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Thursday 30 May 2019

Frank Sinatra.

It seems that the record company decided to do a "Mix" of Sinatra's singles on this L/P or so it seems !! starting with a "Swinger" then a slow "Ballad"all thro' the L/P... all orchestrations by "Nelson Riddle" from the "Capitol" stable !!

1. High Hopes
2. Talk To Me
3. French Foreign Legion
4. To Love And Be Loved
5. River Stay Way From My Door
6. All The Way

1. It's Over It's Over It's Over
2. Ol' Macdonald
3. This Was My Love
4. All My Tomorrows
5. Sleep Warm
6. Witchcraft

6. Witchcraft.

Caterina Valente.

This is the first of two that Caterina recorded on the "Pye" label in about 1975 when she was married to "Roy Budd" who she married in 1971 and divorced in 1980...This L/P was produced by "Roy Budd" and on "Side One" all the tracks but one were written by him....Its Caterina in a quiet laid back voice which shows just how a good singer she is....."Side Two" is completely different..she does duets with her brother "Silvio" on two tracks...Three tracks are taken from a live performance in "Germany"....unfortunatly the recordings are not to good ( Sound Wise ) which is a pity because I like "live" recordings !!....And she does a very brave recording of "We've Only Just Begun" orchestra just her singing... like acapella...and does a great job....not many singers of today would be brave enough to do that!!!! IMHO !!!!!

1. My Little Friend
2. A Day Alone With You
3. Dying To Live
4. Who Knows The Answers
5. You've Got Me I've Got You
6. I'm Going Back

1. Mother Goosenova
2. Windmills of Your Mind
3. Dominique
4. Malaguena/The Breeze And I
5. We've Only Just Begun
6. Canto De Ossanha

5. We've Only Just begun.

Mel Torme.

Another great singer singing some classic standards....

1. Too Close For Comfort
2. Once In Love With Amy
3. Sleeping Bee
4. On The Street Where You Live
5. Just in Time

1. Hello Young Lovers
2. The Surrey With The Fringe On The Top
3. Old Devil Moon
4. Whatever Lola Wants
5. Too Darn Hot
6. Lonely Town

5. Just In Time.


I think that this one could be one of Nilsson's non comercial efforts....It certainly has a lot of guest musicians...produced by him and all the tracks are his own work....Got that "West Indies" "Jamaica" feel to....It took me quite a while to work out the Title of the L/P...thought it was French....then one day "Duh" it !!!

This has been recorded as Track 1 all the first side...most of the tracks run into one another 
Side 2 is Tracks 2 to 6 ...

5. Home.

Saturday 25 May 2019

Judy Garland.

This is Judy in a very subdued mood with brilliant orchestrations by "Gordon Jenkins"...Judy made 2 or 3 brilliant recordings for Capitol before the "Histrionics"and "Frenzy" recordings came about and this is one of them!! gimics just plain singing and she has got an  Individual voice !!....Best Track "Mean To Me "

1. By Myself
2. Little Girl Blue
3. Me And My Shadow
4. Among My Souvenirs
5. I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
6. I Get The Blues When It Rains

1. Mean To Me
2. How About Me
3. Just A Memory
4. Blue Prelude
5. Happy New Year

1. Mean To Me.

Thursday 23 May 2019

Frank Sinatra.

This L/P as you can see from the cover was recorded in London 57 years ago !!..WOW doesn't time fly !!...wish I had a time machine to go back to "Swingin' London" in the 60's..I had a great time there would do it all over again..even the sad times were good !!..anyway enuff of me rattling on and get back to the songs....Sinatra in good voice not a "Swinger" in sight just a nice relaxing set of "Great British Songs"...Must admit tho' hadn't heard of last track !!

5. The Gypsy.

The Walker Brothers.

The Walker Brothers came to life in 1965...3 American guys who were not brothers..."Scott" "John" and "Gary" I think that they had more success in England than the States...This is a Double L/P set that has most of there world wide hits on it....they even had a go at some standard songs and they certainly do a good job with them...namely "Just For a Thrill"
which is a solo by "John" and IMHO is equal to some of the "Jazz" versions by other singers

Side One                                                              Side Three

1. Make It Easy On Yourself                            1. In My Room  
2. Land Of 1,000 Dances                                   2. Stand By Me
3. Young Man Cried                                          3. Once Upon A Summer Time
4. Living Above Your Head                              4. Experience
5. I Need You                                                      5. Come Rain Or Come Shine
6. My Ship Is Coming In                                   6. Archangel                                  

Side Two                                                            Side Four

1. Saturday's Child                                           1. People Get Ready
2. Mrs Murphy                                                 2. Stay With Me Baby
3. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More      3. Genevieve
4. I Can See It Now                                          4. Walking In The Rain
5. Just For a Thrill                                           5. I Wanna Know
6. Summertime                                                 6. Just Say Goodbye 

5. Just For A Thrill.

Wednesday 22 May 2019

Diahann Carroll..320 Kbps

 I don't know much about this singer but she certainly knows how to handle a song....And she does a brilliant job on all the tracks....So if anybody out there is like me and hasn't heard her as a singer then give it a listen I'm sure you won't be disappointed!!

 1. I Wonder What Became Of Me
2. Little Girl Blue
3. Goin' Out Of My Head
4. I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry
5. Gradually
6. Hidden Meaning

1. I'll Be Around
2. Nobody But Me
3. Don't Answer Me
4. Runnin' Out Of Fools
5. Goodbye Young Dreams

1. I'll Be Around.

Tuesday 21 May 2019

Jack Parnell Orchestra

Not posted any from across the channel in a while so here are some that "Bob" sent a while ago relax to some Instrumental memories of some Classic TV theme tunes !!

2. Theme From Hawaii Five O

Jack Parnell Orchestra

And here is a second helping !!!

Side One
She (Theme from Seven Faces of Woman)
Spy Glass (Theme from Father Brown)
Affairs of The Heart
The Main Chance
Caine's Theme (Theme from Kung Fu)

Side Two

The Zoo Gang
The Brothers
The Lotus Eaters
Lands of The Mountain and The Flood (Theme from Sutherland's Law)
South Riding
Up to Date (Theme from Man About the House)

3. Theme From Kojak.

The Shadows 320 Kbps

20 tracks of first class guitar playing now this L/P includes most of the "Shads" hits !!....some cool imaginative titles !!!

1. Apache
2. Man Of Mystery
3. The Frightened City
4. Guitar Tango
5. Kon Tiki
6. Foot Tapper
7. Genie With The Light Brown Lamp
8. The Warlord
9. A Place In The Sun
10. Atlantis

1. Wonderful Land
2. F.B.I.
3. The Savage
4. Geronimo
5. Shindig
6. Stingray
7. Theme For Young Lovers
8. The Rise And Fall Of Fingel Bunt
9. Maroc 7
10. Dance On

6. Foot Tapper.

Monday 13 May 2019

Petula Clark.

This L/P is also known as "The Pink Album" to the fans of Petula Clark and is known as one of the best ones she has recorded....Most of the songs on it are written by "Tony Hatch & Jackie Trent" so it does have a good pedigree it is also arranged and produced by "Tony Hatch"

 7. Kiss Me Goodbye.

Judy Garland.

Track 1 on this L/P the orchestration by Nelson Riddle is one of the best !!...I bet Judy was out of breath when she finished the track...This is Judy at her vocal peak the rest of the tracks are all good... a good cross section of songs that fits her voice like a glove...just listen and be "Wowed"..

1. Come Rain Or Come Shine.

Sunday 12 May 2019

Bette Midler.

This I believe is Bette's first L/P partly produced by her then pianist a certain "Barry Manilow"....I bought it because of the track "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"and thought at the time that she had a so-so voice sounding like so many other singers....Apart from "Boogie" I thought her tracks with all the girl chorus's and loads going on were a bit much of a row and I still have that opinion and can't think why she decided to do a repeat track of "Friends"which is the worst on the L/P !!!...SAYING THAT !!!...I think that the tracks were she sings on her own are great and "Superstar" is one of the best versions around today....And I did get to like the L/P a lot "Hello In There" is superb so is "Am I Blue"and I wish she had carried on "Delta Dawn" on her own !!!.....So here is one L/P that earns the title "The More You Play It The Better It Becomes"

3. Superstar.

Thursday 2 May 2019

Dean Martin

Dean Martin going all Italian with some well known songs...This should keep the ladies looking in well and truly pleased ! well as Supporter !

8. On An Evening In Rome.