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Thursday 30 June 2022

Alma Cogan.

It seems we have a Alma fest !!!

I wonder if most of us who listen to songs either on Vinyl or CD or MP3 players and even the Radio think about the orchestral arrangements because I think that a good arrangement of a song can make it great...and this L/P has some fantastic arrangements in fact the whole album is A1....and it helps the singer sound great too...not that Alma Cogan needs any help in that department...Once again she sings perfectly....I wish some of our female singers of today could sing as clear as Alma you can hear every word she sings....Best track for me is "What Is There To Say" with "Falling In Love With Love " a good Second

1. With You In Mind
2. I Dream Of You
3. Lets Fall in Love
4. In Other Words
5. My Heart Stood Still
6. But Beautiful

1. You'll Never Know
2. All I Do Is Dream Of You
3. What Is There To Say
4. Don't Blame Me
5. Falling In Love With Love
6. The More I See You

    3. What Is There To Say

Alma Cogan.

Now this one is one to go a bit crazy about..forget the Alma Cogan of the "Novelty Songs"....She does a fantastic job on these standard songs I urge everyone to have a listen you won't be disappointed...I feel that if she was still with us she would have achieved a lot more vocal wise and I recon this album proves it...Just listen to the last track "If Love Were All"Pure Magic!!!

1. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
2. I've Never Been In Love Before
3. The Lady's In Love With You
4. I'm In The Mood For Love
5. Somebody Loves Me
6. Can't Help Falling In Love

1. Hello Young Lovers
2. Our Love Affair
3. Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow
4. Love Is Just Around The Corner
5. let Me Love You
6. If Love Were All
            6. If Love Were All

Alma Cogan.

At this moment its freezing and frosty outside so a trip on the carpet over the "Pond" is a No-No !!...But Hey !! whats this glowing Red in an old shoe box !!!..Click ! Click!..Wow ! I'm now in "John's" Record shop !..and I'm not In "Leicester" anymore !!!!
And the first one that gets tucked under my arm is the first L/P that "Alma " recorded !!

1. I Love To Sing
2. Life Is Just a Bowl Of Cherries
3. They Can't Take That Away From Me
4. Taking a Chance On Love
5. Ain't we Got Fun
6. You Do Something To Me

1. Today I Love Everybody
2. Cheek To Cheek
3. If This Isn't Love
4. As Time Goes By
5. Comes Love
6. Blue Skies

          6. Blue Skies

Saturday 25 June 2022

Alma Cogan

Here we have a Swedish release of Alma's early seems that they have cranked up the orchestra on the first track and went for a cup o'tea !!..leaving poor Alma to battle with the just shows you that the little man twiddling the knobs in the control room is sometimes needed !!

          4. Fly Me To The Moon

Friday 24 June 2022

Rock 'n' Skiffle 2..VA

 Here's the second post of some 50's & 60's tracks from the "Brit Beat Beginning's"...All British Home Grown Artists !!......some great tracks on this one !!...especially "Winnie's 3 Tracks !!

         10. Bygraves Boogie

          13. Seventeen Century Bookie

Sarah Vaughan

A Classic singer singing some Classical Vocal Interpretations !

1. Be My Love
2. Intermezzo
3. I Give To You
4. Because
5. Full Moon And Empty Arms
6. My Reverie
7. Moonlight Love

1. Ah Sweet Mystery Of Life
2. Till The End Of Time
3. None But The Lonely Heart
4. Night
5. If You Are But A Dream
6. Only
7. Experience Unnecessary

          4. Because

Friday 17 June 2022


 Here's "Twiggy" of  M&S fame & Model of "The Swingin'60's" doing quite a pleasant job of singing some "Country & West" style songs 1977 is the date !!....around this time I think she must have starred in the "Ken Russell" film "The Boy Friend" which was a "Musical" wonder what came first this L/P or the film !!!......anyway she does do a pretty good job with the songs best one being "20/20 Hindsight"....I think she did do another L/P and released some singles and had a minor hits with "Here I Go Again" and "Vanilla Ole"

1. Rings
2. I Hope We Get To Love In Time
3. Cooking School
4. I'll Be Doggone
5. I Lie Awake And Dream of You
6. Fish In The Sea
7. My Town

1. Brown Shoes
2. You've Got Me To Hold On
3. I Love Us
4. Everything Falls Into Place
5. 20/20 Hindsight
6. Please Get My Name Right

          5. 20 / 20 Hindsight 

Monday 13 June 2022

Bill Haley & His Comets

I would give a guess that this is some of Bill Haley's early recordings......OOOOOPs...just checked on Wikipedia and this is some of what they say...

Recorded over the span of more than 18 months, Strictly Instrumental was the ninth rock and roll album by Bill Haley & His Comets, and their final album of new material for Decca Records (although Decca would release previously unissued recordings during the 1960s). Produced by Milt Gabler (the last full album he would produce for Haley), the album collects instrumental recordings made by Haley and the Comets between June 1958 and their final Decca recording sessions in September 1959. (The band subsequently began recording for Warner Bros. Records in January 1960.)
As the title of the album suggests, all of the songs on this album were instrumentals, with the exception of some ensemble singing on the track "Chiquita Linda". Bill Haley's involvement in the recordings was a matter of conjecture until research for the Bear Family Records box set The Decca Years and More in the early 1990s confirmed his presence. 

          1. Joey's Song

Sunday 12 June 2022

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

Right  up to date now ....Most of the tracks are duets except two solo's each from Tony* and Lady G*..
Voice great for a 95 year old singer !!

1. Anything Goes.
2. Cheek To Cheek
3. Don't Wait To Long.....Tony Bennett*
4. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
5. Nature Boy
6. Goody Goody
7. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye......Lady Gaga*
8. Firefly
9. I Wont Dance
10. They All Laughed
11. Lush Life......Lady Gaga*
12. Sophisticated Lady......Tony Bennett*
13. Lets face The Music And Dance
14. But Beautiful
15. I Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing

          4. I Can't Give You anything But Love

Werner Muller & His Orchestra

Great Strings Great Orchestra what's more to say but just listen !!

         1. Tico Tico

Thursday 9 June 2022

Russ Conway.

 Here's 20 tracks for all you "Pianophiles"played in the good old pub style piano excellent for a good knees up party !!...pity I have not got any "Winifred Attwell"L/Ps because she was one of the best..I did have some 78's by her at one time but as I said before a bike crash put paid to them...I like piano music hence the "Peter Nero" one earlier some by "Andre Previn"which will be posted later...

1. Pack Up You Troubles
2. How Ya Keep Em Down On The Farm
3. Don't Dilly Dally
4. For Me And My Gal
5. Happy Go Lucky Day
6. If You Knew Susie
7. Underneath The Arches
8. Loch Lomond
9. The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo
10. After You've Gone

1. Ma He's Makin' Eyes At Me
2. Ragtime Cowboy Joe
3. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
4. Margie
5. Alexanders Ragtime Band
6. Is It True What They Say About Dixie 
7. Waiting For the Robert E Lee
8. Nellie Dean
9. Abie My Boy
10. Bye Bye Blackbird

          1. Pack Up Your Troubles

Dickie Valentine

A Trip now to the 50' & 60's with two popular singers of that Era...completely different from one another singing popular hit songs of the time....Enjoy the Nostalgia !!

1. All The Time And Everywhere
2. Endless
3. Many Times
4. Who's Afraid Not I Not I
5. A Blossom Fell
6. Mister Sandman

1. The Finger Of Suspicion
2. I Wonder
3. Runaround
4. Guessing
5. You Too Can Be A Dreamer
6. No Such Luck
7. La Rosita

           1. Finger Of Suspicion

David Whitfield

Second of  the popular singers of the 50's/60's.....totally different from the above one...Listening to this and the one above makes me realise just  how much popular music has changed in the last 60 odd years !!...still the recorded music of the 20's 30's 40's was also very different from the 50's & 60's as is the music from the 70's onward !!.......I wonder how all the great singers that are now no longer with us would cope and perform with the music of the 2022's

1. Lady Of Madrid
2. How When Or Where
3. You Are Ev'rywhere
4. Santa Rosa Lea Rose
5. Beyond The Stars
6. When You Lose The One You Lose

1. I'll Never Stop Loving You
2. Mama
3. Open Your Heart
4. The Lady
5. Angelus
6. Cara Mia
           1. Lady Of Madrid

Friday 3 June 2022

The Beach Boys

Christmas will soon be on us !!...then the new year 2023 !!!...then "Spring" and what do we have then !!!!..."Summer" of course and here are some Summer songs by the guys with the name that goes with "Summer" !!!

1. I Get Around
2. All Summer Long
3. Hushabye
4. Little Honda
5. We'll Run Away
6. Carl's big Chance

1. Wendy
2. Do You Remember
3. Girls On The Beach
4. Drive In
5. Our favourite Recording Sessions
6. Don't Back Down

  06. Carl's Big Chance.mp3