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Wednesday 27 October 2021

The Temperance Seven

Ok time to get on that crazy carpet and have a windy journey back to "Blighty" will end with something a bit crazy !!

 The Temperance (Temperence? - ref certain album covers) Seven were founded at Christmas 1955 by students at the Chelsea School of Art, though the band mythologized its foundation as dating from 1904 at the fictitious Pasadena Cocoa Rooms, Balls Pond Road, North London. The three founder members were Paul McDowell (who originally played trombone), Philip Harrison (who originally played banjo) and Brian Innes (drums). Gradually the band evolved into a nine-piece ensemble with a light-hearted and humorous performing style.

1. Pasadena 
2. Chilli-Bom-Bom
3. Vo-Do-Do-Do-O-Blues
4. Falling In Love Again
5.That Certain Party
6. Dinah
7. Oh Baby 

1. East Street Louis Toodle O
2. Kaiser Drag
3. Hard Hearted Hannah
4. Wonder What's Become Of Joe
5. Autumn Leaves
6. My Blue Heaven

       3. Hard Hearted Hannah

Jimmy Shand.

Okay now some Accordion music from one of Scotlands greatest players hence the title !!
playing some well known tunes....probably unrecognisable by the titles but I guess most people will have heard them !!

    6. Bluebell Polka

The Very Best Of The Very Best.

"The Very Best Of The Very Best" is the declaration of this "EMI" L/P!!!.. It does have some great tracks on it....BUT as the saying goes "Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder" translate that to "Music" and you get my drift !!! still is a good "Compilation " so give it a download !!

1. I'll Never Find Another You... The Seekers
2. Reach For The Stars... Shirley Bassey
3. Roulette... Russ Conway
4. Bluebell Polka... Jimmy Shand
5. Tears...Ken Dodd
6. Bantam Cock... Jake Thackery
7. Westering Home... The Corries
8. I Don't Believe In If Any More... Roger Whittaker
9. All Through The Night... The Treorchy Male Choir 

1. Stranger On The Shore... Acker Bilk
2. Walk Away... Matt Monro
3. Skye Boat Song... Moira Anderson
4. You Don't Know... Helen Shapiro
5. There Must Be A Way... Frankie Vaughan
6. Look Around... Vince Hill
7. Seven Drunken Nights... The Dubliners
8. I Pretend...Des O'Connor
9. Milord... Edith Piaf

       6. Bantam Cock

Wednesday 20 October 2021

Ella Fitzgerald.

 Here's Ella Having a Go at Country & Western....I Believe that this was originally a "Capitol Records" release called "Misty Blue".....

1. Misty Blue
2. Walkin' In The Sunshine
3. It's Only Love
4. Evil On Your Mind
5. I Taught Him Everything He Knows
6. Don't let The Doorknob Hit You

1. Turn The World Around The Other Way
2. The Chokin' Kind
3. Born To Lose
4. This Gun Don't Care
5. Don't Touch Me

       2. The Chokin' Kind

Russ Conway.

Let's celebrate the over 3 Million hits of this Blog with a classy "Honky Tonk" style of piano !!
No over produced orchestration just a "Guy" having fun playing and as the title say's "Enjoy Yourself".....and he did and hopefully all you out there in the "Cosmos" will !!!

1. Get Happy
2. Enjoy Yourself
3. SWinging On A Star
4. I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time
5. In A Shady Nook
6. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine
7. It Had To Be You
8. Don't Bring Lulu 

1. Beyond The Blue Horizon
2. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter
3. This Can't Be Love
4. Whispering
5. Mister Sandman
6. Alice Blue Gown
7. When I Take My Sugar To Tea
8. Smile Darn Ya Smile

      4. I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time 

Barbra Streisand.

Ok ! these tracks have been posted on other L/P's that are posted on here !!! But it's nice to have them all together as the title of the L/P states "Greatest Hits" !!!...Once again the record company's idea of "Greatest" is suspect !!!...some are !! some arn't !!

1. People
2. Second Hand Rose
3. Why Did I Chose You
4. He Touched Me
5. Free Again
6. Don't Rain On My Parade

1. My Colouring Book
2. Sam You made The Pants To Long
3. My Man
4. Gotta Move
5. Happy Days Are Here Again

       4. He Touched Me


Ok !! I hope you all have recovered from all those high notes and crescendo's of the last few bars of the last L/P !!...Now being that this is the last of the L/P's from Geoff from the Gym its a quiet one !!!....The Carpenters with a couple of there hits Plus....Sooooooooooo thanks Geoff for the use of your L/P's !!!!

1. A Song For You
2. Top Of The World
3. Hurting Each Other
4. It's Going To Take Some Time
5. Goodbye To Love
6. Intermission

1. Bless The Beasts And Children
2. Flat Baroque
3. Piano Picker
4. I Wont Last A Day Without You
5. Crystal Lullaby 
6. Road Ode
7. A Song For You

       4. It's Going To Take Some Time

Wednesday 13 October 2021

Artie Shaw & Orchestra

Another  one from "Belgium"....Its great to see that these are the original recordings on the back sleeve they give you the year which is good info for all the big band fans !!...also great to read the line up of instrumentalists as well !!

        2. My Blue Heaven

Friday 8 October 2021

Ella Fitzgerald.

Here is the first of the other "Best" Song Book.....I think that the first two that she did are by far the best "Ella" recorded !!

1. Have You Met Miss Jones
2. You Took Advantage Of Me
3. A Ship Without A Sail
4. To Keep My Love Alive
5. Dancing on The Ceiling
6. The Lady Is A Tramp
7. With A Song In My Heart
8. Manhattan

1. Johnny One Note
2. I Wish I Were In Love Again
3. Spring Is Here
4. It Never Entered My Mind
5. This Can't Be Love
6. Thou Swell
7. My Romance
8. Where Or When
9. Little Girl Blue

       2. You Took Advantage Of Me

Tony Bennett.

Here's a "Tony Bennett" that I have not seen or heard of !!...It's a great one as well even tho' its on a "Budget Label"and has "Electronically Created Stereo" !! the back cover says he uses drums in many ways and it is definatly a good sound....I should think that it dates to the late 60' dated on the record or sleeves !!!.....Pity There Is Only 10 Tracks !!!

1. Lets Begin
2. Lullaby Of Broadway
3. Let There Be Love
4. Love For Sale
5. Crazy Rhythm

1. The Beat Of My Heart
2. Blues In The Night
3. Lazy Afternoon
4. Let's Face The Music And Dance
5. Just One Of Those Things

       2. Lullaby Of Broadway