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Thursday 29 April 2021

Anthony Ventura & Orch

Still keeping over the channel in "Belgium" with "Bob" we have an orchestra playing a selection of well know tunes !! at least I know some of them !!

     2. Am Tag Ais Der Wind Hat Mir (The Day The Rains Come Down )

Karel Gott.

Still keeping with "Bob" from across the channel..this singer I also have not heard of before and the more I heard this one the more I liked it...I do play the L/P's two or three times before I post them and this one definatly comes into the "More You Hear It The Better It Becomes" !!!...So if you also are not familar with his work give it a try and see if you agree !!!

      2. Misty

Horst Fischer.

Another one from "Bob"...

       3. Blueberry Hill

Eydie Gorme

I did buy most of Eydie Gorme's L/P's this one got away!! I thank Bob once again for it...Two of her really Great And I will say that again in Capital letters GREAT GREAT Tracks are on this namely "What Did I Have That I Don't Have" And "If He Walked into My Life"....Doesn't get any better than that !!!...check YouTube I think there is a video where she sings one of them...will have to check later and post it...If it's still there !!!

      1. If He Walked Into My Life

Thursday 15 April 2021

Anne Shelton

A great set of  recordings from a great British singer of the 50's !..

Anne Shelton OBE (born Patricia Jacqueline Sibley, 10 November 1923 – 31 July 1994) was a popular English vocalist, who is remembered for providing inspirational songs for soldiers both on radio broadcasts, and in person, at British military bases during the Second World War. Shelton was also the original British singer of the Lale Andersen German love-song "Lili Marlene".....She had a No.1 hit song in 1956 in the UK with "Lay Down Your Arms", engineered by Joe Meek. She also had a Top 10 hit in 1961 with her cover version of "Sailor". In the same year she participated in BBC Television's A Song for Europe contest, the UK qualifying heat for the Eurovision Song Contest. Her entry, "I Will Light a Candle" was placed fourth. Shelton made another attempt at Eurovision in 1963 with "My Continental Love" – and came fourth again. In addition to her hits "Lay Down Your Arms" and "Sailor", she also charted with other hits in the late 1950s with "Seven Days" and "The Village of St. Bernadette". 

1. As Time Goes By
2. It Can't Be Wrong
3. I'm In A Dancing Mood
4. I Know Why
5. Sand In My Shoes
6. Porgy

1. Don't Worry About Me
2. But Not For Me
3. I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good
4. Lets Face The Music And Dance
5. Central Park
6. The Man That Got Away

      3. I Got It Bad And That A'in't Good

Saturday 10 April 2021

Karl Denver

Karl Denver (16 December 1931 – 21 December 1998) was a Scottish singer, who, with his trio had a series of UK hit singles in the early 1960s. Most famous of these was a 1961 version of "Wimoweh", which showed off Denver's falsetto yodelling register. He reached the Top 20 with his first five yodel-based singles.

1. Wimoweh
2. China Doll
3. Shin Gan Goo
4. Vella Langa
5. Zimba
6. Blue Yodel
7. If I Had My Way
8. Macheta
9. The Peanut Vendor

      7. If I Had My Way

Kurt Edelhagen

Some Great Stereo on this by the great Kurt Edelhagen Orchestra !

      5. A Kiss To Build A Dream On

Dick Powell.

This one and the "Ginger Rogers" was supplied by "Bob"....NOW would it have been better for "Ginger" to have a re-lease like this one !!!..the jury is out !!....A nice set of nostalgic songs from the films...and a mine of information on the back sleeve of where how and when !!

      1. Lullaby of Broadway

Ginger Rogers

 Well now I have mixed feeling about this one...Its obvious that "Gingers" voice is not as good as it was 35 plus years ago when she did those great films with "Fred Astaire"...She made this one is London in 1978 according to the back sleeve....I ask myself should she have left it alone and let the record company issue her "Soundtrack" vocals !!....but I suppose as an entertainer the show must go on !!...Its a pity that the great singers can't keep their voices at their peak all there lives....only a handfull do !!.....But it's great to hear them their talent always shines tho'.....and as for this L/P its cool to hear the old songs given modern arrangements....

Thanks Bob For This One !!!

      5. A Fine Romance / Lets Call The Whole Thing Off

Kiki Dee.

Another set of original songs half of which were written by Kiki...Standout track is "Standing Room Only"

1. How Much Fun
2. Sweet Creation
3. Into Eternity
4. Standing Room Only 
5. Bad Day Child
6. Chicago

1. Night Hours
2. Keep Right On
3. In Return
4. Walking
5. First Thing In The Morning

Saturday 3 April 2021

Dick Van Dyke

We are still in "Belguim" with "Bob" for this one....I would have thought that the orchestrations would have more "Ooomf" being that it's the "Enoch Light  Orch" and recorded by "Command" Records...BUT it's a pleasant easy listen !!

       5. Baby Wont You Please Come Home

Des O'Connor

On this L/P Des talks as well as sings....he does what a lot of singers were doing in the 70's joining two songs together with same themes...and even tho' there is nothing on the sleeve to tell you the date all you have to do is look at the "Flares" that Des is wearing and "Bingo" the 70's !!!!...This one came from "Bob" !!

      5. The One I Love Belongs To Someone Else 

Ramsey Lewis....320 Kbps

If you like your piano music with a bit of "Funk" then this could be the one for you...A set of magic tracks that boasts "The Best Of"....Now!! only heard the "Wade In The Water" track so I will leave it to the "Ramsey Lewis" Fans to enlighten us whether or not the "Title"is worthy of it......Saying all that its a good one and well worth a listen to it definatly took me by surprise....AND I assume that its Ramsey in the chair holding the baby !!!

1. Julia
2. Hang On Sloopy
3. Les Fleur
4. Wade In The Water
5. Return To Paradise 
6. Jade East
7. Dancing In The Streets

1. The In Crowd
2. Theme From The Pawnbroker
3. Up Tight
4. Maiden Voyage
5. Function At The Junction
6. Soul Man

      2. Hang On Sloopy