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Friday 28 May 2021

Al Martino

Al Martino (born Jasper Cini; October 7, 1927 – October 13, 2009) was an American singer and actor. He had his greatest success as a singer between the early 1950s and mid-1970s, being described as "one of the great Italian American pop crooners", and also became known as an actor, particularly for his role as singer Johnny Fontane in The Godfather.
 He aspired to become a singer, emulating artists such as Al Jolson and Perry Como, and by the success of a family friend, Alfredo Cocozza, who had changed his name to Mario Lanza.
 Encouraged by Lanza, he adopted the stage name Al Martino.
He won a recording contract with the Philadelphia-based independent record label BBS, where he recorded "Here in My Heart". Lanza's label, RCA Victor, had asked Lanza to record the song, but Martino called Lanza and pleaded with him to let his version have a clear chance. The song spent three weeks at No. 1 on the US pop charts in June 1952, earning Martino a gold disc, and later in the year, also reached the top of the UK charts. It was number one in the first UK Singles chart, published by the New Musical Express on November 14, 1952, putting him into the Guinness Book of World Records. "Here in My Heart" remained in the top position for nine weeks in the UK.
The record's success led to a deal with Capitol Records, and he released three more singles: "Take My Heart", "Rachel", and "When You're Mine" through 1953, all of which hit the U.S. top 40. However, his success also attracted the attention of the Mafia, which bought out Martino's management contract and ordered him to pay $75,000 as a safeguard for their investment. After making a down-payment to appease them, he moved to Britain. His popularity allowed him to continue to perform and record successfully in the UK, headlining at the London Palladium and having six further British chart hits in the period up to 1955, including "Now" and "Wanted". However, his work received no exposure back in the US. In 1958, thanks to the intervention of a family friend, Martino was allowed to return to the U.S. and resume his recording career, but he faced difficulties in re-establishing himself, especially with the arrival of rock and roll. In 1959, Martino signed with 20th Fox Records.

1. La Strada del Bosco
2. Maria Mari
3. Fenesta Che Lucive
4. Torna
5. Don't Leave Me Now
6. Senza Nisciuno

1. Chitarra Romana
2. Rondine Al Nido
3. Cuore Di Mamma
4. Vurria
5. Al Di La
6. Torna A Surriento

       5. Al Di La


Agnetha Faltskog

 Here's the blond girl from ABBA proving she can do it alone !

Eyes of a Woman is the second English-language solo album by Swedish singer and former ABBA member Agnetha Fältskog, and her eighth album overall. It was released in March 1985.

Agnetha Fältskog born 5 April 1950) is a Swedish singer, songwriter, musician and actress. She achieved success in Sweden after the release of her self-titled debut album in 1968, and reached international stardom as a member of the pop group ABBA, which has sold over 380 million albums and singles worldwide, making them one of the best-selling music artists in history.
After the break-up of ABBA, Fältskog found success with three albums and a leading role in a movie as a solo artist in the 1980s, though she became more solitary in the 1990s, avoiding outside publicity and residing on the Stockholm County island of Ekerö. Fältskog stopped recording music for 16 years until she released a new album in 2004. She returned again in 2013 with A, her highest UK charting solo album to date.

       1. One Way Love

Thursday 27 May 2021

Elaine Page

Here's "Elaine" Not in the "Broadway / Musical " Mode !!

       1. If You Don't Want My Love

Vera Lynn

These tracks are definatly re-recorded from the originals...some of them were recorded by "Vera"in the 40's....again no information on the back....It would be nice to have info about the recordings...They have plenty of room on the back covers of L/P's to put the information on !!...not like the small CD cover's...Thanks Bob !!

       2. Yours

Marty Robbins

Now this one is also from a friend at the Gym "Geoff" to be exact !....nice relaxing singer singing songs that lean towards Spain/Mexico/Usa...all the songs do tell a story and thats what I like...Pity that they all sound the same !!!!!

1. Tonight Carmen
2. Waiting In Reno
3. Is There Anything Left I Can Say
4. Loves Gone Away
5. Bound For Old Mexico
6. Don't Go Away Senor

1. The Girl With Gardenias In Her Hair
2. In The Valley Of The Rio Grande 
3. The Mission In Guadalajara
4. Chapel Bells Chime
5. Spanish Lullaby

       3. Is There Anything Left I Can Say

The Worlds Worst Record Show

It say's on the cover "Cringe Along" I'll endorse that with a capital "CRINGE"....never heard of any of the tracks !!...The originals yes !!...It's from over the channel via Bob...glad to see "Belguim" has a sense of humour !!....Its well worth a download just for a hearty laugh !!!....Must have hit "Bob's" funny bone when I posted "Mrs Miller" L/P she is featured on one of the tracks !!

       10. Going Out Of My Head

The Love Album VA.

We now have a compilation L/P supplied by"Lesley" from the "Gym" which contains well known tracks and some that are not so well known....That seems a popular inclusion with most of the "Concept" Compilation L/P's filling it out with lesser well known tracks....which of course doesn't mean its a bad idea...just a good marketing ploy !!!...and sometimes you get a great standout track !!

1. You're In My Heart...Rod Stewart
2.  Three Times A Lady...Commodores
3. I'll Put You Together Again...Hot Chocolate
4. Lost Again...Clifford T Ward
5. Losing Your Way In The Rain...Mike Batt & Friends 
6. Stay With Me Till Dawn...Judie Tzuke
7. Everybodys Got To Learn Sometime...Korgis
8. Everyday Hurts...Sad Cafe
9. Since I Don't See You Anymore...Chris Rea
10. Over You...Roxy Music

1. Touch Me In The Morning...Diana Ross
2. You're All To Need To Get By...Johnny Mathis & Deniece Williams
3. When I Need You...Leo Sayer
4. When Two Worlds Drift Apart...Cliff Richard
5. Don't Throw It All Away...Gary Benson
6. Caravan Song...Barbara Dickson
7. Please Don't Go...K C & The Sunshine Band
8. Why Don't You Spend The Night...Frankie Miller
9. When I Dream...Crystal Gale
10. I Have A Dream...Abba

       7. Everybody's Got To Learn Sometimes

Edmundo Ros & Orchestra

Still in the "Band/Orchestra" mode here's another one from "Bob" and we are still in the "Tropics" !!! This is a double L/ get your dancing shoes on !! you might dance the night away !!!

       3. Poinciana

Digno Garcia

Something a little different now from the last posts !!...a different style of music and band !!...all the way from Belguim courtesy of "Bob".....Variety is the "Spice" of life and that goes for musical tastes as well !!!!...So enjoy a trip to the "Tropics" !!!!!!!!!

        6. Burrerita

Saturday 15 May 2021

Dickie Valentine.

Ah !!...this L/P brings back memories of my teenage years in the 50's...concert's at "The De-Montfort Hall" Leicester with "Ted Heath" and his band...buying "Lita Roza" a coffee in "The Banners Milk Bar"and later on a drink at the "Marquis Of Wellington" pub with some of the band !!....I saw them many many times and enjoyed every minute...its a pity that big bands have now gone out of fashion !!!!....In case there are some of you out there who are not familiar with "Dickie Valentine" he was one of three singers with one of England's best "Swing" bands "Ted Heath" along with "Lita Roza" and "Dennis Lotis"...he was a great singer with a very distinctive voice..and I think that had he not died in a car accident he would have made it to the big time !!....So to the uninitiated give it a listen to and hear a great voice !!

1. All The Time And Everywhere
2. A Blossom Fell
3. East Of The Sun
4. Endless
5. King Of Dixieland
6. The Finger Of Suspicion 

1. Song Of The Trees
2. Birth Of The Blues
3. Mister Sandman
4. Many Times
5. A Kiss To Build a Dream On
6. The Clown Who Cried

       6. The Finger of Suspicion

Des O'Connor

Ok now one from "Bob" from across the channel....Even tho' in England the other comedians used to take the "Rise" "Micky" "P##s" out of his singing he does a good job of these tracks and I like his voice !!

       1. Feelings

Marti Webb.

Here's a very pleasent L/P also from the "Gym" Via "Geoff"....a selection of T/V theme tunes sung very well by "Marti"....there is a "Knockout" track on it "I Could Be So Good For You" and I reckon that if "Dennis Waterman" had not had a hit with it and "Marti's" version was available at that time then she should have had the hit !!!.....whoever designed the cover and decided to print the song titles in white agaist a pink background definatly needs new glasses !!!!!

1. Always There
2. To Have And To Hold
3. He's Not You
4. I Could Be So Good For You
5. It's Still The Same Dream
6. Anyone Can Fall In Love

1. Someday Soon
2. Cheers
3. No One will Ever Know You
4. Moonlighting
5. I Don't Hurt Anymore
6. Only Love

       4. I Could Be So Good For You

Old Pipes Organ

Now we have courtesy of "Bob" some real Organ Music not the electronic sound but this is the real thing with pipes and wind !!! (I Think )!!

       2. Boogie Woogie Baby

Thursday 13 May 2021

Ray Conniff Orchestra

 The Great Late "Ray Conniff" and his Orch doing what he does best with his "wordless" chorus !!

1. The Way You Look Tonight
2. I Hear A Rhapsody
3. They Can't Take That Away From Me
4. Moonlight Serenade
5. I Love You
6. I've Told Every Little Star

1. You Do Something To Me
2. As Time Goes By
3. In The Still Of The Night
4. Someone To Watch Over Me
5. Be My Love
6. Where Or When

       1. The Way You Look Tonight

Big Kahuna And The Copa Cat Pack

Here we have some big band sounds but not from the 40's / 50's but circa 1999 !

Guitarist/saxophonist/vocalist/arranger Matt Catingub formed Big Kahuna and the Copa Cat Pack in his home state of Hawaii, blending its indigenous sounds with stylish, party-ready retro-swing. The group issued its debut album, Hawaiian Swing, in 1999. Shake Those Hula Hips appeared two years later.

       2. A-Tisket a-Tasket

Nancy Wilson

 A really good set of Broadway Songs done as it says on the cover "Jazz And Blues Interpretations" by the classy singer !!!

1. A Lot Of Livin' To Do
2. You Can Have Him
3. Tonight
4. Make Someone Happy
5. I Believe In You
6. As Long As He Needs Me

1. Getting To Know You
2. My Ship
3. The Sweetest Sounds
4. Joey Joey Joey
5. Loads Of Love
6. I'll Know

       3. Tonight

Tuesday 4 May 2021

Tony Christie.

This is the first of many L/P's that I have borrowed at Xmas from my brother and neice so look out for some more unusual comments might not be too detailed because most of them will be the first time that I will hear them....So as usual I would love some comments about them good or bad !!!...A good selection of standard 70's songs featuring the original "Amarillo"

1. So Deep Is The Night
2. Didn't We
3. Feelings
4. I'm Not In Love
5. The Way We Were
6. Somewhere In The Night

1. Is This The Way To Amarillo
2. Home Loving Man
3. Tie A Yellow Ribbon
4. On Broadway
5. The Most Beautiful Girl
6. You've Lost That Loving Feeling

       1. Is This The Way To Amirllo

Das Grosse Wunschkonzert...320 Kbps

Here we have a treat for all the "German"visitors....This is the first time I have played and heard these L/P's...All the tracks except one I don't recognise but I should think that there will be many over the channel that will !!!!...Strange to hear "Happy Days Are Here Again"without "Barbra Streisand"!!!!