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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Dennis Weaver

Here's a surprise from Beguim !!...and keeping in the "Country & Western" Mode...we have "Mr Easy Rider"singing some songs that are not very well known...To me that is !!
Recorded In "Nashville" In 1977...

1. Devil In My Arms
2. Make Love To Life
3. Airports
4. Flat Bed Truck
5. Uncle Lem

1. When I Come Home To You
2. Me And My Friend Jesus
3. You Get Better With Time
4. Speed Trap
5. Walkin' Through The Yellow Meadow
6. I No Longer Need Your Love



espo said...

Enjoy !

espo said...


Sergej said...

Thank you very much.

EW said...

Dennis Weaver was on the TV show "Gunsmoke" ... Dennis Hopper was in "Easy RIder."

espo said...

Seems that I have got my "Dennis's mixed up !!!Thanks EW for that info...cheers...

Ruben Chandler said...

McCloud...........I tried to find you the youtube video of Dennis singing Eric Clapton's 'Cocaine" but couldn't. It's hilarious. Thanks for the post