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Tuesday 24 September 2019

Jack Jones

One of Jack Jones best L/P's in my opinion....I wish he had done more tracks on it tho' only 10 tracks total playing time aprox 28 mins seems a bit mean !!! Even Sinatra gave us 15 tracks on both of his "Swingin' " L/P's !!....Best Track is "It Don't Matter To Me"!!

1. Make It With You
2. Baby I'm-a Want you
3. Coming Apart
4. If
5. Daughter

1. Games Of Magic
2. Everything I Own
3. Diary
4. It Don't Matter To me
5. Come Again

4. It Don't Matter To Me.

West Side Story....320 Kbps

Its good to hear the original performance of songs and compare them to singers who have made hits out of them....Also when the songs are that good they become "Standards" you have a good choice of singers who record them....That what has happened to the songs from "West Side Story".....I think that most of the top singers in the "Popular" "Jazz" and even The "Classical" people have had a go at them so take your pick !!....But for now this L/P is the one that started the ball rolling !!

1. Prologue / Jet Song....Orchestra & The Jets
2. Something's Coming....Larry Kert
3. The Dance At The Gym....Orchestra
4. Maria....Larry Kert
5. Tonight....Larry Kert & Carol Lawrence
6. America....Chita Rivera & Shark Girls
7. Cool....Mickey Calin & The Jets
8. One Hand One Heart....Larry Kert & Carol Lawrence

1. Tonight....Cast
2. The Rumble....Orchestra
3. I Feel Pretty....Carol Lawrence & Girls
4. Somewhere....Reri Grist
5. Gee Oficer Krupke....Eddie Roll & Jets
6. A Boy Like That....Carol Lawrence & Chita Rivera
7. I Have A Love....Carol Lawrence & Chita Rivera
8. Finale....Cast

5. Tonight.