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Sunday 31 March 2019

20 Star Tracks.VA

Now for something from the 70's a great compilation of hits some well known and some not so !
An interesting track is track 9 Side 2 "Brandy" by "Scott English" I wonder if it would have become a bigger hit if "Barry Manilow" hadn't recorded it as "Mandy" !!!
All in all this is a good reflection of the songs that defined the hits of the 70's !! 

6. In The Summertime.

Charles Aznavour.

A set of Charles Aznavour's songs sung in English by him..some are a bit "Frantic" but they are great lyrics...I wonder if he wrote the lyrics or composed the songs or maybe did both..there is one or two other names credited after the song titles on the back of the L/P...Maybe someone out there could enlighten me and tell me !!....The best song for the best lyrics has to be"You've let Yourself Go"and I just love "I'll Go On Loving Her" !!!

1. All Those Pretty Young Girls
2. Love Is New Every Day
3. You've Got To Learn
4. C'est Fini
5. Two Guitars
6. You've Let Yourself Go

1. Yesterday When I Was Young
2. We'll Drift Away
3. I'll Go On Loving Her
4. My Hand Needs Your Hand
5. Go On Laugh Little Girl
6. Somewhere 

3. I'll Go On Loving Her.

Wednesday 20 March 2019

Lita Roza

This L/P has to be listened to when the lights are low and you have 100% get the most out of listening to it put your feet up grab yourself a drink and just relax and let the voice waft over you !!....a beautiful set of songs sung by a great singer who unfortunately is no longer with us....and just one swinging track so if you fall asleep it will bring you back with a bump !!

 1. How Did He look
2. Trust In Me
3. This Is No Laughing Matter
4. Misty
5. I'll Close My Eyes
6. Paradise

1. Wild Is The Wind
2. My Heart Belongs To Daddy
3. But Beautiful
4. Tenderly
5. Wee Small Hours
6. They Say

 1. How Did He Look.

Shani Wallis

If you have seen "Oliver" then you should recognise this singer !!...she's a belter !!
 Belting (or vocal belting) is a specific technique of singing by which a singer mixes in the proper proportions, their lower and upper resonances.

3. Young And Foolish.

Thursday 14 March 2019

The Vernon Girls

Some Ep's & 45's now....early memories of the late 50's TV show's...Only Available for 14 Days so hurry...Oh Boy !! Oh Boy !!

The Vernons Girls were an English musical ensemble of female vocalists. They were formed at the Vernons football pools company in the 1950s in Liverpool, settling down to a sixteen strong choir and recording an album of standards....As a 16-piece vocal group, the Vernon Girls appeared on the ITV show Oh Boy! with the house band between 1958 and 1959, and made a series of relatively successful singles for labels Parlophone between 1958 and 1961. Their 1958 LP released on Parlophone was arranged and conducted by Peter Knight, with sleeve notes by Eamonn Andrews. This record is significantly different from their later pop hits, featuring such fifties standards as "We'll Gather Lilacs", "Lonely Ballerina", and the "Cuckoo in the Clock".
Led by Maureen Kennedy, from 1961 the group reduced their membership to five and then three members.
The trio of Jean Owen, Frances Lea, and Maureen Kennedy 
And by 1962 had signed to Decca Records where they recorded covers of American hits. Their cover of Clyde McPhatter's "Lover Please" and "You Know What I Mean" were both hits; the latter was also originally the B-side of "Lover Please". In the US the group charted with the first Beatles tribute album there, We Love The Beatles. As The Carefrees, they also charted with "We Love You Beatles", and made an album only available in the United States.
As session singers for Decca, the Vernons Girls were the female backing voices on many hit singles during the 1960s – one of the first being Billy Fury's "Maybe Tomorrow". The trio of Jean Owen, Frances Lea, and Maureen Kennedy also appeared on film in the 1964 TV special Around The Beatles with the Beatles plus Long John Baldry, P. J. Proby and Millie Small, in the Billy Fury film Play It Cool, and in Just For Fun; ex-member Vicky Haseman also appeared in this, with her group, the Breakaways.

Jean Owen had solo success under the name Samantha Jones.

1. Lover Please
2. You Know What I Mean
3. Dat's Love
4. Be Nice To Him Mama
5. Don't Wanna Go
6. The Locomotion
7. See For Yourself
8. Funny All Over
9. Do The Bird
10. I'm Gonna Let my Hair Down
11. Stay At Home
12. He'll Never Come Back
13. Mama Doesn't know
14. Just Another Girl
15. Tomorrow Is Another Day
16. Why Why Why
17. Hey Lover Boy
18. Stupid Little Girl
19. We Love The Beatles
20. Only You Can Do It
21. It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
22. Don't Say Goodbye

21. It's A Sin To Tell A Lie.

Monday 11 March 2019

Sarah Vaughan

I think that these tracks are some early recordings of Sarah's middle 50's I should information at all on the back cover about where when or time !!

1. My Funny Valentine
2. If I Loved You
3. April Give Me One More Day
4. Saturday
5. Easy Come Easy Go Lover

1. It's De-lovely
2. Old Love
3. I've Got A New Heartache 
4. Bashful Matador
5. You'll Find Me There

4. Bashful Matador

Thursday 7 March 2019

Various Artists - Women in Jazz (FULL ALBUM - BEST OF JAZZ)

Along The Navajo Trail  00:10....Dinah Shore
Love Letters  03:18....Patti Page
Anniversary Song  05:59....Dinah Shore
Strange Fruit  09:00....Carmen McRae
That Old Feeling  11:46....Anita O'Day
La Vie En Rose  14:03....Edith Piaf
Confess  17:10....Patti Page
Night And Day  19:59....Ella Fitzgerald
Ain't Misbehavin'  23:04....Anita O'Day
Summertime  25:27....Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
Nature boy  30:33....Etta Jones
Something Cool  33:24....June Christy
C' EST SI BON  38:33....Eatha Kitt
Love or leave me  41:30....Nina Simone
Cry me a river  45:37....Julie London
My baby just cares for me  48:26....Nina Simone
Over the Rainbow  52:05....Rosemary Clooney
I'd Rather Be Burned As A Witch  55:22....Eartha Kitt
Patience and Fortitude 57:41....Eartha Kitt
I Must Have That Man  01:00:19....Valaida Snow.