The Island Of Forgotten Lovers
5. That Old Gang Of Mine

           5. Somebody Loves Me

Perry Como.

Here's a compilation of "Perry's" on a "Budget Label" that I'm sure would have first came out under another title...There's quite a few "Musical Show" songs on it....sung as only he can !!

1. The Sweetest Sounds
2. My Favourite Things
3. Fly Me To The Moon
4. I'll Remember April
5. The Hawaiian Wedding Song
6. In The Still Of The Night

1. Sunrise Sunset
2. This Is All I Ask
3. When I Lost You
4. The Songs I Love
5. The Shadow Of Your Smile
6. We Kiss In A Shadow

       2. My Favourite Things

Tony Bennett.

 Here's a nice selection of song's by "The greatest singer in the world" as Quoted by "Frank Sinatra"!!!....Some well known song's are on this L/P and they are different from what the originals are and sung by other singers....Tony seems to do that with most of the well known songs...hence the Quote by Sinatra !!....I prefer his more "Jazz" and "Swing" L/P's.....But this one is worth having a good listen to.....

1. Something
2. The Long And Winding Road
3. Everybody's Talking
4. On a Clear Day
5. Coco
6. Think How Its Gonna be

1. Wave
2. Make It Easy On Yourself
3. Come Saturday Morning
4. When I Look In Your Eyes
5. Yellow Days
6. What A Wonderful World 

           2. The Long And Winding Road

Sunday 10 July 2022

Peter Palmer & Orchestra & Voices

Well now is it "Conniff" ?.....recorded in 1959... they say imitation is a form of flattery !...
so Peter does a decent job... I suppose that if you didn't know you would think that it was Ray Conniff....but to me being a lover of the Conniff sound there's is something missing the richness of the shuffle beat is not quite right !! and the voices are not as full and rich....still it is worth listening to !!

Bandleader, tenor saxophonist and composer who recorded several albums for Mercury Records including "A Swingin' Love Affair", "A Swingin' Dance Date", and "Moonlight on the Campus", with a small singing group which included Ann Trendler, whom he would later marry. Later in his career he changed his name to Johnny Palmer to avoid confusion with the popular Broadway singer and actor Peter Palmer of Li'l Abner fame.

          1. Lets Fall In love