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Sunday, 8 December 2019

Roger Bennet

Still keeping with "Bob" we now have some relaxing music that could send you into the "Arms Of Morpheus" depending on your mood !!....Its a good selection of well know songs that should go down well with all you "Easy Listening" Folks !!

   6. Nancy Girl

Friday, 6 December 2019

Harry Nilsson....320 Kbps

A great Nilsson L/P just proving what a good singer and lyric writer he was....although with the exception of a couple of his hit tracks most of the songs on this L/P once you have heard them they stick in the memory even tho' you will hear them just once.....great track is "Don't Leave Me"......Great Stuff !!

1. Good Old Desk
2. Don't Leave Me
3. Mr Richland's Favorite Song
4. Little Cowboy
5. Together

1. Everybody's Talkin'
2. I Said Goodbye To Me
3. Little Cowboy
4. Mr Tinker
5. One
6. The Wailing Of The Willow
7. Bath

   4. Mr Tinker

Deodato..320 Kbps

 Now here's one for the "Electric Guitar" Enthusiasts there are some great "Solo's" on this L/P
and the whole L/P is great !!...including the "Hit" version of (2001) well worth a listen too even if you are not a "Guitar" enthusiast !!!

1. Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001)
2. Spirit Of Summer 
3. Carly And Carole

1. Baubles Bangles And Beads
2. Prelude To Afternoon Of A Faun
3. September 13

   1. Baubles Bangles And Beads

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Blossom Dearie....320 Kbps

This was recorded at "Ronnie Scots Club" in London in 1967 there was no gaps in between the tracks so I had to record it as just "Side 1 & Side 2"...."Blossom Dearie" has one of those voices that you either love or hate....even when she was older her voice did not change at all...I would have thought the voice would have deepened with age but it didnt !!

1. Let's Go Where The Grass Is Greener                         1. Peel Me A Grape
2. You Turn Me On Baby                                                  2. One Note Samba
3. Sleeping Bee                                                                    3. On A Clear Day
4. Sweet Lover No More                                                    4. I'll Only Miss Him
5. Sweet Georgie Fame                                                      5. Big City's For Me
6. That's No Joke                                                               6. You're Gonna Hear From Me

Barry Manilow...320 Kbps

 A not too dramatic L/P from Barry containing a great track with "Lily Tomlin" and one of my "Fav's" of his.. "Bermuda Triangle"...the rest of the tracks are typical "Barry Manilow" Songs!

1. Lonely Together
2. Bermuda Triangle
3. I Made It Through The Rain
4. Twenty Four Hours A Day
5. Dance Away

1. Life Will Go On
2. Only In Chicago
3. The Last Duet...with Lily Tomlin
4. London
5.We Still Have Time

  2. Bermuda Triangle

Dick Schory....320 Kbps

This is another one that will test your stereo equipment...Its much quieter than the previous ones considering there's plenty of percussion instruments..It has everything but the kitchen sink...if you read the back it gives you all the instruments that is played on this L/P.....And it is good STEREO!!!

1. National Emblem March
2. Baia
3. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
4. Ding Dong Polka
5. April In Paris
6. Holiday In A Hurry

1. Buck Dance
2. Duel on The Skins
3. September In The Rain
4. Tidley Winks
5. The Sheik Of Araby
6. Typee
   1. Buck Dance

Monday, 2 December 2019

Billy Eckstine And Sarah Vaughan....320 Kbps

This is a compilation of Sarah And Billy's early recordings...there is no info on the back of the sleeve so I think that we are talking about the late 50's early 60's...not even to tell who the "Orch's" are....bit mean on info !!!

1. Dedicated To You....Billy Eckstine & Sarah Vaughan
2. I Can't Get Started....Sarah Vaughan
3. A Room With A View....Billy Eckstine
4. Ev'ry Day....Billy Eckstine & Sarah Vaughan
5. No Orchids For My Lady....Billy Eckstine
6. What A Difference A Day Made....Sarah Vaughan

1. I Love You....Billy Eckstine & Sarah Vaughan
2. Have A Good Time....Billy Eckstine
3. A Hundred Years From Today....Sarah Vaughan
4. You're All I Need....Billy Eckstine And Sarah Vaughan
5. Kiss Of Fire....Billy Eckstine
6. You Not The Kind....Sarah Vaughan

  1. Dedicated To You

Dottie Clark

Here's two from John that are entirely new to me !...shades of Dinah Washington & Nancy Wilson !! so  join me in a new experience....Thanks John !

1. I'm Lost Without You Tonight
2. Come Back To Me
3. The More I See You
4. Tell Me
5. Please Send me Someone To Love
6. Gone Again

1. Not Without You
2. What's A Poor fool To Do
3. Everyone Has Someone
4. I'm Crying
5. Well Alright Ok You Win
6. Take Me

2. What's A Poor Fool To Do

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Comments !

If anybody has trouble downloading from "Pixeldrain" leave a comment on the post and I will see what I can do...cheers..

Charlie Rich...320 Kbps

A nice set of songs recorded in "Nashville" so I guess this one comes under the heading of "Country & Western" !! track is last one "Midnight Blues" !!

1. Every Time You Touch Me I Get High
2. All Over Me
3. A Little Bit Here
4. A Mellow Melody
5. Since I Fell For You

1. Pass On By
2. Rendezvous
3. She
4. You And I
5. Midnight Blues

  5. Midnight Blues

Jackie Trent

This L/P has a great and different version of "It's Not Unusual"....Jackie Trent was the wife of "Tony Hatch" and together they wrote and produced most of "Petula Clark's" hits....

1. Fly Me To The Moon
2. The Sweetest Sounds
3. It's Not Unusual
4. My Colouring Book
5. This Time
6. Yesterdays

1. You Came A Long Way From St Louis
2. I'm A Foo
3. I Beleive In You
4. Little Girl Blue
5. Faces
6. Show Me The Way To Go Home

  3. Its Not Unusual

Felix Slatkin & Orchestra...320 Kbps

 Here's another Percussion L/P to test your Stereo equipment...nice quiet easy listening tracks with a more "Jazz" feel than the previous track is first track "I Get A Kick Out Of You"...

P. S. Those with good "Stereo Equipment" should definatly have a listen to this one !! 

 1. I Get A Kick Out Of You
2. A String Of Pearls
3. The Happy Hobo
4. I Love Paris
5. Autumn In New York
6. Blues In The Night

1. April In Paris
2. On A Slow Boat To China
3. Opus 1
4. Blue Tango
5. Caravan
6. Night Train

  3. Opus 1

Sammy Davis Jnr...320 Kbps

 I think that this must be one of the first L/Ps that Sammy recorded a good set of songs with Sammy doing his impressions of singers and actors with the song "Because Of You "

1. Because Of You
2. The Lonesome Road
3. Hey There
4. And This Is My Beloved
5. September Song

1. Easy To Love
2. Glad To Be Unhappy
3. Stand Up And Fight
4. My Funny Valentine
5. Spoken For
6. Birth Of The Blues

  3. Hey There

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Shirley Bassey....320 Kbps

Here is a compilation of Shirley's taken from some of her L/P's from 1959 to 1966 before she had trouble with her tonsils and had to have them removed....That made a slight difference to her voice not that you could notice....the power and tone and clarity was still there as they still are today after 50 odd years of belting the songs out !!!

1. Who Are We
2. Tonight
3. Ev'rytime We Say Goodbye
4. Moon River
5. All Of Me
6. A Foggy Day
7. If You Love Me

1. Imagination
2. So In Love
3. I'm In The Mood For Love
4. How Can You Tell
5. Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing
6. I'll Get By
7. A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening

7. If You Love Me

Barbra Streisand....320 Kbps

This is also an early recording of Barbra's....if I remember correctly it was a TV Special that she did in about 1965....most of her early work was straight forward and un-complicated...her later recordings tended to be a bit over produced but saying that she is still a great singer and has made some great L/P's & CD's.....Great version of "Someone To Watch Over Me" and who would of thought that "I've Got No Strings" from "Disney's" "Pinocchio" would sound as good as it does !!!

P.S. It always has puzzled me why they seemed to be 2 front covers to this L/P and it has just dawned on me DUH!!....Side One relates to the cover above and Side Two cover below is Barbra in grown up mode and the songs reflect that !!!.....That took over 50 years for the penny to drop !!!

1. My Name Is Barbra
2. A Kid Again / I'm Five
3. Jenny Rebecca
4. My Pa
5. Sweet Zoo
6. Where Is The Wonder

1. I Can See It
2. Someone To Watch Over Me
3. I've Got No Strings
4. If You Were The Only Boy In The World
5. Why Did I Choose You
6. My Man

3. I've Got No Strings

Pixeldrain ?? is "Pixeldrain" working out for the downloads  ??...I have had some feedback from people saying that its not working for them...Can I have some feedback on this..and if its not working very well will look for a new "Downloader " !!!...ta...Luigi...

Friday, 15 November 2019

Eydie Gorme...320 Kbps

This is the second L/P by Eydie that features The Trio Los Panchos...with more latin sounds....excellent recordings as good as the first one !!

1. Vereda Tropical
2. Cuatro Vidas
3. No Te Vayas Sin Mi
4. Mas Amor
5. Desesperadamente
6. Guitarra Romana

1. Oracion Caribe
2. Flores Negras
3. Mala Noche
4. Fuego Bajo Tu Piel
5  Luna Lunera
6. Nochecita

 2. Cuatro Vidas

Carmen Jones WRC..320 Kbps

 This L/P is not from the "Soundtrack" or from the "Original Show" but just a record company's version...if you have seen the film or the show then this is definatly a good effort well worth the "Download" if you are not bothered about the "Originals" !!

1. Overture
2. Dere's A Cafe....Grace Bumbry
3. You Talk Just Like My Maw....George Webb & Ena Babb
4. Dat's Love....Grace Bumbry & Chorus
5. Dis Flower....George Webb
6. Beat Out Dat Rhytham....Elizabeth Welch & Chorus

1. Stand Up And Fight....Thomas Baptiste & Chorus
2. Whizzing Away Along The Track....Grace Bumbry & Elizabeth Welch
3. Card Song....Elizabeth Welch & Grace Bumbry
4. My Joe....Ena Babb
5. Finale....George Webb & Grace Bumbry & Chorus


1. Overture

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Shirley Bassey....320 Kbps

Every track on this Bassey L/P is a good one not a dud one in sight !!...Shirley at her best with a
great orchestra behind her arranged & produced by "Johnny Harris"....nothing more to say except just listen !!!

1. Theme From Love Story
2. Till Love Touches Your Life
3. Easy Thing To Do
4. Until It's Time For You To Go
5. It's Impossible
6. Whats Done Is Done

1. Pieces Of Dreams
2. Breakfast In Bed
3. Excuse Me
4. Bridge Over Troubled Water
5. I'm Not There
6. I'd Like To Hate Myself In The Morning 

 2. Till Love Touches Your Life

James Last Orchestra...320 Kbps

Now we have a so called craze from the 70's !! did people actually do continuous dancing ?? Soooo "James Last" had a go and this is the result !!

Andy Williams...320 Kbps

Here is some early recordings of Andy's from about 1961....all taken in a slow pace and dreamy which was his style....First time I've heard the "verse" to "Secret Love" didn't realise it had one till I heard this version.....Sorry for the worn track of "Misty" and others but I recon the person who had this before me must have definitely needed a new "Stylus" (Needle) !!

1. Danny Boy
2. Tammy
3. The Twelfth Of Never
4. I'm Old Fashioned
5. Come To Me Bend To Me
6. Secret Love

1. The Heather On The Hill
2. Can I Forget You
3. It Could Happen To You
4. I Want To Be Wanted
5. Summertime
6. Misty

3. It Could Happen To You

Barry White & The Love Unlimited Orch...320 Kbps

This L/P to me epitomises the sound and feel of the 70's Music and features one of the best Instrumental hit record of the 70's....I am of course talking about "Loves Theme" what an arrangement all those twanging sliding guitars definatly got the "Barry White" stamp on it and "The Love Unlimited Orch" sound you can tell who it is as soon as a track starts !!!

1. Barry's Theme
2. Rhapsody In White
3. Midnight And You
4. I feel love Coming On

1. Baby Blues
2. Don't Take it Away From Me
3. What A Groove
4. Love's Theme

 4. Loves Theme