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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Dana Gillespie.320 Kbps

 Now here's a memory jerker ! for me that is!! I bought this L/P for the title track which I thought was great and still do but it seems that every time I bought an L/P for one track I used to play it for a while then it seemed to disappear without a trace!!! That is till now !!...and what a surprise it was for me to find out via the internet information goblins ! that she is English and is now a Blues singer...Co's I thought that she was American for all these years !! Ain't it marvelous what the "Net" can tell you....wish it was around in the 50's !!! listen to a classy "Rock Chick"you wont be disappointed !!

1. Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle
2. Really Love That Man
3. Hold Me Gently
4. Don't Mind Me
5. Pack Your Bags

1. No Tail To Wag
2. Get My Rocks Off
3. Wanderlust
4. Getting Through To Me
5. Never Knew 

01. In't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle.mp3