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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

World Wide Movie & Tv Themes.320.Kbps

Re-Post...requested by Tutorman

 The first side of this L/P from "Readers Digest " Stable takes some well known "Film" songs and gives them  completely different arrangements and they are great !!...The second side is okay but not as good as the first one....I Wonder if all the orchestras that are featured are all the same !!!..what I mean is made up of "Session Musicians" and a random name picked out from a hat !!!!

1. To Sir With Love...Norman Percival & His Orch
2. Somewhere My Love...Carlo Savina & His Orch
3. Born Free...London Pops Orch
3. A Man And A Woman...Johnny Gibbs& His Orch
4. You Only Live Twice...Johnny Gibs & His Orch
5. Stella By Starlight...London Pops Orch
6. Long Ago And far Away...Robert Mandell & The Mike Sammes Singers

1. Peter-Gunn...Warren Barker & Orch
2. Theme From Peyton Place...Warren Barker & Orch
3. I Spy...Warren Barker & Orch
4. The Untouchables...Warren Barker & Orch
5. Gunsmoke...Warren Barker & Orch
6. Theme From Route 66...Warren barker & Orch
7. Theme From The Man From Uncle...Warren Barker & Orch

13. Theme From Route 66.mp3


espo said...

Enjoy !

Trumark said...

Thanks espo!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for the re-post. It's appreciated.

~Tutorman from Florida