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Sunday 30 April 2017

Wrong Speed !!!

Oooooooooooops !!!!...just realised that the last two posts "Peter Nero" and "Stan Kenton's City Of Glass" have been recorded at the wrong speed !!! 45 RPM instead of 33 !!...just going to rectify it now so you will have the correct recording !!!!....

Saturday 29 April 2017

Peter Nero.320 Kbps


 Not had any piano music for a while so here's a good one....could be two for the price of one !! but it aint'....Its not "Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass" playing but if you didn't know it could be !!....reading that back it's as clear as mud !!......Anyway its a good one with "Peter Nero" at his best.. early recording of his 1971 to be exact

 1. The Mexican Shuffle
2. A Taste Of Honey
3. Spanish Flea
4. Flamingo
5. What Now My Love
6. The Lonely Bull

1. El Matador
2. Tijuana Taxi
3. Crea Mi Amor
4. Zorba The Creek
5. La Playa
6. The Work Song

01. The Mexican Shuffle.Correct Speed.mp3

Tracy Ullman.320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested By WKC.

 Here is another one from my "Sleepy 80's" period !!...I have heard of her and seen a couple of T/V shows she was in...but didn't take much notice !! So here is what "Google" says about "Tracy Ullman"...

 Tracey Ullman (born 30 December 1959) is an English-American stage and television actress, comedian, singer, dancer, director, author, and screenwriter of dual British and American citizenship.
Her early appearances were on British TV sketch comedy shows A Kick Up the Eighties (with Rik Mayall and Miriam Margolyes) and Three of a Kind (with Lenny Henry and David Copperfield). After a brief but high-profile singing career, she appeared as Candice Valentine in Girls on Top with Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.
She emigrated from the United Kingdom to the United States where she starred in her own network television comedy series, The Tracey Ullman Show, from 1987 until 1990. She later produced programmes for HBO, including Tracey Takes On... (1996–99), for which she garnered numerous awards. She has also appeared in several feature films. Ullman's most recent sketch comedy series, Tracey Ullman's State of the Union, ran from 2008 to 2010 on Showtime.

1. Breakaway
2. Long Live Love
3. Shattered
4. Oh What A Night
5. Life Is A Rock But Radio Rolled Me

1. Move Over Darling
2. Bobby's Girl
3. They Don't Know
4. I'm Always Touched By Your Presence Dear
5. You Broke My Heart In 17 places
6. I'll Close My Eyes And Count To Ten


Jennifer Rush.320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested By Angstytimelord.


Every so often a singer records a song that becomes the definitive version of that song and here we have just that !!..I am of course talking about "The Power Of Love" !!!...The rest of the songs on this L/P I have only heard once so will leave the comments open to the "Cosmos" !!!!

1. Madonna's Eyes
2. 25 Lovers
3. Come Give Me Your Hand
4. Nobody Move
5. Never Gonna Turn Back Again

1. Ring Of Ice
2. Into My Dreams
3. I See A Shadow Not A Fantasy
4. Surrender
5. The Power Of Love

05. Never Gonna Turn Back Again.mp3

Caterina Valente.320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested By Beatlesloverboris.

 Caterina Valente Live in Germany....doesn't say on the sleeve or on the L/P what the year was but I should think that it was in the early 70's....Soooooooo a nice treat for all you Guys & Gals
In Germany 

Friday 28 April 2017

Viva Stereo 70.320 Kpbs

Re-Post Requested By Tutorman.

 Here's one that was recorded for the "Stereo" market.....a nice set of tracks that if you have some good stereo equipment they "Shine"!!!!

 1. El Rio
2. The Music Played
3. Masquerade
4. El Condor Pasa
5. Guantanamera
6. Song Of Joy

1. En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor
2. Viva
3. El Seneca
4. I Can See Only You
5. Bridge Over Troubled Waters

  04. El Condor Pasa.mp3

Wednesday 26 April 2017

Shirley Bassey

John in the record store in New York must have a time machine hidden in the back room somewhere !! because I had these three "EP's" many years ago till they disappeared when I moved into my first flat !!!.....all the tracks are on this blog in other L/P's but its nice to see them once again in their original form !!!...Thanks John

1. Born To Sing The Blues 
2. Somebody Loves Me
3. My Body's More Important Than my Mind
4. Sex
5. I've Got You Under my Skin
6. Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me
7. As I Love You
8. There's Never Been A Night Like This
9. Hands Across The Sea
10. Born To Sing The Blues
11. Basin Street Blues
12. Careless Love Blues
13. The Birth Of The Blues

07. As I Love You.mp3

Michel Legrand

Another one for folks in "France" all songs are written by "Michel" none of them I recognise as maybe having been translated in English so the sound bite will be a lucky dip !!..two of the tracks feature "Nana Mouskouri".....from Bob of course !!
Sound Bite translates as...."When We Love" !!!

07 Quand on s'aime.mp3

Mario Lanza

Its great to be reminded of the glorious voice of Mario Lanza and here he is at his best !!...courtesy of  Belguim Bob !!!

11 Gaudeamus igitur.mp3

George Shearing

Not had any piano music for a while so here is one of the best....pity the notes are not in English seems to be taken at a live performance maybe someone out there will enlighten us !!!...thanks Bob for this one !

08 September in the rain.mp3

Roger Miller

Roger Miller is getting a lot of exposure recently this time from a film !!...I have not seen the film so not sure if this is from the sound track and featured in the film or a studio recording based on the film !.....Lots of narrative as well as singing !!!

01 - The Ballad Of Waterhole #3 (Code Of The West).mp3

Lena Horne

We are getting some early recordings of artists on this trip over the pond...Thanks John !!

1. Tomorrow Mountain
2.  Out Of This World
3. Summertime
4. Mad About The Boy
5.  Ridin' On The Moon
6. Stormy Weather

1. Baby Won't You Please Come Home
2. Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home
3. I'll Be Around
4. I Wonder What became Of Me
5. Just One Of Those Things

 In singing there is Ella. In the night clubs there is Hildegarde. In the movies there is Lena. Just a first name, and yet everybody knows exactly whom you mean. This is the compliment supreme among entertainers.

And in all three -in singing, night clubs and movies- there is the entertainer supreme -Lena- a fascinating mixture of talent, charm and beauty- a lovely, intelligent and literate creature with an amazingly innate perception of the songs she sings and the people to whom she sings them.

This is Lena, who admires Ella and Frank and Sarah because "they don't take themselves too seriously. They have that touch of light humor, of seeming to say 'You know I'm kidding, I'm not really irresistible,' when they sing a song like Just One Of Those Things

Lena sings a song like that -in fact, that very song- in this splendid collection of her most charming musical messages. And there are many more tunes, too, some equally famous, others smart and sensitive songs that seem to be reserved for a singer equally smart and sensitive, who treats them with respect and admiration as well as with all the understanding and tenderness and humor that are so very much the singing style and the personality of one very wonderful woman named Lena.

04 - Mad About The Boy.mp3

Kenny Rogers & The First Edition

Some catchy songs now including the "World Wide Hit" by the name of "Ruby" !!

05 - Listen To The Music.mp3

Brenda Lee

Starting in 1956 some very early Brenda's recording's pity that it only goes up to 1966...her voice definatly changes through the years see my other post of hers !!....Even in the 10 years that this L/P covers you can hear the diference !!!..and of course the type of songs do make the difference..from 1961 on they are less frantic !! the sound bite is the 1956 one to give you a taste!!


Bonnie Baker

Bonnie Baker (née Evelyn Underhill or Nelson, April 1, 1917 – August 11, 1990) was an American singer of jazz and popular music and was known from 1936 to the end of her performing career as Wee Bonnie Baker. Her biggest hit was "Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!," recorded with the Orrin Tucker Orchestra in 1939.

 I would guess that these are not the  1939 Recordings !!

This voice is different as chalk is from cheese to the post below "Big Maybelle" !!....both singers I have not heard before so as you will probably guess we have some from John in New York !!

Her girlish voice, described as "like a tiny silver bell, soft but tonally true", was used on a version of the 1917 song "Oh Johnny, Oh!", written by Abe Olman and Ed Rose. It was recorded with the Orrin Tucker Orchestra on August 20, 1939, in Los Angeles. Released on Columbia Records, it became hugely popular in 1940, reaching no. 2 on the Billboard pop chart, remaining on the chart for 14 weeks, and selling 1.5 million copies. It was also Orrin Tucker's biggest hit. She also had success with the songs "You'd Be Surprised", "Billy", "Would Ja Mind?", and "Especially For You".

09 -the-bongo-songs.mp3

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Big Maybelle

Definitely a new bag from the post below !!...from 1967 we have !!!!
 Mabel Louise Smith (May 1, 1924 – January 23, 1972), known professionally as Big Maybelle, was an American R&B singer.
Big Maybelle sang gospel as a child and by her teens had switched to rhythm and blues. She began her professional career with Dave Clark's Memphis Band in 1936, and also toured with the all female International Sweethearts of Rhythm. She then joined Christine Chatman's Orchestra, and made her first recordings with Chatman in 1944, before recording with the Tiny Bradshaw's Orchestra from 1947 to 1950.

1. 96. Tears
2. Mellow Yellow
3. That's Life
4. There Must Be Word
5. Elenor Rigby
6. Love Is a Hurtin' Thing

1. I Can't Control Myself 
2. Cabaret 
3. Black Is Black
4. Coming On Strong
5. Egg Plant That Ate Chicago
6. Turn The World Around Another Way


05 - Big Maybelle - Got a Brand New Bag - Ellenor Rigby.mp3


Wow this MultiPlex is very comfy !!..think I'll go to Screen 2 and see whats on there... got to have a rest before the long walk / swim thanks Bob for the interesting additions !!

09 Harry lime theme.mp3

Monday 24 April 2017

Franck Pourcel & Orchestra

Seems that we are still over the channel via Bob so let take it easy and have a seat in a Belguim MultiPlex cinema and see what turns up !!...Music wise of course !!

05 The ballade of Bonnie and Clyde.mp3

Edith Piaf

Still with Bob in Belgium ! and still got that French flavour ! here is Edith Piaf and some of her singing companions !!

01 Les tois cloches.mp3

3 x 45's

1. The Challange....Instrumental
2. The Challange....Chris Thompson

1. Hold That Dream....Franzisca
2. Be With You....Franzisca

1. Ich Bin Der Mann Von Dem man Traumt
2. Diese Scheibe Ist Ein Hit


Sunday 23 April 2017

Tony Bennett & Bill Evans

My back pocket is empty and can't find anymore L/P's that have managed to hide in the folds of the carpet so now its time to depart from over the pond !!...thanks John for finding these goodies !!!...ending with an early Tony Bennett with just a piano !!!...Cooooooooool !!! Circa 1975...The playing list is different from the back cover list !!

1. Young And Foolish
2. The Touch Of Your Lips
3. Some Other Time 
4. When In Rome
5. We'll Be Together Again

1. My Foolish Heart
2. Waltz For Debby
3. But Beautiful
4. Days of Wine And Roses.

01 Young And Foolish.mp3