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Monday 24 June 2024

Mike And The Mechanics

The 50's & 60's has now jumped a couple of decades to include music from the 70's & 80's and beyond ! with some 12 inch 45's rpm....these releases usually have longer versions of the songs and live and radio edits ...

1. The Living Years
2. Too Many Friends
3. I Get The Feeling.(Live Version)

          1. The Living Years

Ella Fitzgerald.

This is Vintage Ella just singing with a if you like your Ella uncluttered with just her voice then have a listen to this....her voice had matured by this time and you can hear the Ella of the "Songbooks"....all the tracks are great so leave it to everybody out in the wide world to pick a favourite....

1. I'm Glad There Is You
2. What Is There To Say
3. People Will Say Were In Love
4. Please Be Kind
5. Until The Real Thing Comes Along
6. Makin' Whoopee

1. Imagination
2. Stardust
3. My Heart Belongs To Daddy
4. You Leave Me Breathless
5. Baby What Else Can I Do
6. Nice Work If You Can Get It

           5. Until The Real Thing Comes Along

James Last & Orchestra.

 This compilation seems to be tracks from some of his L/P's maybe the ones on the back cover...not "The Best Of" like the "Bert Kampfert"one....but a nice easy listening one !!

1. American Patrol
2. I Got You Babe
3. Delicado
4. Toreadors March From Carmen
5. April In Portugal

1. Greensleeves
2. Yesterday
3. Sail Along Siv'ry Moon
4. Adagio
5. La Bamba

          4. Toreadors March 

Robert And Elizabeth.

 When I got these "Show" L/P's from a friend I must have missed playing this one because I can't remember being as impressed with it as I am now...Its a great one... typical "West End" show material...must say that its been on my turntable many many times since I recorded it for this blog...If it was still running I would have made an effort to go and see it...BUT it is from its a bit late!!...none of the songs as far as I know were hits as usually you find that there is usually one song that makes it popular....I might be wrong so if anyone knows different please enlighten me...all I can say is the whole score is good and worth listening to !!

1. Overture &Wimpole Street Song....Cast
2. The Family Moulton-Barratt....The Family
3. The World Outside....June Bronhill
4. Moon In My Pocket....Keith Michell
5. I Said Love....Keith Michell
6. The Real Thing....June Bronhill
7. You Only To love Me....Angela Richards
8. In A Simple Way....June Bronhill & Keith Michell
9. I Know Now....June Bronhill & Keith Michell

1. Soliloquy....June Bronhill
2. Pass The Eau De Cologne....The Brothers
3. I'm The Master Here....John Clements & The Brothers
4. Escape Me Never....Keith Michell
5. Hate Me Please...Angela Richards & Jeremy Lloyd
6. The Girls That Boys Dream About....The Family & Stella Moray
7. Woman And Man....June Bronhill
8. Frustration....Keith Michell
9. Finale-I Know Now- Reprise...Cast

     4. Moon In My Pocket

      9. I Know Now

Carly Simon.

 This is one of Carly's early recordings in fact I think it might be her first L/P...I like Carly's voice and the tracks are all original songs presumably written by her....Unfortunately this came to me with no sleeve so there is no information and it is a Japanese release and on the Label there is no reference who has written the songs....Maybe someone out there can fill in the gaps!!!

          4. The Girl You Think You See

Billy Eckstine And Sarah Vaughan.

This is a compilation of Sarah And Billy's early recordings...there is no info on the back of the sleeve so I think that we are talking about the late 50's early 60's...not even to tell who the "Orch's" are....bit mean on info !!!

1. Dedicated To You....Billy Eckstine & Sarah Vaughan
2. I Can't Get Started....Sarah Vaughan
3. A Room With A View....Billy Eckstine
4. Ev'ry Day....Billy Eckstine & Sarah Vaughan
5. No Orchids For My Lady....Billy Eckstine
6. What A Difference A Day Made....Sarah Vaughan

1. I Love You....Billy Eckstine & Sarah Vaughan
2. Have A Good Time....Billy Eckstine
3. A Hundred Years From Today....Sarah Vaughan
4. You're All I Need....Billy Eckstine And Sarah Vaughan
5. Kiss Of Fire....Billy Eckstine
6. You Not The Kind....Sarah Vaughan

  1. Dedicated To You

Sunday 16 June 2024

Tony Bennett

Volume 3 of Tony's early recordings 78's/45's

1. Someone Turned The Moon Upside Down
2. Why Does It Have To Be Me
3. Until Yesterday (Non e La Pioggia)
4. Please Driver Once Around The Park Again
5. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
6. My Heart Won't Say Goodbye
7. Take Me Back Again
8. Not As A Stranger
9. Cinnamon Sinner
10. Funny Thing
11. Punch And Judy Love
12. Shoo-Gah (My Pretty Sugar)
13. Close Your Eyes
14. It's Too Soon To Know
15. What Will I Tell My Heart
16. Don't Tell Me Why (Pitie Senorita)
17. How Can I Replace You
        15. What Shall I Tell My Heart

        12. Shoo-Gah (My Pretty Sugar)

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

A Music For Pleasure Release of some of Ella's & Louis tracks

1. Don't Be That Way
2. Makin' Whoopee
3. They All Laughed
4. Comes Love
5. Autumn In New York

1. Lets Do it
2. Stompin' At The Savoy
3. I Won't Dance
4. Gee Baby Ain't I Good For You
          7. Stompin' At The Savoy

Saturday 15 June 2024

Burt Bacharach

More smooth tunes from the pens of Bacharach & Hal David !

          3. Bond Street

Bobby Gentry

This one has been recorded as Side One & Side Two...taking in the interludes that are between tracks !

Friday 14 June 2024

Concert Favourites 2.WRC.

 Another Classic Selection from "Readers Digest" to have a little "Up Market" sounds too keep the balance and keep everybody out there interested !!!!..Once again...
"The New Symphony Orchestra Of London" is Conducted By "Rene Leibowitz"

1. H.M.S. Pinafore
2. Hora Staccato
3. Minuet from Quintet In A
4. Ritual Fire Dance
5. The Skaters Waltz

1. Naila Waltz
2. The Flight Of The Bumble Bee
3. Humoresque
4. Suite From Porgy And Bess

    2. Hora Staccato

Ella Fitzgerald.

 Here's Ella Having a Go at Country & Western....I Believe that this was originally a "Capitol Records" release called "Misty Blue".....

1. Misty Blue
2. Walkin' In The Sunshine
3. It's Only Love
4. Evil On Your Mind
5. I Taught Him Everything He Knows
6. Don't let The Doorknob Hit You

1. Turn The World Around The Other Way
2. The Chokin' Kind
3. Born To Lose
4. This Gun Don't Care
5. Don't Touch Me

       2. The Chokin' Kind

Malcolm Lockyer & Orchestra.

 This L/P is part of a collection from "The Readers Digest".....and a good collection of Film Music.....Recorded By "Malcolm Lockyer And His Concert Orchestra"....Soooooo as the T/V advert says.."It does what it says on the Tin"!!!!!

1. Around The World
2. The Harry Lime Theme
3. Cornish Rhapsody
4. Carioca
5. Terry's Theme
6. Falling In Love Again

1. Begin The Beguine
2. March Of The Siamese Children
3. The Dream Of Olwin
4. Three Coins In The Fountain
5. Anna

6. High Noon

          11. Anna

Shirley Bassey.

This one from "Dame Shirl"was recorded in "Vancouver"or at least the vocals were and it seems that the music was recorded and mixed in "Hollywood" it tells us on the back sleeve !!!......Now that to me is a bit disillusioned....I always imagine that a great singer like Shirley would want to have the orchestra at the back of her and record it "Live".....But I suppose that this goes on quite a bit when the two factors can't be in the recording studio at the same time.....It does not deter the fact that this is still a great L/P with some great tracks and "Shirl" in in a quieter mode.....Hey Ho !!...the wonders of technology go on and on and on !!!

1. All By Myself
2. This Masquerade
3. If And When
4. He's Out Of My Life
5. New York State Of Mind

1. Can You Read My Mind
2. Only When I Laugh
3. Solitaire
4. New York Medley
5. We Don't Cry Out Loud

    4. He's Out Of my Life.

Deep Purple

Now we have something here that may surprise a few people !!

The Concerto for Group and Orchestra is a concerto composed by Jon Lord, with lyrics written by Ian Gillan. It was first performed by Deep Purple and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Malcolm Arnold on 24 September 1969 and released on vinyl in December 1969. After the score was lost in 1970, it was performed again in 1999 with a recreated score. The 1969 performance was the first ever combination of rock music and a complete orchestra..

 Man from Mordor9 March 2018 at 14:32
Thanks for this post. I was in the audience at the Royal Albert Hall in September 1969 to hear this performance. Deep Purple were one of several bands to attempt to marry rock and classical - to varying degrees of success. Another, and well worth exploring, is that to The Nice (Keith Emerson) who were commissioned to produce a work for the Newcastle Arts Festival and came up with "The Five Bridges Suite" which was performed and recorded with complete symphony orchestra conducted by Joseph Eger. (Sir) Malcolm Arnold, conductor on the Deep Purple recording was a Northamptonshire lad who became principal trumpet player for the London Philharmonic. He composed a lot of music, including nine symphonies. He is (sadly considering his wonderful classical compositions) probably best remembered for his film scores, which included The Bridge On The River Kwai, Inn of The Sixth Happiness and the series of 50s St Trinian's films. Malcolm died in 2006, and Jon Lord succumbed in 2012 to the big 'C' - both sad losses.

Evita..Original London Cast

The Original London Cast Recording.....The cover is all silver so the scan is not too good...Light reflection on the silver ect !!...Recorded As Side 1 and Side 2

 1. Requiem For Evita
2. Oh What a Circus / Requiem
3. On This Night Of A Thousand Stars
4. Buenos Aires
5. Good Night And Thank You
6. I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You
7. Another Suitcase In Another Hall
8. A New Argentina

1. Don't Cry For Me Argentina
2. High Flying Adored
3. Rainbow High
4. And The Money Keep Rollin In
5. Waltz For Eva And Che
6. She Is A Diamond
7. Lament

Max Jaffa & His Orchestra

A dreamy set of tunes from a top Violin player of the 50's / 60's so go with the flow !!

Thursday 13 June 2024

Keely Smith.

If any of you out there are not familiar with "Keely's" work and sound then this is the one you should listen to...all the track are swingers she even manages to swing"Stardust"and you wont believe what she does to "Indian Love Call".....This along with "The Beatles Songbook"..I reckon are the best she has recorded...BUT don't take my word for it give it a download....Can't say which is the best track because they are al A1 first class !!

1. Its Magic
2. It's Been A Long Long Time
3. Stormy Weather
4. Indian Love Call
5. The Nearness Of You
6. What Is This Thing Called Love

1. The Man I Love
2. You're Driving Me Crazy
3. Stardust
4. There Will Never Be Another You
5. Someone To Watch Over Me
6. What Can I say After I Say I'm Sorry

          4. Indian Love Call

Peggy Lee

 This seems to be some early recordings of Peggy's doesn't say on the back the date of them but by the sound of her voice and some of the small combo's that accompany her I think its early 50's its a good one very varied....Also it doesn't give any information on the orchestra's

1. Hold Me
2. A Nightingale Can Sing The Blues
3. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
4. Every Night
5. Uninvited Dreams
6. Cannonball Express

1. Stormy Weather
2. Somebody Loves Me
3. Birmingham Jail
4. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
5. Where Are You
6. Just a Shade On The Blue Side

      3. Birmingham Jail

Dusty Springfield.

Here's Dusty looking and singing before her move to the USA...

1. Lost
2. Bad Case Of The Blues
3. Never Love Again
4. Let Me Get In Your Way
5. Let's Get Together Soon

1. Brand New Me
2. Joe
3. Silly Silly Fool
4. The Star Of My Show
5. Lets Talk it Over

    4. Brand New Me