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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Bucks Fizz...320 Kbps

Forget the "Cheesy" song that won "The Eurovision" for England !!! BOY have this group grown up and improved 100%.....TRUE that this L/P is not one of their commercial successes but it just shows that a group can improve with time....It's definatly worth a listen to.....To those who are just a bit unsure !!!!! GO ON DO IT !!

1. I Hear Talk
2. Indebted To You
3. Tears On The Ballroom Floor
4. Cold War
5. Golden Days

1. Talking In Your Sleep
2. Breaking Me Up
3. January's Gone
4. She Cries
5. Thief In The Night


Tony Bennett...320 Kbps

Another compilation of Tony's Hits this time it is what it says !!.....And "Sinatra" says it all !!!

1. I Left My Heart In San Fransisco
2. I Wanna Be Around
3. Quiet Night Of Quiet Stars
4. When Joanna Loved Me
5. The Moment Of Truth
6. Who Can I Turn To

1. The Good Life
2. A Taste Of Honey
3. This Is All I Ask
4. Once Upon A Time
5. The Best Is Yet To Come
6. If I Ruled The World

The Ray Conniff Singers...320 Kbps

I think that this was the second L/P with the singers singing the lyrics...and a great job they do...I think that Ray Conniff set the standard and the "Benchmark" for most of the "Singing Groups" that came after !!

1. Remember
2. You'll Never Know
3. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
4. I'm In The Mood For Love
5. I'll Be Seeing You
6. It's Dark On Observatory Hill

1. These Foolish Things
2. Ma He's Making Eyes At Me
3. Young At Heart
4. If I Loved You
5. Harbour Lights
6. I'll See You In My Dreams

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Barbra Streisand....320 Kbps


The L/P was produced By "Richard Perry" who in the 60's 70's 80's was producing all the top singers of the day's L/P's...Barbra once again sings some of the 60s &70's songs rather than Standards....note her duet with herself on track 5 Side One...its a gud un !!!

1. Beautiful
2. Love
3. Where You Lead
4. I Never Meant To Hurt You
5. One Last bell To Answer / A House Is Not A Home

1. Space Captain
2. Since I Fell For You
3. Mother
4. The Sunmmer Knows
5. I Mean To Shine
6. You've Got a Friend

Ella Fitzgerald....320 Kbps


I wasn't going to post any of the "Ella Songbooks"but having been listening to them again and decided to post them...I have most of the "Songbooks"on L/P's and have also bought them again on CD's....I still think that they sound better as an L/P....true there is no crackles or pops...but there is still something different in the sound !!...starting with the Gershwin's there are 5 Volumes so will be posting the rest soon...All 5 have their covers painted by an French artist called "Bernard Buffet"who incidentally is one of my favourite modern artists...can't decide which is the best track so will leave that decision in the air !!

P.S. The Info on the songs comes from the Booklet that came with the CD's it is very informative so enjoy the read !!

1. Sam And Delilah
2. But Not For Me
3. My One And Only
4. Let's Call The Whole Thing Off
5. I've Got Beginners Luck

1. Oh Lady Be Good
2. Nice Work If You Can Get It
3. Things Are Looking Up
4. Just Another Rhumba
5. How Long has This Been Going On

Demis Roussos....320 Kbps

Not heard too much of "Demis's work so I reckon that this L/P comes under the "More you hear it the better it becomes" slot !!...The second side is much better than the first side apart from the last track on the first side "On the Greek Side Of My Mind"which is rather way out and "Cool"!!!

1. She Came Up From The North
2. Good Days Have Gone
3. We Shall Dance
4. I Know I'll Do It Again
5. Fire And Ice
6. On The Greek Side Of My Mind

1. End Of The Line
2. My Blue Ship's A-Sailin'
3. Mountains Beyond
4. O My Friends You've Been Untrue To Me
5. Lord Of The Flies
6. Without You


Monday, 16 December 2013

Waldo de Los Rios And Orch...320 Kbps


Here is the first L/P of "Classics" with a beat....I posted the 2nd one earlier....this is the better one probably because all the tracks on this one are well known....the track listing might not mean much to those who are not familiar with the classics but I am sure that most people will recognise the tunes...especialy "Mozarts 40" and"Dvorak 9th"......It's not in the least highbrow !!

1. Beethoven's... 9th Symphony (Ode To Joy)
2. Schubert's... 8th Symphony (Unfinished)
3. Mozart's... Symphony No 40
4. Brahm's... 3rd Symphony

1. Dvorak's... Symphony No 9 (New World)
2. Haydn's...The Toy Symphony
3. Tchaikovsky's...Symphony No 5
4. Mendelssohn...4th Symphony (Italian)



Saturday, 14 December 2013

Ella Fitzgerald....320 Kbps


This is Vintage Ella just singing with a if you like your Ella uncluttered with just her voice then have a listen to this....her voice had matured by this time and you can hear the Ella of the "Songbooks"....all the tracks are great so leave it to everybody out in the wide world to pick a favourite....

1. I'm Glad There Is You
2. What Is There To Say
3. People Will Say Were In Love
4. Please Be Kind
5. Until The Real Thing Comes Along
6. Makin' Whoopee

1. Imagination
2. Stardust
3. My Heart Belongs To Daddy
4. You Leave Me Breathless
5. Baby What Else Can I Do
6. Nice Work If You Can Get It



Thursday, 5 December 2013

Georgie Fame....320 Kbps

This is one definitely for the die hard Georgie Fame Fans !!...written and produced by Georgie and it is one of those L/P's that the more you hear the better it becomes !!!.....Soooooooo you non believers give "Georgie" a chance and have a won't be disappointed !!

1. Super Road
2. Too Good To Be True
3. Train
4. Seven Power

1. City Hicker
2. Narcolepsy
3. Passed Me By
4. Hey Baby I'm Getting Ready
5. Dream Pony

Caterina Valente...320 Kbps


When Caterina was in England she recorded quite a few L/Ps that came out on the "Decca" label this one featured some of the songs that she sang on "The Perry Como Show"....The arrangements are by "Johnny Keating" so it does kinda swing!!

1. Make Someone Happy
2. You're Following Me
3. More Than Likely
4. Couci Couca
5. Corcovado
6. Blue Moon

1. Falling In Love With Love
2. Stella By Starlight
3. To Be A Performer
4. Yours
5. Dimelo En Septiembre
6. Whispering

David Soul....320 Kbps

This one was recorded in Holland the songs are not familar and David does a good job on all of them....It gets lifted up from a so-so recording to a good one on the second side....Love "How Can You Tell You Got It"......But I supose if you are a "David
Soul" Fan it's all good !!!

1. Simple Man
2. Carlito
3. Dreamers
4. Can't Afford That Feeling Anymore
5. That's Enough For Me

1. Maybe We Can Work It Out
2. How Can You TellYou Got It
3. The Dutchman
4. Distant Shores
5. The Best Days Of My Life
6. Simple Man (Reprise)

Arthur Fiedler And The Boston Pops Orchestra....320 Kbps

This makes fantastic easy listening....just shows how good the "Lennon & McCartney" songs are when they are played by a 95 man/woman orchestra and boy do they do a great job of it !!.Very Imaginative arrangements.
1. Eleanor Rigby
2. And I Love Her
3. Ob-La-De , Ob-La-Da
4. Hey Jude
5. With A Little Help From My Friends
6. Yellow Submarine
1. I Want To Hold Your Hand
2. Penny Lane
3. A Hard Day's Night
4. The Fool On The Hill
5. Yesterday
6. Michele


Thursday, 28 November 2013

Peter Nero...320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested by Anonymous

Back to the jolly old "Joanna"!!....This Peter Nero L/P is entirely different from the one that I posted earlier...Its a real 70's style music which I suppose is not surprising being that most of the tunes where written in the 70's !!....and he has changed his appearance check the sleeve of the one posted earlier....I suppose that 10+years will and does make a difference !!...the last track "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" is the best one !!

1. Say has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose
2. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
3. Daydream
4. Will It Go Round In Circles
5. The Morning After

1. Loves Me Like A Rock
2. Yesterday Once More
3. Woman Of The World
4. A Million To One
5. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy/Two O'Clock Jump

Friday, 22 November 2013

The Lettermen....320 Kbps

Re-Post requested By Punkinblue9
Once again a nice good selection of songs sung in the 50's style...nice and gentle listening !!

1. Time Was
2. Young And Foolish
3. Love's Beach
4. Polka Dots And Moonbeams
5. Evening Rain
6. Once Upon A Time

1. How Is Julie
2. My Funny Valentine
3. Remembering Last Summer
4. Sixteen Reasons
5. Summer's Gone
6. Turn Around Look At Me

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Ella Fitzgerald....320 Kbps

Well now!!! we have "Ella" in the late 60's coming away from the influence of "Norman Granz" and being produced by one of the top producers of the 60's & 70's "Richard Perry" and recorded in London... I still can't make my mind up whether I like it or not...there is only a couple of the tracks that sounds like the Ella we all know and love....It seems to me the rest of the tracks the orchestra is too loud and that makes Ella fade into the background....the production of the tracks seem to concentrate on the sound and not the vocals...still I suppose she had to have a go at the "Pop" far as I know this is the only one she did with Richard Perry...It was released on the "Reprise" label and then I think she went onto "Norman Granz" label "Verve"...Still not sure whether I like it !!!.....Comments on this would be see what others think !

P.S....My personal jury is still out on this one...can't seem to come to a decision even with me listening to it again... it still seem to me to be over produced...this is definatly  NOT one that the more you hear it the better it becomes.....BUT its Ella and the voice is still great and cool !!!

1. Get Ready
2. The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
3. Yellow Man
4. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
5. Got To Get You Into My Life

1. I Wonder Why
2. Ooo Baby Baby
3. Savoy Truffle
4. Open Your Window
5. Knock On Wood

Ella Fitzgerald And Louis Armstrong....320 Kbps


This is the perfect matching of two great musicians one a singer Ella of course.. and Louis a great trumpet player and a voice that you could not mistake for anyone else....I think that everyone in the world should have a copy of this....Not this one... definitely not... got too many "clicks" "jumps" and stylus getting stuck which I apologise for....but it has been played thousands of times and is over 50 years old...Go down to your local record store and get the CD....I have it but this is a Vinyl Blog !!!.......Every track is fantastic and I hope that everyone who does download this will go out and buy the CD
1. Can't We Be Friends
2. Isn't This A Lovely Day
3. Moonlight In Vermont
4. They Can't Take That Away From Me
5. Under A Blanket Of Blue
1. Tenderly
2. A Foggy Day
3. Stars Fell On Alabama
4. Cheek to Cheek
5. The Nearness Of You
6. April In Paris



Glen Campbell...320 Kbps

 We will now will dip into the "Country & Western" Bag....Once again a fine singer doing justice to all the well known songs....But I wish he had done the standard ones a bit different and put his own stamp on them !!

1. Arkansas
2. I Will Never Pass This Way Again
3. Both Sides Now
4. A Beautiful Love Song
5. Sunny Day Girl

1. Bridge Over Troubled Waters
2. If You Could Read My Mind
3. It's Over
4. You've Still got A Place In My Heart
5. You'll Never Walk Alone


Saturday, 2 November 2013

Ella Fitzgerald...320 Kbps


This recording of Ella's is from 1947-1955...The cover of this L/P I think is one of the best pictures of Ella that has been put on a cover...I think that you can hear the change in her voice on the 1947 recording's as compared to the 1955 ones it has got deeper and sweeter !!

1. My One And Only Love... (August 1955)
2. The Impatient Years... (August 1955)
3. But Not Like Mine... (August 1955)
4. I've Got The World On A String... (March 1950)
5. An Empty Ballroom... (December 1953)
6. You Turned The Tables On Me... (December 1947)

1. Ella's Contribution To The Blues...(August 1952)
2. That's My Desire...(March 1947)
3. A Satisfied Mind...(August 1955)
4. Careless...(February 1953)
5. Give A Little Get A Little...(July 1951)
6. Blue Lou...(February 1953)


Gilbert Becaud...320 Kbps

Here's one for all the folks that drop by from France !!...obviously all the songs are sung in French and I am sure that some of them will be familiar to every one !!.....I sort of recognise the first track on Side One but cant seem to pin it down to an English title....Side Two has more that are definitely recognisable !!!!....Side Two..Track One think "Vicki Carr" and Track Four well !! a dead ringer for "Jane Morgan" !!!...and the last track of course sung by just about every good "Classy" singer !!!

1. Le Bateau Blanc
2. Tete De Bois
3. Dimanche A Orly
4. Pilou Pilou He
5. Mes Mains
6. La Ballade Des Baladins

1. Seul Sur Son Etoile
2. Nathalie
3. Marie Marie
4. Le Jour Ou La Pluie Viendra
5. Le Petit Oiseau De Toutes Les Couleurs
6. Plein Soleil
7. Et Maintenant


Friday, 1 November 2013

Timmy Thomas...320 Kbps

This is an L/P that I wish I had listened more to in the past....I bought it for the title track which is a great one...but like so many L/P's /CD's if there is only one track that you buy it for the other tracks seem to disappear and after a while it gets left to gather dust....BUT now after reviving it after so many years of non play....its a cracker !! have a good listen....and if you havn't heard the "Why Can't We live Together" track then you are in for a treat !!!!

1. Why Can't We Live Together
2. Rainbow Power
3. Take Care Of Home
4. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
5. The Coldest Days Of My Life

1. In The Beginning
2. Cold Cold People
3. Opportunity
4. Dizzy Dizzy World
5. Funky Me