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Tuesday 26 April 2022

Johnny Cash.

Here's a budget release "Electronically Created Stereo" from 1955 via "Sun" records as told one on the back sleeve...once again we have that slight echoey thingy that always seems to be on these "ECS" !!

1. Folsom Prison Blues
2. I Can't Help It
3. Country Boy
4. Cold Cold Heart
5. Sugartime

1. Wide Open Road
2. Cry Cry Cry
3. Big River
4. Don't Make me Go
5. Doin' my Time

          4. Don't Make Me Go

Lena Horne.

Here's a mature "Lena" in 1988 with duets with "Sammy Davies" & "Joe Williams" and with some good sleeve notes for a change... It's a great selection of songs sung in the "Lena Horne" manner cabaret and "Live" performance mode !!

            2. I Wont Leave You Again

Peter Nero

Not had any Piano music for a while so here is one of the best courtesy of the Guy over the channel !!

          2. Lover Come Back To Me 

Sunday 24 April 2022

Robert Young

Another one from across the Channel now...first time I have heard this Voice which is strange because although he is now not with us he was popular in the 70's and once again I must have been asleep !!....his voice has been compared to most of the big tenors over the years....Like "Mario Lanza" which I believe sometimes he does sound like him..."Bob" has sent me a couple more so I will be posting them as well have a listen and comments would be cool !!

          5. Everybody's Talking

Thursday 21 April 2022

Music Contribution

 If anyone would like to contribute to this music blog with their music please get in touch....running short of Vinyl L/P's...any music will be welcome as you can see and hear the content is diverse...Thanks....Luigi

Paul Anka.

Paul Anka singing his Hit song "My Way" which he wrote the lyrics and other not so well known songs... All of them are written by him  either on his own or with collaborators... he now has a mature voice which comes through even though the picture on the front seems to be from his teenage years !!....Thanks "Bob" !!

           3. She's A lady

The Chakachas.

Thanks to "Bob" we can now have a change of pace so get your dancing shoes on and have a "Whirl" !!!!...goes down well with the "Hoover" !!!!....Can't say much about this info on the back sleeve !!...wish they would'nt do that !!!

          5. Jungle Fever

Sunday 17 April 2022

Mary O'Hara.

A beautiful clear voice and an ocasional harp sound played by the Singer "Mary O'Hara" is as the L/P is called "Reflections" and you just do that !!....the songs are not well known so no "Hits" on this "Reflective" L/P if you like a nice relaxing feet up eyes closed listening time go for it !!....The "Gem" on this one is "A Friend Of Mine"...great Lyrics !!!

          3. A Friend Of Mine

Rondo Veneziano.

This is the first time I have heard this orchestra and think they are great... and so different combining old and new concepts....I have more from "Bob" so looking forward to hearing them and posting the meantime if you have not heard of this orch do yourself a favour and have a listen !!

           3. Bettina


Change of pace now !!..something for the "Rock & Rollers" out in the "Cosmos" !!..a couple of well known tracks with the rest of the tracks written by "Showaddywaddy"

1. Three Steps To Heaven
2. The Party
3. If You Know What I Mean
4. The Latest Craze
5.  Rocket Boots
6. Temptation

1. Rock And Roll Lady
2. Bony Moronie
3. Go Johnny Go
4. Cutie
5. Big Big Star
6. Everybody On Your Feet

          6. Temptation

Mario Lanza.

A "Mario Lanza" L/P in which he sings some popular songs as well as songs from "Opera's...Its a pity that he did not do more recordings of popular songs of the day...

           1. You Do Something To Me

Oh What A Lovely War.

Another "Show Original Cast Recording"...Once again if you have seen the show it will mean more than the people who have not seen it !!...but I believe that this one stands on its own and you can enjoy it for what it is !!....and there are some well known songs !!
This is a "Luigi" recomended listen to !! you'll be surprised I was !!


Monday 11 April 2022

Ladies First.VA

A good compilation of songs from as it say's on the Front "Ladies"....nice to hear again some lesser well know "Hits " and some different "Ladies"

           2. The Girl From Ipanema

Vera Lynn

There are some singers that everything has been said about them and "Vera" is one of them so "Nuff" said from me !!!..Its all on the Back sleeve which is great !! ...for a change !!
This one and the previous one was courtesy of "Bob"

           2. Everybody's Talking

Sunday 10 April 2022

Jerry Vale

Some Italian Songs now at least I know "Jerry Vale" is an American singer that's about as far as I know so let the voice and songs do the talking !!

           5. Al Di La

Golden Songs.

A very nice compilation spanning the 50's 60's & 70's now with a surprise track (to me that is) !! said track is the "Liza Minnelli" one of "Try To Remember"...I must say thaty if it was not there in black and white or should I say blue & white !! I would never had guessed it was her !!

1. Rambling Rose...Nat King Cole
2. Born Free...Matt Monro
3. Maybe This Time...Liza Minnelli
4. Bridge Over Troubled Waters...Nancy Wilson
5. Love Is Blue...Al Martino
6. Thats Amore...Dean Martin

1. Volare...Dean Martin
2. What Now My Love...Al Martino
3. I Taught Him Everything He Knows...Ella Fitzgerald
4. Try To Remember...Liza Minnelli
5. When I Fall In Love...Nat King Cole
6. Fever...Peggy Lee

           4.Try To Remember

Cannon & Ball.

Now we have an English comedy Duo from the 80's popular on TV with their "Cannon & Ball" show !! with all the comic duo's shades of "Abbott & Costello" "Laurel & Hardy" Lewis & Martin" was all incorporated in their shows, and this L/P shows that once the comic stints are over both have decent voices...nothing to get exited about but still easy on the ear !!...The "Diamond" in the bundle of songs is definitely "Let Me Rock You"....don't know which one has the "Gravely"voice but it should have been featured more than it was !!!

          5. Let Me Rock You