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Tuesday 24 January 2023

YMA SUMAC in Hollywood, 1964 Inca Love Song & Earthquake (Tumpa) complete

Two Video's now... this one is put your feet up for 5 mins or so and enjoy !!

Shelly Manne - On The Street Where You Live

The sound is a bit low on the "Julie Andrews" Intro at the beginning...


Surprisingly this is the first time I have actually listened to a "Liberace" L/P and I am pleasantly surprised he's good !!...should have listened to him more !!....great arrangments with a dash of "Jazz" and "Symphonic"

1. You Were Ment For Me
2. It's Easy To Remenber
3. Sweet And Lovely
4. The Very Thought Of You
5. My Heart Stood Still

1. Kiss Me Again
2. You Go To My Head
3. Don't Blame Me
4. A Kiss In The Dark
5. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes


          5. My Heart Stood Still

Monday 23 January 2023

The Spinners.

Not knowing much about "Folk Music" I will leave the main comments to the Back Sleeve !!...I enjoyed this L/P so maybe those of you out there who are in the same mind as me and don't know much about "Folk" give it a listen it will broaden your taste !!!

1. The Family Of Man
2. A Roving
3. Abiyoyo
4. Liverpool Judies
5. Navy Boots
6. Wimoweh

1. Drunken Sailor
2. Gungu Walk
3. Black And White
4. Long Time Ago
5. Mandy
6. Rothsay-o

          2. A' Roving

Friday 20 January 2023

Opportunity Knocks All Winners.

In the far distant past in England we had a Pre-X Factor show which as you can see from the above Record Sleeve was called "Opportunity Knocks" and here are some of the winners with their versions of some of the songs that made them the winners !!...Most of the artists on this L/P have disappeared into the cosmos or have earned the "One Hit Wonder" Tag !!!...with the exception of maybe a couple.. leave that to everybody to have a guess at who they are !!..or maybe there is more !!

1. Wecome Home....Peters & Lee
2.  Billy Don't be A Hero...Paper Lace
3. Amanda....Stuart Gillies
4. Mother Of Mine....Neil Reid
5. Come With Me....Candlewick Green
6. Borsalino Theme....Bobby Crush

1. It's You...Freddie Starr
2. I'm Confessin'....Peters & Lee
3. Let There Be Peace On Earth....Michael Ward
4.  Emily Jane....Airborne
5. Theme From Love Story....Rosemary Noble
6. Etude in G Flat Op 10 No 5....Clara Evelyn 

         4. Emily Jane

Engelbert Humperdinck.

Engelbert getting his teeth into some well known standard songs...its a pity that he does not put his own stamp on some of them... by this I mean that all of this selection is more or less sung the same as hundred of singers have done in the past..there are no surprise arrangements which as you may know I like....He should have taken a leaf out of "Ray Stevens" "Misty" L/P for originality !!!!....SO  saying all that it is a very good versions sung well and very pleasant to the ear...."Engelbert" fans will love it !!!

1. As Time Goes By
2. Red Sails In The Sunset
3. In The Still Of The Night
4. I Don't Want To Walk Without You
5. The More I See You
6. You Belong To My Heart
7. The Very Thought Of You
8. Moonlight Becomes You

1. A Lovely Way To Spend an Evening
2. Stardust
3.  You'll Never Know
4. Embracable You
5. I'll Walk Alone
6. Harbour Lights
7. Far Away Places 
8. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You

         3. In The Still Of The Night

Thursday 19 January 2023

Pali Gesztros

Ok now for a change of mood and pace and a "Bonus"...some gypsy violin music which I like very much some of the tracks are recognisable tunes....Very Relaxing at the begining...then "Whoosh" away it goes...then back again !!!... But we have a stowaway on Track One from "Star Wars" !!!

         1. Hora Spiccato

Dennis Weaver

Here's a surprise from Beguim !!...and keeping in the "Country & Western" Mode...we have "Mr Easy Rider"singing some songs that are not very well known...To me that is !!
Recorded In "Nashville" In 1977...

1. Devil In My Arms
2. Make Love To Life
3. Airports
4. Flat Bed Truck
5. Uncle Lem

1. When I Come Home To You
2. Me And My Friend Jesus
3. You Get Better With Time
4. Speed Trap
5. Walkin' Through The Yellow Meadow
6. I No Longer Need Your Love

 2. Make Love To Life

Johnny Cash.

Now we have "The Man In Black"himself doing some"All Time Great's" !!!.Hu !! What!
But there are some catchy songs in this one with not many 123's !!

1. I Still Miss Someone
2. Pickin' Time
3. My Shoes keep Walking Back To You
4. I Want To Go Home
5. I Feel Better All Over

1. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
2. Supper Time
3. In Them Old Cotton Fields back Home
4. Delia's Gone
5. One More Ride

1. Accidentilly On Purpose
2. In The Jailhouse Now
3. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know
4. Casey Jones
5. Frankie's Man Johnny 

1. The Legend Of John Henry's Hammer
2. When Papa Played The Dobro
3. Busted
4. Sing It Pretty Sue
5. Waiting For A Train

          5. One More Ride

Wednesday 18 January 2023

Tammy Wynette.

From the "Gunfighter Classics" to "Country Classics"so the record company's inform us which is stretching it a bit as usual !!!....Think that somebody was trying to play this one with a knitting needle !!!! some point !!!

1. Stand By Your Man
2. No Charge
3. Almost Persuaded
4. I Don't Wanna Play House
5. Help Me Make It Through The Night
6. I Can Still Believe In You
7. Your Good Girls Gonna Go Bad
8. Another Lonely Song
9. Kids Say The Darndest Things
10. My Man Understands

1. D.I.V.O.R.C.E
2.Til' I Can make It On My Own
3. Ode To Billy Joe
4. Woman To Woman
5. We Loved It Away
6. You Make Me want To Be A Mother
7. Genle On My Mind
8. Take Me To Your World
9. Reach Out Your Hand
10. My Elusive Dreams 

     7 Your Good Girls Gone Bad 

Marty Robbins.

Yea Ha !!...away we go now with some CW songs with the inevitable 123...123..tempo !!!

1. Big Iron
2. Cool Water
3. Billy The Kid
4. A Humdred And Sixty Acres
5. They're Hanging Me Tonight
6. The Strawberry Roan

1. El Paso
2. In The Valley
3. The Masters Call
4. Running Gun
5. The Little Green Valley
6. Utah Carol

      1. El Paso

Robert Young

Another one from across the channel a singer that is in the "Mario Lanza" mode.....Its a pity on this L/P that he sings some of "Mario's" Songs that are associated with him because you cant help but make a comparison and although "Robert" has a great voice he unfortunately comes a close second !!...Saying that if you can put the "Lanza" voice to bed then this is a great selection of songs !!!

          5. The Story Of A Starry Night

Thursday 12 January 2023

Female Legends Of The 50's And More 4...VA

No 4 of the 50's Legends  Gals !!

Another leap in time now to the 50's when the pace of life was more slower ! and not so frantic !!
                                          Still looking for that DeLorean car !!!

1. Botch-A -Me......Rosemary Clooney
2. I Want You To Be My Baby......Georgia Gibbs
3. Bell Bottom Blues......Teresa Brewer
4. Make Yourself Comfortable......Peggy King
5. Voices......The Fontane Sisters
6. Let It Be Me......Jill Corey
7. Now And Then There's A Fool Such As I.....Jo Stafford
8. Have You Heard......Joni James
9. Jilted......Teresa Brewer
10. Comes Along A Love......Kay Starr
11. Man (Uh-Huh).......Rosemary Clooney
12. I Went To Your Wedding......Patti Page
13. The Black Hills Of Dakota......Doris Day
14. Its Almost Tomorrow......Jo Stafford
15. Empty Arms......Teresa Brewer
16. Rock Love.......The Fontane Sisters
17. Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight......The McGuire Sisters
18. Love Me Forever......Eydie Gorme
19. Dynamite......Brenda Lee
20. No More......The McGuire Sisters
21. The Blacksmith Blues......Ella Mae Morse
22. You Belong To Me......Jo Stafford
23. Love Me Or Leave me.......Doris Day
24. The Wayward Wind......Gogi Grant
25. Ricochet......Teresa Brewer

         18. Love Me Forever
         21. The Blacksmith Blues

Caterina Valente

Caterina in France...another great singer and a favourite of mine !!...Pity that I did not get to see her live before she retired from performing !

1. Je Chante
2. Menilmontant
3. L'ame des Poetes
4. Ou sont-ils Donc
5. Vous Oubliez Votre Cheval
6. Papa Pique Et Mamam Coud

1. Verlaine
2. Mes Jeunes Annees
3. J'ai Ta Main
4. Les Oiseaux De Paris
5. Fleur Bleue
6. Les Enfants S'ennuient le Dimanche

         3. L'ame des Poetes

Tuesday 10 January 2023

Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra

Still in the Big Band Swing mood so here's 20 tracks.. a tribute to some of the swinging sounds of the 40's big Swing bands in Stereo !!

Technically, this isn't the TRUE Casa Loma Orchestra. That unit formed in 1929 out of a Detroit band called the Orange Blossoms and was the first all-white professional swin band, paving the way six years later for Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, et al. They took their name from a hotel in Toronto where they played an extended gig and formed as a corporation with each member as a stockholder. Glen Gray was the bandstand leader and front man, but was never the true leader of the band and his name never appeared in front of the bands until years later on LPs. The band ceased to exist in 1942....The band heard here is a studio recording group that Glen Gray brought together for the stereo LP series. And even though they aren't the TRUE Casa Loma Orchestra, the musicians on here are topnotch and graduates from some of the great big bands of the period. They do a superior job covering the numbers presented here. The arrangements are strictly those of the famous versions: if you're familiar with the Glenn Miller version of "In the Mood," you'll recognize here pretty much note for note, only in wide spread stereo.
The tracks on this album are collected from recordings made in Capitol Studios in L..A., one of the great dynamic recording studios, between 1957 and 1964 and released under the name "Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra" on a series of popular LPs. The wide separation stereo sound and airy acoustics arouns the instruments sounds better than a lot of the more run-of-the-mill digital stereo recordings made today. Stereo was a point of pride back then!
                            (Info From A Review By Claude Avary)


         14. Jumping At The Woodside

Ella Fitzgerald & Duke Ellington

Another great live performance from Ella .......Grrrrrrrreat !!!

The Stockholm Concert, 1966 is a 1966 live album by the American jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, accompanied in part by the Duke Ellington Orchestra. The recording remained unreleased until 1984.

It is notable as the last release of Ella's four recorded collaborations with Duke Ellington. Later in 1966 Ella and Duke went on to record their final album together; Ella and Duke at the Cote D'Azur.

 Ella doing what she is best at.....Nobody can scat like Ella
          9. Cottontail

Monday 9 January 2023

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

Right up to date now firmly in the 2023's....another fantastic set of standards sung by the crazy pairing of two great singers !!!...and it works !!

1. Its De'lovely
2. Night And Day
3. Love For Sale
4. Do I Love You
5. I've Got You Under My Skin
6. I Concentrate On You

1. I Get A Kick Out Of You
2. So In Love
3. Lets Do It
4. Dream Dancing
5. Just One Of Those Things
6. Your The Top

         1. I get a Kick Out Of You

Artie Shaw And His Orchestra


For the first post of 2023 we turn back the years till about 1956 when the world was moving at a slower pace and the dance craze was moving at a pace equal to 2023 FAST !!!
1. Frenesi
2. Stardust
3. Moonglow
4. Oh Lady Be Good
5. All The Things You are
6. Temptation

1. Serenade To A Savage
2. Traffic Jam
3. Begin The Beguine
4. Indian Love Call
5. Nightmare
6. Dancing In the Dark

2. Traffic Jam