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Tuesday 30 April 2024

Ella Fitzgerald

 This is a concert by Ella Fitzgerald, which was recorded in 1973 at Carnegie Hall as part of the Newport Jazz Festival of the same year......The concert was attended by the Tommy Flanagan Orchestra, guitarist Joe Pass and Ellis is not the complete concert but the second half in  which Ella sings....

1. I've Gotta Be Me
2. Good Morning Heartache
3. Some Of These Days
4. Miss Otis Regrets
5. You Turned The Tables On Me
6. Nice Work If You Can Get It

1. Any Old Blues
2. Lemon Drop
3. Don't Worry Bout Me
4. These Foolish Things
5. A Tisket A Tasket....with Chick Webb Orchestra
6. Smooth Sailing

It's great being able to hear Ella's Concerts She was one of the Greats and I doubt that we will ever hear the like of her again !!..RIP Ella !!

          2. Lemon Drop

          4. These Foolish Things

Barbra Streisand.

The L/P was produced By "Richard Perry" who in the 60's 70's 80's was producing all the top singers of the day's L/P's...Barbra once again sings some of the 60s &70's songs rather than Standards....note her duet with herself on track 5 Side One...its a gud un !!!

1. Beautiful
2. Love
3. Where You Lead
4. I Never Meant To Hurt You
5. One Last bell To Answer / A House Is Not A Home

1. Space Captain
2. Since I Fell For You
3. Mother
4. The Summer Knows
5. I Mean To Shine
6. You've Got a Friend

    3. Where You Lead.

Sunday 28 April 2024

Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra

Euro Star or Plane or even a Dusty old Carpet and Whoosh !! we are in France's capital city sipping coffee at the sidewalks cafe's !!

          14. Can Can


 Hi Folks....It seems that all my files on "" have been deleted so if there is any post that you would like re posting just leave a comment on the post you want....I have been checking on the files that are still "alive" and it seems that Mega seems to be okay at the moment !!....Zippyshare  of course is no longer with us !....& Pixel Drain has also deleted my files......I do get it that if a file is not downloaded for a while usually 30 days it will be deleted ...but Mega seems to be okay....cheers.....Luigi

Elvis Presley.

We definitely know where this "Elvis" Live performance was "International Hotel" Las Vegas it has been doctored a bit you can tell by the endings and beginning of the seems a more polished production that the other post but that is probably where the men with the knobs on the machines come in !!....I'm sure that Elvis would have sung more songs that 10 !!

1. See See Rider
2. Release Me
3. Sweet Caroline
4. Runaway
5. The Wonder Of You

1. Polk Salad Annie
2. Yesterday
3. Proud Mary
4. Walk A Mile In My Shoes
5. Let It Be Me 


West Side Story.

Its good to hear the original performance of songs and compare them to singers who have made hits out of them....Also when the songs are that good they become "Standards" you have a good choice of singers who record them....That what has happened to the songs from "West Side Story".....I think that most of the top singers in the "Popular" "Jazz" and even The "Classical" people have had a go at them so take your pick !!....But for now this L/P is the one that started the ball rolling !!

1. Prologue / Jet Song....Orchestra & The Jets
2. Something's Coming....Larry Kert
3. The Dance At The Gym....Orchestra
4. Maria....Larry Kert

5. Tonight....Larry Kert & Carol Lawrence
6. America....Chita Rivera & Shark Girls
7. Cool....Mickey Calin & The Jets
8. One Hand One Heart....Larry Kert & Carol Lawrence

1. Tonight....Cast
2. The Rumble....Orchestra
3. I Feel Pretty....Carol Lawrence & Girls
4. Somewhere....Reri Grist
5. Gee Oficer Krupke....Eddie Roll & Jets
6. A Boy Like That....Carol Lawrence & Chita Rivera
7. I Have A Love....Carol Lawrence & Chita Rivera
8. Finale....Cast

5. Tonight.

Friday 26 April 2024

Barbara Lea

Another Barbara this time singing !!......If you like your vocals soft and silky then have a listen to this Songbird !!
Barbara Lea (April 10, 1929 – December 26, 2011) was an American jazz singer.
Lea was born and raised in Detroit. She decided at an early age to become a singer, participating in contests and singing with dance bands. She worked at the Storyville club when singer Lee Wiley performed there in the early 1950s. Her debut solo album, Woman in Love, was released in 1955.
Lea appeared in the JVC, Kool, and Newport Jazz Festivals several times, but her increasing devotion to the songs as written led to concerts of the works of Rodgers and Hart, Arthur Schwartz, Cy Coleman, Cole Porter, Hoagy Carmichael, and the Gershwins, as well as cabaret appearances devoted to Kurt Weill, Jerome Kern, Johnny Mercer, and Yip Harburg.
(Info Edited From Wikipedia)....

An excellent singer who was associated with swing and Dixieland, Barbara Lea never broke through with the general public, but she recorded quite a few worthy albums. She sang with Detroit dance orchestras while in school, performed with the college jazz band (the Crimson Stompers) at Harvard, and worked on the East Coast in the 1950s. She recorded for Riverside (1955) and Prestige (1956-1957), using such sidemen as trumpeter Johnny Windhurst and pianists Billy Taylor and Dick Hyman. In the 1960s, Lea worked as a stage actress and taught. In the 1970s, she sang with Dick Sudhalter and Ed Polcer and recorded in the 1980s for Audiophile, including a tribute to her idol and influence, Lee Wiley. She continued to perform and record into the 21st century, and died of Alzheimer's disease in December 2011 at age 82.
( Artist Biography by Scott Yanow....From All Music )

        11. The Best Thing For You  

Thursday 25 April 2024

Cabaret (London Production)

 I did not get to see the stage version of "Cabaret" I only know the film...It looks like it might have been slightly different from the film....seeing that there are quite a lot of songs that where not in the film....Still Filmmakers have to make it more interesting and they have more scope to do things....with a stage adaptation you are tied to the size of the stage.. and also films don't have that atmosphere of the "Live" performance which if anything goes wrong its there for all to see !!....Films you just do it again &again & again till you get it right....It opened on 28th February 1968 at "The Palace Theatre London"....Liza Minnelli certainly made the part of "Sally Bowles"in the film her own !!!!

 1. Wilkommen....Barry Dennen & Company
2. So What....Lila Kedrova
3. Don't Tell Mama....Judi Dench Barry Dennen & Girls
4. Telephone Song....Kevin Colson & Company
5. Perfectly Marvellous....Judi Dench & Kevin Colson
6. Two Ladies....Barry Dennen & Maggie Goodwin
7. It Could'nt Please Me More....Lila Kedrova & Peter Sallis
8. Tomorrow Belongs To Me....David Wheldon Williams & Barry Dennen
9. Entr'acte....Kik Kat Band

1. The Money Song....Barry Dennon & Girls
2. Why Should I Wake Up....Kevin Colson
3. Married....Lila Kedrova & Peter Sallis
4. Meeskite....Peter Sallis
5. Tomorrow Belongs To Me....Pamela Strong & Richard Owens
6. If You Could See Her....Barry Dennen
7. What Would You Do....Lila Kedrova
8. Cabaret....Judi Dench
9. Finale....Cast
          15. If You Could See Her (The Gorilla Song)

Russ Conway.

 Here's 20 tracks for all you "Pianophiles"played in the good old pub style piano excellent for a good knees up party !!...pity I have not got any "Winifred Attwell"L/Ps because she was one of the best..I did have some 78's by her at one time but as I said before a bike crash put paid to them...I like piano music hence the "Peter Nero" one earlier some by "Andre Previn"which will be posted later...

1. Pack Up You Troubles
2. How Ya Keep Em Down On The Farm
3. Don't Dilly Dally
4. For Me And My Gal
5. Happy Go Lucky Day
6. If You Knew Susie
7. Underneath The Arches
8. Loch Lomond
9. The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo
10. After You've Gone

1. Ma He's Makin' Eyes At Me
2. Ragtime Cowboy Joe
3. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
4. Margie
5. Alexanders Ragtime Band
6. Is It True What They Say About Dixie 
7. Waiting For the Robert E Lee
8. Nellie Dean
9. Abie My Boy
10. Bye Bye Blackbird

          1. Pack Up Your Troubles

Wednesday 24 April 2024

Peter Nero.

 Not had any piano music for a while so here's a good one....could be two for the price of one !! but it aint'....Its not "Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass" playing but if you didn't know it could be !!....reading that back it's as clear as mud !!......Anyway its a good one with "Peter Nero" at his best.. early recording of his 1971 to be exact

 1. The Mexican Shuffle
2. A Taste Of Honey
3. Spanish Flea
4. Flamingo
5. What Now My Love
6. The Lonely Bull

1. El Matador
2. Tijuana Taxi
3. Crea Mi Amor
4. Zorba The Creek
5. La Playa
6. The Work Song

          1. The Mexican Shuffle

Tuesday 23 April 2024

Ella Fitzgerald

 Some of the best L/P's of Ella's is her "live" ones and this is one of her many bests !!....The year is 1965 and her voice is at it's best...I have seen her live about 5 times and she can certainly whip an audience into a frenzy when she does her "Scat" singing and you can hear a pin drop when she goes into the slow sweet songs like "Summertime" Ect....I have also met her and spoke to her 4 times out of the 5 even been in a Rolls Royce and the band bus with her...but that's another story !! back to the music..Her version of "Honeysuckle Rose"is fantastic and would have been a great single...also her version on this L/P of "How High The Moon" is taken at a very slow pace not a bit like her usual version....overall this is definatly one of her best....and if you buy the Japanese release CD you get 21 tracks instead of 12 !!!

1. Day In Day Out
2. Just A Sittin' And A Rockin'
3. The Lady Is A Tramp
4. Summertime
5. St Louis Blues
6. Honeysuckle Rose

1. They Can't Take That Away From Me
2. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
3. Somewhere In The Night
4. I've Got You Under My Skin
5. The Cricket Song
6. How High The Moon

Broadway Cast of Guys And Dolls

  Well now to the Bright Lights of "Broadway"a good original cast recording of a first class show....

   Sit Down Your Rocking The Boat

Mantovani & Orchestra

Still with "Bob" for this one as well !!...the sweeping strings of "Mantovani" with some great and well known tunes that we could defiantly call "Standards !!

        4. Jealousy

Monday 22 April 2024

Cleo Laine And James Galway.

Here is a inspired pairing of two great talents....Cleo the singer and James the Flute player....The choice of tracks are varied and as the notes on the back says "Its not a classical pop or Jazz album" the track "Lo! Hear The Gentle Lark"

1. Drifting Dreaming
2. Sometimes When We Touch
3. Play It Again Sam
4. Skylark
5. How Where When
6. The Fluter's Ball

1. Consuelo's Love Theme
2. Keep Loving Me
3. Anyone Can Whistle
4. Still was The Night
5. Lo! Hear The Gentle Lark
6. Like A Sad Song

    9. Anyone Can Whistle

Dusty Springfield.

This is the first L/P of Dusty's that she recorded when she came back from America....It wasn't a very commercial success which is a pity because it is a good one....True she had changed her appearance and on some of the songs on this L/P it does not sound like the Dusty of the 60' on the last track which incidentally is the best one on the L/P if you didn't know it was her...well give it a listen and make up your own mind !!

1. Turn Me Around
2. Checkmate
3. I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love
4. A Love Like Yours
5. Love Me By Name

1. Sandra
2. I Found Love With You
3. Hollywood Movie Girls
4. That's The Kind Of Love I've Got For You

          9. That's The Kind Of Love I've Got For You   

Saturday 20 April 2024


 I would guess that if you have not seen the show then this might not mean much to anyone but as with most of shows soundtracks it will appeal to the that have seen it  and there is a couple of songs that have become hits.

As you can see there is no track listing of who sings what songs  !

The American – Murray Head
The Russian – Tommy Körberg
Florence – Elaine Paige
Molokov – Denis Quilley
The Arbiter – Björn Skifs
Svetlana – Barbara Dickson

Chess is a musical with music by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus of the pop group ABBA, lyrics by Ulvaeus and Tim Rice, and book by Rice. The story involves a politically driven, Cold War-era chess tournament between two grandmasters, one American and the other Soviet, and their fight over a woman who manages one and falls in love with the other. Although the protagonists were not intended to represent any real individuals, the character of the American grandmaster (named Freddie Trumper in the stage version) was loosely based on Bobby Fischer, while elements of the story may have been inspired by the chess careers of Russian grandmasters Viktor Korchnoi and Anatoly Karpov.

          5. Bangkok / One Night In Bangkok

Thursday 18 April 2024

Ella Fitzgerald.

Ella as usual in good voice from the 60's.... selection of songs are more of a "Jazz" feel than her "Standards" and "Songbook Selections"....

1. A Night In Tunisia
2. You're My Thrill
3. My Reverie
4. Stella By Starlight
5. Round Midnight
6. Jersy Bounce
7. Signing Off

1. Cry Me a River
2. This Years Kisses
3. Good Morning Heartache
4. Born To Be Blue
5. Clap Hnads Here Comes Charlie
6. Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most
7. The Music Goes Round And Around
          6. Jersey Bounce

Wednesday 17 April 2024

Linda Clifford.

 Well we've had Jazz, Classical, Hilbilly, Bluegrass, Piano, so I reckon its time for some "Disco"
a great L/P with a very different version of "Bridge Over Troubled Waters"...hope you like it !!

1. Bridge Over Troubled Waters
2. Let Me Be Your Woman
3. Don't Give It Up
4. Hold Me Close

1. One Of Those Songs
2. Don't Let Me Have Another Bad Dream
3. I Can't Let This Good Thing Get Away
4. Sweet Melodies

          7. I Can't Let This Good Thing Get Away

Tony Mottola

Here's an L/P that will test your stereo equipment it's a brilliant one as are all the "Command Stereo" series !!.....Its from the early 60's and I can remember hearing a couple of tracks on the radio from a programme that  used to review the latest L/P off I went to the record shop to find it....It's been one of my favourites and has always been on and off the turntable from when I bought it....Play it loud to get the most from it..... But make sure the neighbours are not in !!!!!!
    2. Skip To My Lou