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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Werner Muller & Orchestra

To round off this trio of Bob's efforts we now have one of Germany's great Orchestra's...I've always liked WM with or without "Caterina Valente" !!!

The Lowland Pipers

We now have a change of instrument from across the channel in "Belgium" via Bob... Zee Bagpipes !!...........I guess you will love them or hate them...there's some good solid drumming played !!!!...

Dick Powell.

This one and the previous "Ginger Rogers" was supplied by "Bob"....NOW would it have been better for "Ginger" to have a re-lease like this one !!!..the jury is out !!....A nice set of nostalgic songs from the films...and a mine of information on the back sleeve of where how and when !!

Frank Sinatra...320 Kbps

 When Sinatra joined "Capitol" records in 1953 he recorded a 10 inch L/P called "Songs For Young Lovers"with "Nelson Riddle" and that was the start of his "Swinging" style... before in the 40's he was known for his slow romantic songs....then in 1954 he made this one and the rest is history !!

1. Just One Of Those Things
2. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself a Letter
3. Sunday
4. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams

1. Taking A Chance On Love 
2. Jeepers Creepers
3. Get Happy
4. All Of Me

Happy 2015 !!

Hi...hope everybody has got over the Xmas Celebrations and had a good Xmas !! now its back to normality in the slow lane !!....I managed over the Xmas period to raid the attics of my Brother & Wife and Niece & Husband and got over a hundred of different ! strange ! rare ! and obscure L/P's so look out later for something very different soon !!!...Happy New Year to all !!!...and I hope that This Blog will Still be here This time Next Year....Cheers....Luigi !!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Barbra Streisand...320 Kbps

Must have missed this one !! didn't know about it till "Geoff's" Box of L/P's was sorted...pity that the concert was so short I'm sure that she could have done more songs !! Maybe she did but they were not recoreded.....I Wonder if anyone looking in was at the concert ?? !! if they were maybe they could enlighten us and tell us more !!!

1. Somewhere
2. Evergreen
3. Something's Coming
4. People
5. Over The Rainbow
6. Guilty...with Barry Gibb

1. What Kind Of Fool...with Barry Gibb
2. Papa can You Hear Me
3. The Way We Were
4. It's A New World 
5. Happy Days Are Here Again
6. America The Beautiful

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Eydie Gorme

I did buy most of Eydie Gorme's L/P's this one got away!! I thank Bob once again for it...Two of her really Great And I will say that again in Capital letters GREAT GREAT Tracks are on this namely "What Did I Have That I Don't Have" And "If He Walked into My Life"....Doesn't get any better than that !!!...check YouTube I think there is a video where she sings one of them...will have to check later and post it...If it's still there !!!

Dick Van Dyke

We are still in "Belguim" with "Bob" for this one....I would have thought that the orchestrations would have more "Ooomf" being that it's the "Enoch Light  Orch" and recorded by "Command" Records...BUT it's a pleasant easy listen !!


Des O'Connor

On this L/P Des talks as well as sings....he does what a lot of singers were doing in the 70's joining two songs together with same themes...and even tho' there is nothing on the sleeve to tell you the date all you have to do is look at the "Flares" that Des is wearing and "Bingo" the 70's !!!!...This one came from "Bob" !!


Ady Zehnpfennig.

Here's that man again with the Fantastic Organ playing some well known 70's songs.. courtesy of "Bob"

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Halcyon Highlights...320 Kbps

Now this one might someday become a rare one !!....Story is my parents in the 70's had a holiday in "St Lucia"and came back with this souvenir...Don't think it's been played very often twice to my knowledge !!...It was produced by the "Hotel Halcyon" where they stayed
I had a check on "Google"but it is now not there... either pulled down or completely refurbished and a name change....The tracks are by musicians and vocalists that performed there...Maybe somebody out there also had a holiday and stayed at the Hotel if so you can always leave a comment !!....overall its a pleasant L/P.... pleasant listening !!!!

1. Welcome...Mighty Prince
2. Tout C'est Meme...Jimmy Heavens & Guy Francis
3. Caribbean Man...Jimmy Heavens
4. It Doesn't Matter...Vincent Phillips
5. One Day In My Life...Lucas Marshall
6. Yellow Bird...Harmony Trio
7. Miss Doris...Mighty Prince

1. Here I Am...Vincent Phillips
2. Ave Maria...Halycon Steel
3. Calypso...Halycon Steel
4. If You Go Away...Emily Buster
5. Fernando...Emily Buster

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Demis Roussos.

Most of "Demis's" Hits are on this compilation so you fans of "Demis" enjoy this one courtisy of the "Guy" from Belgium !!

20 Golden Intrumentals.

A mixture of popular instrumentals that I guess were hits all over the world...nice to hear them again and all in one place !!!


Werner Muller & Orch.

Ok now for a couple for the "Easy Listeners" out there also from Belgium !...and its in "Phase 4 Stereo" !!!


Jessye Norman.

Here's the great voice of "Jessye" supplied by Bob.....Wow ! we do have some variety on this "Blog" I hope everybody is keeping up with it !! they say "Variety Is The Spice Of Life" I hope people are not getting bored !!....This is a great L/P that makes you think of the finer points in life !!!


Bee Gees...320 KBps

Ok lets move to the 80's 1989 to be precise and "Bee Gees" singing there own songs as only they can hit's on this one...unless I missed one !!!

1. Ordinary Lives
2. One
3. Bodyguard
4. It's My Neighborhood
5. Tears

1. Tokyo Nights
2. Flesh And Blood
3. Wish You Were Here
4. House Of Shame
5. Will You Ever Leave Me

The Ink Spots..

Here's another different one from "Bob"'s great having and hearing L/P's that I would never ever get to hear if the "Net" wasn't here !!...I had a suspicion that this was one of those that takes old recording's and adds more music tracks to it....but according to the back sleeve no its not !!..and they have done Vol 1 And 2....wonder if anybody has any information on "Spinorama" records ?? !!!! and if anybody has links to Vol 1 & 2 be cool to get them...its a great L/P !! people give it a download !!....still not sure tho' the man fiddling with the knobs and sliders on the "Recording Console" is responsible !!

Lena Zavaroni...

I will let "Wikepedia" do the talking on this one...its a very different post courtesy of "Bob" from "Belgium"...I wonder what kind of "Singer / Entertainer" she would have been if her life hadn't gone the way it did !!!!

Lena Hilda Zavaroni[1] (4 November 1963 – 1 October 1999) was a Scottish child singer and a television show host. With her album Ma! (He's Making Eyes At Me) at ten years of age, she is the youngest person in history to have an album in the top ten of the UK Albums Chart. Later in life she hosted TV shows and appeared on stage. From the age of 13 Lena suffered from anorexia nervosa which became clinical depression two years later at the age of 15. Lena died at the age of 35 from pneumonia.

In 1974 Lena appeared on Opportunity Knocks hosted by Hughie Green and won the show for a record-breaking five weeks running. She followed this with the album Ma! (He's Making Eyes At Me), a collection of classic and then-recent pop standards which reached number eight in the UK album chart. At 10 years, 146 days old, Lena is still the youngest person to have an album in the Top 10.[3][4]
Lena also sang at a Hollywood charity show with Frank Sinatra and Lucille Ball in 1974, at which Ball commented, "You’re special. Very special and very, very good," although some sources attribute the words to Sinatra. Following this, Lena guest-starred on The Carol Burnett Show. She also appeared on The Morecambe and Wise Show, the 1976 Royal Variety Show and performed at the White House for US President Gerald Ford. Signed to the soul-oriented Stax Records label in the United States, Lena was not widely popular despite the praise and television appearances; her Ma album was not listed in the popularity charts, and its title single only reached 91st position on the Billboard Hot 100 during a four-week chart run in the summer of 1974.[5]

West Side Story Film...320 Kbps

I believe that most of the singing in this film was "Dubbed" by "Ghost Singers" as the movie industry called really got no idea who they are !!...maybe some "Movie Buff" out there will fill in the gaps !!....most of the info on the back sleeve about the making of the film is interesting reading but no mention of the singers !!

1. Prologue
2. Jet Song
3. Something's Coming
4. Dance At The Gym
5. Maria
6. America

1. Gee Officer Krupkie 
2. I Feel Pretty
3. One Hand One Heart
4. Quintet
5. The Rumble
6. Cool
7. A Boy Like That And I Have A Love
8. Somewhere (Finale)

Monday, 1 December 2014

Shirley Jones & Jack Cassiday...320 Kbps

From Kerry Anna !
Thanks for this KA !! is much appreciated !!This is just one track !!

If Anyone wants the separate track version then you can get it here
Thanks to Jim Button....cheers Jim !!