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Thursday 25 May 2023

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass.

Here we have 12 tracks... and on the back cover 12 pictures of "Herb's"L/P's...So I think I would be safe to say that we have a compilation of a track from each of those....definatly some of his early work !!..complete with "Bull Ring" sound and Chorus !!!

1. America
2. The Lonely Bull
3. A Quiet Tear
4. Tijuana Sauerkraut
5. Never On a Sunday
6. Acupulco 1922

1. Spanish Harlem
2. Green Leaves Of Summer
3. More
4. Milord
5. The Great Manolete
6. Winds Of Barcelona 

           6. Acupulco 1922

Dr Hook.

Ok folks this is the last "Upload" before I wish everybody "A Happy Xmas Day"
this group is my Sister Rina's favourite group..and I agree with her...all the songs I believe are written by the group so they are all original "Covers".....and they are all good ones and easy to remember...that I believe if you can remember the words and tune constitutes a "HIT"!!!!!

1. More Like The Movies
2. A Little Bit More
3. The Radio
4. Up On The Mountain
5. If Not You

1. Jungle To The Zoo
2. Bad Eye Bill
3. What About You
4. I Need the High
5. A Couple More Years 

        4. Up On The Mountain

Saturday 20 May 2023

Leroy Anderson

 Familiar tunes performed by Leroy Anderson who wrote them....

1. The Syncopated Clock
2. Belle Of The Ball
3. Forgotten Dreams
4. China Doll
5. The Penny Whistle Song
6. Jazz Pizzicato
7. Jazz Legato

1. Fiddle Faddle
2. Serenata
3. Horse And Buggy
4. A Trumpeter's Lullaby
5. Song Of The Bells
6. Summer Skies
7. Promenade

          4. A Trumpeter's Lullaby

The Ray Conniff Singers

Ray Conniff's Singer's Circa 1968....doing the song's from the late 60's...

1. Music To Watch Girls By
2. Yesterday
3. Something Stupid
4. It Must Be Him
5. A Man And A Woman

1. Release Me
2. There's a Kind Of Hush
3. What The World Needs Now Is Love
4. Don't Sleep In The Subway
5. Up Up And Away
6. The Impossible Dream 

          3. It Must Be Him

Mark Murphy.

 If you want to hear a new singer that has a great voice then go no further than this!!...saying that... he has been around since the late 50's early 60's....but not to well known in England hence the "new"....I suppose I should have said "old/new"....anyway this blog is worldwide so take your pick!!...getting back to the music its a cool great L/P and all the "Jazz Vocalists Enthusiasts" will enjoy it !!

          1. Stoppin' The Clock

John Hanson.

I think we maybe now have a name for our concert goer as shown on the back of this L/P !! "Jayne" !!
John Hanson was a "Tenor" starring in "West End Shows" in the  50's & 60' "The Desert Song" and also recorded "Operetta's" like "The Student Prince" & "The Vagabond King" here he is doing a "Favourites" which includes some hit songs as well as songs from those operetta's !!

1. The Impossible Dream
2. True Love
3. Holy City
4. Where Do I Begin
5. Climb Every Mountain
6. Golden Days

1. The Donkey Serenade
2. Somewhere My Love
3. And I Love You So
4. Gigi
5. One Alone
6. My Way

          3. Holy City 

Friday 19 May 2023

Carmen McRae

 So now here we have one of the many underrated singers of this century singing some great standard songs PLUS ! one of my favourite songs that she does "Poor Butterfly"...Unfortunately the version here is a different one...never the less it is still good... will have to dig it out and post them together one day !! it's May 2023 now and this repost will have the two versions of "Poor Butterfly" on it...and the sound bite....the second one is the best and my favourite !! 

1. The Sound Of Silence
2. I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good
3. MacArthur Park
4. Watch What Happens
5. Stardust
6. Don't Go Away

1. Gloomy Sunday
2. I Sold My Heart To The Junkman
3. Poor Butterfly
4. My Heart Reminds Me
5. The Folks Who Live On The Hill
6. Can You Tell 

          3. Poor Butterfly
          3a. Poor Butterfly

Thursday 18 May 2023

Dolores Gray

Now a sultry singer who has a voice similar to Julie London.....My memory of her was in the film Kismet..

Dolores Gray (born Sylvia Dolores Finkelstein; June 7, 1924 – June 26, 2002) was an American actress and singer. She was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Lead Actress in a Musical twice, winning once.Gray was briefly signed with MGM, appearing in Kismet (1955), It's Always Fair Weather (1955) and The Opposite Sex (1956).She appeared at the London Palladium in 1958 while doing a concert tour of Europe and in cabaret at The Talk of the Town in February 1963.

Apart from the many soundtrack albums she appeared on, Gray recorded one album of songs in 1957 for Capitol Records with the title Warm Brandy.......And here it is !!

1. Shangri La
2. Penthouse Serenade
3. You're Getting To Be A habit With Me
4. Kiss Me
5. How Long Has This Been Going On
6. Close Your Eyes
7. You Go To My Head
8. Do Do Do

1. Speak Low
2. Don't Blame Me
3. Isn't It Romantic
4. Your My Thrill
5. My Mama Likes You
6. I'm Innocent
7. Fools Errand
8. There'll Be Some Changes Made

With Howard Keel......In Kismet

           6. Close Your Eyes

Frank Sinatra

 The year is 1966 and Sinatra was 50 and his voice was at its peak singing or should I say swingin' with the Count Basie Band... this is a great live performance and if you like Sinatra you will love it !!!'s some quotes from Sinatra himself about that night when the recording machines were switched on !!!

                       Frank Sinatra say's about playing with Basie at the Sands in January 1966
“The Basie orchestra was a like juggernaut. When they came at you, after the downbeat and the orchestra started to play, you knew that you had to be part of that or you got lost.We did things that were really jumping  I tried to stay in the realm of what the orchestra was playing. I hang back just a little bit, in a sense.”
“You cannot swing if a band doesn’t settle into the proper tempo. I don’t care how good you are, it just doesn’t come out right.”
“This is the greatest orchestra at any time in the history of the world.”

Gallagher And Lyle

 This is the first L/P from the duo from the 60's . Their style consists mainly in pop, soft and folk rock oriented songs....some very catchy tunes and its a Gud Un !

1. Love On The Airwaves
2. The Runaway
3. Every Little Teardrop
4. Had To Fall In Love
5. Street Boys

1. Never Give Up On Love
2. Dude In The Dark
3. Head Talk
4. Call For The Captain
5. It Only Hurts When I Laugh

          4. Had To Fall In Love

Petula Clark

 Another of Petula's french L/P's....two or three well known songs including her french version of "Kiss Me Goodbye"

 1. Chante
2. Dans Mon Lit
3. Qu'Est Ce Qui Fait Courir Le Monde
4. Je Reve
5. Tu Ne Sais Pas Tu Ne Sais Rien
6. Ce Matin La

1. Frere Jacques
2. Dis Moi Au Revoir
3. Quand Ton Tour Viendre
4. Tu Ne Joues Plus
5. Avec Le Temps

          2. Dis Moi Au Revoir


We are still in "Beguim" with Bob listening to a first class "Tenor" that needs no introduction singing some very well known classic songs....So enjoy this moment before we go to the land of the "Falsetto" !!!

          2. La Donna e' Mobile
          6. Volare

The Bee Gee's.

 The Bee Gees in full flow with "Barry" doing all the "falsetto" in true BG's Fashion !!
including the original "Tragedy" !!!

1. Tragedy
2. Too Much Heaven
3. Love You Inside Out
4. Reaching Out
5. Spirits Having Flown

1. Search Find
2. Stop Think Again
3. Living Together
4. I'm Satisfied
5. Until 

          1. Tragedy

Ella Fitzgerald, Caterina Valente, Perry Como

Ella Fitzgerald.

I wasn't going to post any of the "Ella Songbooks"but having been listening to them again and decided to post them...I have most of the "Songbooks"on L/P's and have also bought them again on CD's....I still think that they sound better as an L/P....true there is no crackles or pops...but there is still something different in the sound !!...starting with the Gershwin's there are 5 Volumes so will be posting the rest soon...All 5 have their covers painted by an French artist called "Bernard Buffet"who incidentally is one of my favourite modern artists.

P.S. The Info on the songs comes from the Booklet that came with the CD's it is very informative so enjoy the read !!

1. Sam And Delilah
2. But Not For Me
3. My One And Only
4. Let's Call The Whole Thing Off
5. I've Got Beginners Luck

1. Oh Lady Be Good
2. Nice Work If You Can Get It
3. Things Are Looking Up
4. Just Another Rhumba
5. How Long has This Been Going On

       2. But Not For Me

Louisa Jane White.

 Could anybody out there tell me what happened to this excellent singer...I first heard her on the radio in the 70's she has a distinctive voice and I thought that with a good management and good luck she would have made it big time....I have "Googled" her but can't find out much...she sang a song for "Song For Europe" called "Take The Money And Run"and released it with a couple of other songs but it seems that this is the only L/P that she made which is a pity because it's quite a good one....She has a video on "Utube" of "Take The Money" which I have tried to put on this Blog but it won't seem to let me do it..despite following loads of different instructions from different sources....I wish that computer instructions were more user friendly....getting back to the L/P it's definitely worth having a track is the first one Um.Um.Um. Um Um......Enjoy a new singer from the 70's..

P.S. as you can see from the video below I did manage to "suss" the way to put Video's on this blog !!.....Also since I posted this in 2016 I checked again for information about Louisa and she has now got a Bio' on my interest in her and her voice is now fulfilled...and it's still a great L/P although its over 50 years old !!

1. Um Um Um Um Um Um
2. Children
3. Say Mister Moon
4. The Time To Say Goodbye
5. It Don't Matter To Me
6. If You Need A Friend

1. It's An Ill Wind
2. Old Fashioned Love Song
3. Hang On To A Dream
4. Lo And Behold
5. The Seasons Song
6. Jerusalem

          1. Um Um Um Um Um Um

Louisa Jane White, Take The Money And Run

The Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orch.

 Change of mood now ! ....all the "Classical" L/P's that I have posted all have well known Melodies that everybody I reckon will recognize... this one is no exception It has "The Can Can"..."Barcarolle"and a couple more that I am sure most people will know....There was hardly any gaps in the tracks so I had to record it as Track 1 Side 1.. and Track 2 Side 2...Hope you give it a chance and download it...No "Highbrow" Music on this "Blog" !!!

1. Side One
2. Side Two 


Music of the 1920's..VA

 Over the many years I have been downloading music from the internet I have collected loads of individual tracks of all kinds of music so here is a compilation of some 1920's music....can't acknowledge the people who have originally posted them so thanks anyway to the
anonymous people who have contributed to this selection......There will be more to come so if you enjoy this one keep looking !!........There are some great imaginative names of people and orchestra's..... you don't get them these day's !!

1. Tip Toe Thru The Tulips......Annette Hanshaw...(1929)
2. South......Bennie Moten & His Kansas City Orchestra...(1928)
3. Shirt Tail Stomp......Benny Goodman's Boys...(1928)
4. Shine......Boyd Senter & His Senterpedes with Paul Small...(1929)
5. Two Sleepy People......Carroll Gibons with Anne Lerner & George Melachrino...(1928)
6. I'm Feeling Devilish......Fess Williams & His Royal Flush Orchestra...(1929)
7. Sunday......Jean Goldkette Orchestra with The Keller Sisters & Lynch...(1928)
8. The Ramble......Paul Howards Quality Serenaders...(1929)
9. Fit As A Fiddle......Annette Hanshaw & Her Sizzling Syncopators...(1929)
10. Hello Swanee Hello......Ben Bernie's Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra...(1926)
11. Thou Swell......Ben Selvin...(1928)
12. Kansas City Shuffle......Bennie Moten & His Kansas City Orchestra...(1926)
13. Happy Day's Are Here Again......Frisco Players...(1929)
14. I'm Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now......Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra...(1927)
15. Whispering......Paul Whiteman Orchestra...(1921)
16. It Makes My Love Come Down......Bessie Smith & James P Johnson...(1929)
17. Mandy Make Up Your Mind......Clarence Williams Blue Five...(1924)
18. Darktown Shuffle......Eddie Neibaur & His Seattle Harmony Kings...(1925)
19. Come On Baby......Harry Reser & His Cliquot Club Eskimos...(1928)
20. Stepping It Off......Al Georings Dance Orchestra...(1927)
21. How Many Times.......Eddie Neibaur & His Seatlle Harmony Kings...(1926)
22. My Sunday Girl.......Harry Reser & His Cliquot Club Eskimos...(1927)
23. Magnolias Wedding Day......Lew Leslie's Blackbirds Orchestra...(1928)
24. Once Over Lightly......Goering's Dance Orchestra
25. You Took Advantage Of Me......Paul Whiteman Orchestra with Bing Crosby...(1928)
26. Milenberg Joys......Rodney Rogers Red Peppers...(1927)
27. Mixed Salad......The New Orleans Bootblacks...(1926)
28. My Gal Sal......Tom Gerunovich's Roof Garden Orchestra...(1928)

          16. It Makes My Love Come Down
          24. Once Over Lightly

Monday 8 May 2023

Robert Goulet

  Can't say much about this L/P its one that I got with the shows lot...He has quite a pleasant voice and sings the song well but to me he sounds as if he should be in a Musical Show on Broadway he has that kind of voice phasing and style that definatly is Showstopper bound !!

 1. A Man And A Woman
2. A Time For Love
3. The Second Time Around
4. This Year
5. Invitation
6. The Exodus Song

1. Laura
2. Somewhere My Love
3. Mon Amour  Mon Amour
4. Days Of Love
5. Temptation

          3. The Second Time Around

Perry Como

  Its Impossible BUT highly improbable... on second thoughts maybe possible !! that Perry recorded this L/P in a horizontal position because I reckon on this L/P he even beats "Dean Martin" for being "Laid Back" !!....saying all that nonsense does'nt mean that I don't like it its definatly one to listen too when the lights are low and you are sipping a Gin & Tonic or your favourite tipple!!...even the up-beat tracks are not too fast and what he does to "El Condor Pasa" is cool !!....So if you have trouble sleeping download this one it may do the trick !!....Its Just "Perry Como" Being "Perry Como" and I like it !!!!!

1. Its Impossible
2. Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
3. Something
4. Snowbird
5. A House Is Not A Home

1. Everybody Is looking For An Answer
2. El Condor Pasa
3. Close To You
4. I Think I Love You
5. We've Only Just Begun

          4. I Think I Love You

Nat King Cole

 A cool selection of some not too well known songs from a great singer...The stereo on this recording is not too bad Nat's voice comes out of the left speaker and the right speaker pick out all the "BIG Band Sounds" !!....It's "Nat" in swingtime !!!

1. Welcome To The Club
2. Anytime Any Day Anywhere
3. The Blues Don't Care
4. Mood Indigo
5. Baby Won't You Please Come Home
6. The Late Late Show

1. Avalon
2. She's Funny That Way
3. I Want A Little Girl
4. Wee Baby Blues
5. Look Out For Love

          1. Avalon

Mason Williams

 Now for a little bit of gentle Blue Grass Music (I Think) thats what you would call this L/P....if I'm wrong perhaps someone out there could enlighten me....Whatever it is it's a cool L/P and I like it !!

 1. Here I Am Again....Mason Williams
2. Largo De Luxe....Mason Williams
3. I'm A Yo Yo Man....Rick Cunha
4. A Little Bit Of Time....Suzette Grant
5. Linda Crest Lament....Nacy Ames

1. Little Begger Man/Hamilton County....Bill Cunningham
2. Poor Little Robin....Rick Cunha
3. Godsend....Mason Williams
4. Train Ride In C....Mason Williams
5. Orange Blossom Special.....Bill Cunningham & Mason Williams

          5. Orange Blossom Special