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Thursday 29 February 2024

Marian Montgomery

Here we have a great singer that should have been more popular than she was ....and a great Video Below !!!

1. Morning Of My Life
2. Sweet Gingerbread Man
3. Walk A Mile In My Shoes
4. You've Got A Friend
5. Love
6. Should There be A Next Time

1. Maybe In The Morning
2. Crying Loving Laughing
3. Ask Yourself Why
4. If You Could Read My Mind
5. It Must Be Love
6. Birds

          2. Sweet Gingerbread Man

Marian Montgomery - Close Your Eyes (With Dudley Moore) (Marian)

Wednesday 28 February 2024

Tangerine Dream.

This is a first..... "Electronic Music" at its best !!....Not knowing much about "TD" except it is a German I will leave it up to all the "Electro" Fans to leave some comments and educate us all !!!

1. Phaedra

1. Mysterious Semblence At The Strand Of Nightmares
2. Movements Of A Visionary
3. Sequent C

Tuesday 27 February 2024

Ray Charles

 Crying Time is a studio album by Ray Charles released in February 1966 as the first release on his label Tangerine, which was distributed by ABC Paramount.

There is a range of music on Crying Time – the liner notes are even titled “the Versatile Mr. Ray Charles” – but there is a definite unity of feeling across the twelve songs. Country, blues, and orchestral music – sometimes slow, sometimes speedy; here sparse, there busy – all coexist as supporting players to the album’s main star: the anguish and redemption of Ray Charles.........Thanks for this one Marcos !

1. Crying Time
2. No Use Crying
3. Let's Go Get Stoned
4. Going Down Slow
5. Peace Of Mind
6. Tears

1. Drifting Blues
2. We Don't See Eye To Eye
3. You're In For A Big Surprise
4. You're About To Lose Your Clown
5. Don't You Think I Ought To Know
6. You've Got a Problem
6. Tears

Judy Garland.

 On this L/P by Judy we seem to have a mixture of tracks from her "Live Recordings" or maybe from her Television Shows and tracks from her studio L/P' usual she does a great job on all the songs....and if you are a Judy Garland Fan you'll love it !!

Unfortunately the live performances don't come over on record as good as the Studio recordings so in my opinion "Capitol " Records falls short of the title "Tribute" !!.....Some of the CD's compilations of the same material that I have heard are far more superior than this L/P so if you do like the content Nip down to the record store and see whats there !! 

1. Medley
    a. You Made Me Love You
    b. For Me And My Gal
    c. The Trolley Song
2. Over The Rainbow
3. Swanee
4. Come Rain Or Come Shine
5. The Man That Got Away 
6. I Could Go On Singing
7. Maggie Maggie May

1. Chicago
2. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
3. Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart
4. April Showers
5. Rock a Bye Your Baby
6. When Your Smiling
7. Little Girl Blue

     7. Little Girl Blue.

Vale Of Catmose College Band

When I first saw this L/P I thought that Vale Of Catmose was in the USA till I saw the record was recorded in Kent in England in 1979.....checked on Google and was surprised that the College was only 18 Miles from where I live !!

The Vale of Catmose is an area of relatively low-lying land, much of which is flooded by Rutland Water, in western Rutland, England.
Catmose College is a secondary academy school on Huntsmans Drive in Oakham, Rutland. The catchment area covers the county town of Oakham and surrounding villages, although students are drawn from a wider area through parental choice.
Now here's a thought ! says that this was recorded in 1979 so I assume that most of the students that are in the photo on the cover must be around the age of 18 or so.... At this particular moment in time they must be at least 63 or older !!...I wonder if anyone will, perhaps recognise themselves !...If of course they are looking In !!!

               10 Jesus Christ Superstar     

Monday 26 February 2024

Caterina Valente.

Back now in the Computer Room at home doing some Re-Posts.

 Another "Polydor" recording of Caterina's she sings in 6 languages on this one....

1. Haiti Cherie
2. Just You Just Me
3. Un Poquito De Tu Amour
4. Lorsque L'Amour Vient
5. Forsok Med Mej
6. Amedeo
7. Wo Meine Sonne Scheint

1. Jeremie Voici L'Heure
2. Pardon Madame
3. Jalousie
4. IL Sole Mi Fa Cantare
5. El Mosquito
6. Istanbul
7. Une Nuit A Rio Grande

          13. Istanbul     

Sunday 25 February 2024

The Mike Sammes Singers.

 If you like easy listening and like group singers then this is one for you its a favorite of mine and the cover has not suffered too much so thats ok !!...They were the backing singers to loads of "Pop" records of the 60's & 70's and maybe description of them is a very laid back version of "Ray Conniff Singers".....BUT they have there own style so that's where the comparison ends !....Best track is.. "I'll Know"

1. Put On A Happy Face
2. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise
3. Misty
4. Spring Spring Spring
5. Dreaming
6. There Will Never Be Another You

1. California Here I Come
2. Baby Talk To Me
3. I'll Know
4. Deep In A Dream
5. Passing Breeze
6. Let's Get Away From It All

       3. I'll Know.

Saturday 24 February 2024

Cathy Berberian.

 When I first heard some of the tracks on this L/P I thought it was a joke but after listening to the tracks in detail It's really quite doubt there will be many of you who decide to download it will think it's rubbish but I like it..maybe it's a case of the more you listen the better it becomes...just keep an open mind about it.....Sooooooooo if you like the Beatles songs ala "Mozart"go for it !!!

1. Ticket To Ride
2. I Want To Hold Your Hand
3. Michelle
4. Eleanor Rigby
5. Yellow Submarine
6.Here There And Everywhere 

1. Help
2. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
3. Yesterday
4. Can't Buy Me Love
5. Girl
6.A Hard Days Night

      1. Help.

Thursday 22 February 2024

Petula Clark

I think we will end this session with two of "England's" best known female singers who have travelled the world to entertain everybody....Two distinctive voices that need no introduction of who they are.....And I've met both of them !!!..."Petula" twice once in the 50's and again in the 80's..."Shirl" in the early 60's when she was doing the "Variety" circuit !!

           7. Winchester Cathedral

Shirley Bassey

Once again we have "Shirley" from the 60's singing as only she can with two of her Top hits and the rest of the L/P is made up of "Standards"

           1. As Long As He Needs Me

Always Mikonos

 I should imagine that this one was somebody's holiday souvenir....

          1. Zorba The Greek

Wednesday 21 February 2024


 Once again an L/P from WRC of a "Broadway" and "London" show...not an Original cast but one the the record company has got together, but it's ok for anybody that just wants to hear the songs...

1. Overture....Orchestra
2. Mister Snow....Elizabeth Larner & Barbara Elsy
3. If I Loved You....Barry Kent & Barbara Elsy
4. June Is Bustin' Out All Over....Diana Landor & Chorus
5. Soliloquy....Barry Kent
1. A Real Nice Clambake....Elizabeth Larner & Barbara Elsy & Chorus
2. When The Children Are Asleep....Elizabeth Larner & John Adams
3. Geraniums In The Winder....John Adams & Mike Sammes
4. What's The Use In Wond'rin'....Barbara Elsy
5. You'll Never Walk Alone....Diana Landor & Chorus
5. Finale....Chorus & Orch

          4. June Is Bustin' Out All Over

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Kenny Ball--Chris Barber--Acker Bilk

Three British Jazz Bands for a Golden Guinea (21/- Shillings in old money ) !!

1. Jump The Line......Acker Bilk
2. Higher Ground......Acker Bilk
3. Willie The Weeper......Acker Bilk
4. Gladiolus Rag......Acker Bilk
5. Teddy Bears Picnic......Kenny Ball
6. Hawaiian War Chant......Kenny Ball

1. I Love You Samantha......Kenny Ball
2. Chimes Blues......Kenny Ball
3. Majorca......Chris Barber
4. High Society......Chris Barber
5. Tuxedo Rag......Chris Barber
6. When The Saints Go Marching In......Chris Barber

          5. Teddy Bears Picnic

Monday 19 February 2024

All latest posts are Back !!

 It seems that the Bots have struck again !!...3 of my latest posts have been flagged as spam...also it seems that the Bots like a bit more comment other than the AI's like a read too !!!...will have to remember to give them something to read next time I post !!

Petula Clark.

 Here's Petula being produced by her then husband "Claude Wolff"and I presume it was recorded in France....A great recording of "My Funny Valentine" of recording is about 1969...another great pic of Petula

1. Happy Heart
2. If Ever You're Lonely
3. Games People Play
4. Love Is The Only Thing
5. When I Was A Child
6. The Ad

1. My Funny Valentine
2. Lovin' Things
3. When I Give My Heart
4. Let It Be Me
5. Some
6. The Windmills Of Your Mind 

       7. My Funny Valentine

Sunday 18 February 2024

Ry Cooder.

 This is a fantastic L/P...I didn't think that I would like it when I first heard it at a friend's house....every track is a good one completely new songs and well worth the download time !!  

1. 634-5789
2. Speedo
3. Why Don't You Try Me
4. Down In The Boondocks
5. Johnny Porter

1. The Way We Make A Broken heart 
2. Crazy Bout' An Automobile
3. The Girls from Texas
4. Borderline
5. Never make Your Move To Soon

         4. Down In The Boondocks

Juice Newton.

 Here's the lady with the strange name....It's a good set of songs sung well and got the video below to one of the tracks so enjoy looking and listening !!

1. Heart Of The Night
2. Love's Been A Little Bit Hard On Me
3. Break It To Me Gently
4. Love Sail Away
5. I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can

1. I'm Gonna be Strong
2. Trail Of Tears
3. Adios Mi Corazon
4. Falling In Love
5. Ever True

     4. Sail Away.

Juice Newton - Love's Been A Little Bit Hard On Me

Caterina Valente & Silvio Francesco.

Some Latin tunes and popular songs brilliantly sung and played by Brother and sister Caterina and Silvio...

       8. Hoy Por Fin Regresso A San Jose.

Neil Sedaka.

 A nice selection of songs from the prolific song writer and performer of today... and he's still with us !!

 1. Little Brother
2. Standing On The Inside
3. Alone In New York In The Rain
4. Caribbean Rainbow
5. Let Daddy Know
6. Suspicions

1. Love Will Keep Us Together
2. The Other Side Of Me
3. Rock And Roll Wedding Day
4. For Peace And Love
5. Our Last Song Together

          2. Standing On The Inside 

Saturday 17 February 2024

Linda Lewis.

 Linda Lewis has a voice that you either love or hate....I love it !!....A very talented singer songwriter...Its one of those L/P's that the more you listen to it the better it have a listen Folk's !!!!....All the tracks are original songs none of them I recognise so its definatly an aquired taste of the voice and music !!

1. Fathoms deep
2. I'm In Love Again
3. Red Light Ladies
4. If I Could
5. Kingman Tinman
6. Lullabye

1. Play Around
2. Wise Eyes
3. Guffer
4. Goodbye Joanna
5. On The Stage
6. Moles

          4. If I Could