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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Andre Previn....320 Kbps

Great L/P for the piano lovers which I am one of !!...great set of songs another one for kicking your slippers off putting your feet up on the settee/couch or whatever with a coffee or maybe a whiskey and let the music take you away !!

1. Like Love
2. When I Fall in Love
3. I Wish I Were In Love Again
4. Falling In Love Again
5. In Love In Vain
6. Nothin' To Do With Love

1. Love Is Here To Stay
2. Love Me Or Leave Me
3. Looking For Love
4. At Long Last Love
5. Like Someone In Love
6. I Love A Piano

      5. In Love In Vain.

Peggy Lee..Pete Kelly's Blues....320 Kbps

 This is also one of my favorite films so naturally the cover is a bit battered and seen better days...I think that I should have taken more care of the covers... then some of the L/P's could be worth a fortune !!....Fat chance of that I reckon...both covers and records have to be in pristine condition for some of them to be worth something and as you can see mine ain't !!!!

1. Oh Didn't He Ramble
2. Sugar
3. Somebody Loves Me 
4. I'm Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now
5. I Never Knew
6. Bye Bye Blackbird

1. What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry
2. Hard Hearted Hannah....Ella Fitzgerald
3. Ella Hums The Blues....Ella Fitzgerald
4. He Needs Me
5. Sing A Rainbow
6. Pete Kelly's Blues....Ella Fitzgerald

 Back To The L/P....this one always reminds me of my army days because I saw this film again when I was at Catterick....Ok so I'm rambling a bit... its my age so people tell me!! This is not a "Film Soundtrack" but is just songs from the film....In the film Peggy Lee only sings 5 of the songs Ella does sing the 3 that are on here...2 are sung by Janet Leigh and the rest by the band in the film..I wonder if Janet Leigh's voice was dubbed... no indication of it anywhere so who knows.....the CD version has a lot more music on it but not the vocals by Janet Leigh....sorry it is a bit scratchy

    2. Sugar

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Marlene Ver Planck

This singer is great !...not heard of her before but she certainly is well known over the Pond ! USA !...hope to hear more of her if anyone has any links to some of her work share them in the comments please !! TA !!

Marlene Paula VerPlanck (née Pampinella; November 11, 1933 – January 14, 2018) was an American jazz and pop vocalist whose body of work centered on big band jazz, the American songbook, and cabaret.....Her debut album, I Think of You with Every Breath I Take, was released in 1955 when she was 21..VerPlanck then went to work as a vocalist for Charlie Spivak's band, and later sang with the Tommy Dorsey band and with Tex Beneke′s band.
VerPlanck was a prolific studio vocalist for commercial jingles during the 1960s and 1970s, and by the 1960s became known as the "New York jingle queen." She recorded thousands of jingles, often for low pay.. Although she toiled largely in obscurity, her voice became widely known to millions of people during the 1960s and 1970s through the familiarity and popularity of her jingles.
VerPlanck also sang backup for Tony Bennett, Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, and Mel Torme, and she performed around the United States and internationally as a cabaret singer. Despite her long and successful career in jingles and as a studio backing vocalist, her second solo album, Marlene VerPlanck Loves Johnny Mercer, was not recorded until 1979, 24 years after her first album. Her solo career then began in earnest, and she released more than 20 albums, mostly on the Audiophile label, and toured extensively as a soloist. She specialized in the Great American Songbook, especially the works of Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern, Johnny Mercer, Cole Porter, and Richard Rodgers, and gained a reputation as one of the most accomplished interpreters of the genre.
In January 1983, VerPlanck took part in recording In the Digital Mood, an early all-digital recording of the music of Glenn Miller by the Glenn Miller Orchestra. The album included two vocal tracks – "Chattanooga Choo-Choo" and "(I've Got a Gal In) Kalamazoo", and VerPlanck was invited to sing the female vocals in a recreation of the singing group The Modernaires, which consisted of one female and four male vocalists, and to bring four male colleagues with her to sing the four male vocal parts. The album's producers expected her to bring unknown session and back-up singers with her, but she surprised and delighted the producers and the orchestra by arriving with Julius LaRosa, Mel Torme, Michael Mark, and Marty Nelson for the recording session on January 20, 1983.

VerPlanck last performed in December 2017 at a jazz club in New York City. She died of pancreatic cancer at a hospital in Manhattan, New York City on January 14, 2018, aged 84 and was buried at Mt. Olivet cemetery in Bloomfield.......(Info Edited From Wikipedia)

1. Mr Lucky
2. Growing Old Gracefully
3. Brasiliero
4. Where Is Love
5. There Wont Be Trunpets

1. I Concentrate On You
2. Rainbow Hill
3. Baby Elephant Walk
4. Sunday
5. Show Me
1. I Concentrate On You    

Saturday, 19 September 2020

3 x 45's.320 Kbps

3 more 45's picked out at random !!!!...Lucky Dip Time !!!

1. Turn The Tide....Johnny Hates Jazz
2. Breaking Point....Johnny Hates Jazz

1. Heaven Above Me....Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack
2. Can We Find Love Again....Peabo Bryson & Roberto Flack

1. La Casa Latina....OFF
2. New Style....OFF

1. La Casa Latina......OFF

Barry Kendall--Norah Blaney--Arthur Fiedler--William Thomas

The return of the Shellac's.....they would be good for using as frizbee's to see if we could knock the hat off that Anon under the bridge !!!
Not much info on the singers

1. The Five Pennies......Barry Kendall
2. The Five Pennies Saints......Barry Kendall & Jiver Hutchinson
3. The Man I Love......Norah Blaney
4. A Room With A View......Norah Blaney
5. Overture The Thieving Magpie Part 1......Arthur Fiedler
6. Overture The Thieving Magpie Conclusion....Arthur Fiedler
7. Sally The Sunshine Of Our Alley......William Thomas
8. If Winter Comes......William Thomas

                      Barry Kendal singer for "Woolie's" (Woolworth's) own 78 's Records

Norah Blaney (16 July 1893 – 7 December 1983), born Norah Mignon Cordwell was a pianist, composer, comedienne and music hall performer. She was an actress, known for Who Done It? (1956), Angel Pavement (1967) and Festival (1963).  She recorded hundreds of songs between 1921 and 1935...She was married to Basil Hughes, Philip Baron B. Durham and Albert Charles Lyne. She died on December 7, 1983 in Denville Hall, Northwood, London.

Arthur Fiedler (December 17, 1894 – July 10, 1979) was an American conductor known for his association with the Boston Symphony and Boston Pops orchestras. With a combination of musicianship and showmanship, he made the Boston Pops one of the best-known orchestras in the United States. Fiedler was sometimes criticized for over-popularizing music, particularly when adapting popular songs or editing portions of the classical repertoire, but he kept performances informal and sometimes self-mocking to attract a bigger audience.

1. The Five Pennies

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

James Last And Orch....320 Kbps

This should jog the memory a bit... hits from all decades rolled into a continues non stop tracks...Not exactly a "Rave" but pleasant sing along value !!!

Side 1                                                                 Side Two

1. Rivers Of Babylon                                       1. Brown Girl In The Ring
2. Dancing In The City                                    2. One For You One For Me
3. Night Fever                                                  3. Save Your Kisses For Me
4. Boogie Oogie Oogie                                     4. Amazing Grace
5. If I Only Had Time                                     5. Yesterday
6. Sailing                                                          6. Love Is In The Air
7. Una Paloma Blanca                                    7. I'm On Fire
8. I Can't Give You Anything                        8. I Only Want To Be With You
9. Y Viva Espana                                            9. You Make Me Feel Brand New
10. Fernando                                                  10. I Write The Songs
11. Massachusetts                                          11. Yes Sir I Can Boogie
12. Your The One That I Want                    12. Money Money Money
13. Rasputin

Side Three                                                      Side Four

1. Black Is Black                                            1. Stayin' Alive
2. In Zaire                                                      2. Let Me Be The One
3. Kiss You All Over                                     3. Cecilia
4. Mull Of Kintyre                                        4. I've Gotta Get a Message To You
5. Lara's Theme                                            5. Strangers in The Night
6. Rock Bottom                                             6. Daddy Cool
7. I Love To Love                                         7. Summertime
8. Love Hurts                                                8. Jeans On
9. Belfast                                                        9. All By Myself
10. It's a Heartache                                      10. You're The First My Last My Everything
11. Substitute                                                11. Knowing Me Knowing You
12. Dancing Queen                                       12. Devil Woman
                                                                       13. Stuff Like That

Caterina Valente..320 Kbps

Another first class effort from Caterina...I wish it was the "Stereo" the early 60's when most of these "Decca" releases were bought if I remember it was quite an effort for the record shops to stock "Stereo" versions unless you asked for was in the late 60's I think that they began to stock both the "Stereo" and The "Mono" versions as part of their ordering system.....Back to the L/P with "Johnny Keating & His Orch" this swings like the big bands of the 50's !!!

1. I Happen To Like New York
2. Lullaby Of Broadway
3. Autumn In New York
4. Chinatown My Chinatown
5. Somethings Coming

1. New York New York / Manhattan Serenade
2. Broadway
3. Sidewalks Of New York
4. Take the A Train
5. Oh Lawd I'm On My Way

    2. Lullaby Of Broadway

Nelson Riddle & Orchestra..320 Kbps


Here's an L/P that's very interesting in the fact that you might be waiting to hear "Sinatra" "Ella" " Peggy" or even "Nat King Cole" to come in at some point....BUT no its just "Nelson Riddle" on his own...on the back it say's it's a party record and people should be dancing to it...but it's better just to sit down and have a quiet listen it's a Good Un'...I first heard it at my local Cinema "Savoy"they played some tracks in the Interval for quite some time so I went and asked the manager what the record was and here it is from the late 50's !!

1. Let's Face The Music And Dance
2. You Are My Lucky Star
3. You And The Night And The Music
4. Younger Than Springtime
5. You Leave Me Breathless
6. Your An Old Smoothie

1. Then I'll Be Happy
2. I Get Along Without You Very Well
3. I Can't Escape From You
4. Have You Got Any Castles Baby
5. Darn That Dream
6. Let Yourself Go

       2. You Are My Lucky Star.

Jack Jones....320 Kbps

This is one of JJ better releases on the RCA label...a really good selection of songs some well known ones the rest are excelent especially "Traces Of A Long Forgotten Tune" and I love what he does to "The Jealous Kind" a TOP A1 L/P !!!!

1. With One More Look At You
2. Goodbye Old Buddies
3. Traces Of A Long Forgotten Tune
4. The Jealous Kind
5. Belonging

1. If I Only Had The Words To Tell You
2. Dixie Chicken
3. Perfect Strangers
4. Cajun Song
5. Empty Hearts

    4. The Jealous Kind

Ambrose & His Orchestra

A flip back to the thirties now...all tracks were recorded between 1933-1939.

Ambrose was born in Warsaw in 1896, when it was part of the Russian Empire. After a time the family moved to London. They were Jewish, his father being registered as a "Dealer in rags" in the 1911 UK census, where Ambrose was named as "Barnett' (a "Violin musician student"). He began playing the violin while young, and travelled to New York with his aunt. He began playing professionally, first for Emil Coleman at New York's Reisenweber's restaurant, then in the Palais Royal's big band. After making a success of a stint as bandleader, at the age of 20 he was asked to put together and lead his own fifteen-piece band. After a dispute with his employer, he moved his band to another venue, where they enjoyed considerable popularity.In 1922, Ambrose returned to London, where he was engaged by the Embassy Club to form a seven-piece band. He stayed at the Embassy for two years, before walking out on his employer to take up a much more lucrative job in New York. After a year there, besieged by continual pleas to return from his ex-employer in London, in 1925 he was finally persuaded to go back by a cable from the Prince of Wales: "The Embassy needs you. Come back—Edward".

This time Ambrose stayed at the Embassy Club until 1927. The club had a policy of not allowing radio broadcasts from its premises, however, and this was a major drawback for an ambitious bandleader, largely because the fame gained by radio work helped a band to gain recording contracts (Ambrose's band had been recorded by Columbia Records in 1923, but nothing had come of this). He therefore accepted an offer by the May Fair Hotel, with a contract that included broadcasting.Ambrose stayed at the May Fair for six years, during which time the band made recordings for Brunswick Records, HMV and Decca. He teamed up with Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart, along with an American harmony song trio, the Hamilton Sisters and Fordyce (aka Three X Sisters), to record songs including "My Heart Stood Still" among others. This period also saw the musical development of the band, partly as a result of Ambrose's hiring of first-class musicians, including Sylvester Ahola, Ted Heath, Joe Crossman, Joe Jeannette, Bert Read, Joe Brannelly, Dick Escott and trumpeter Max Goldberg.It was during the recording of a television programme (at the Yorkshire Television studios) that Ambrose collapsed, dying later the same night in Leeds General Infirmary. His music was kept alive after his death by, among others, Radio 2 broadcasters Alan Dell and Malcolm Laycock, the latter continuing to play his records into the 21st century. His records, especially from his many 78-rpm records and Radio Luxemburg recording , still regularly feature on Australian radio 8CCC-FM's long-running nostalgia programme "Get Out Those Old Records", hosted by Rufl.

Specialist dance band radio stations, such as Radio Dismuke and Swing Street Radio, continue to play his records. Ambrose also features regularly on the Manx Radio programme Sweet & Swing, presented by Howard Caine.......(Info Edited From Wikipedia)

    3. Streamline Strut

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Robert And Elizabeth...320 Kbps

 When I got these "Show" L/P's from a friend I must have missed playing this one because I can't remember being as inpressed with it as I am now...Its a great one... typical "West End" show material...must say that its been on my turntable many many times since I recorded it for this blog...If it was still running I would have made an effort to go and see it...BUT it is from its a bit late!!...none of the songs as far as I know were hits as usualy you find that there is usualy one song that makes it popular....I might be wrong so if anyone knows different please enlighten me...all I can say is the whole score is good and worth listening to !!

1. Overture &Wimpole Street Song....Cast
2. The Family Moulton-Barratt....The Family
3. The World Outside....June Bronhill
4. Moon In My Pocket....Keith Michell
5. I Said Love....Keith Michell
6. The Real Thing....June Bronhill
7. You Only To love Me....Angela Richards
8. In A Simple Way....June Bronhill & Keith Michell
9. I Know Now....June Bronhill & Keith Michell

1. Soliloquy....June Bronhill
2. Pass The Eau De Cologne....The Brothers
3. I'm The Master Here....John Clements & The Brothers
4. Escape Me Never....Keith Michell
5. Hate Me Please...Angela Richards & Jeremy Lloyd
6. The Girls That Boys Dream About....The Family & Stella Moray
7. Woman And Man....June Bronhill
8. Frustration....Keith Michell
9. Finale-I Know Now- Reprise...Cast

     4. Moon In My Pocket

Friday, 11 September 2020

New E-mail !

Just lost all my e-mail contacts not my fault ! changed provider a while back and they told me I could retain my old e-mail address but now it seems that they have pulled the plug without telling me so i can't get into my previous e-mail provider....and I can't remember many of them so if you want to contact me leave a message on any of the comments on the posts....Cheers...

Jack Jones....320 Kbps

Keeping with the Latin/Bossa Nova Theme here is a L/P that is just that !! 12 more or less standard songs mostly from Broadway & London Shows sung perfectly by Mr Jones !!

1. She Loves Me
2. Real Live Girl
3. Our Language Of Love
4. Close Your Eyes
5. When I'm Not Near The Girl I Love

6. I Believe In You

1. The Lamp Is Low
2. On The Other Side Of The Tracks
3. Wouldn't It Be Loverly
4. My Mood Is You
5. Hit The Road To Dreamland
6. I Get Along Without You Very Well

    5. Hit The Road To Dreamland

Friday, 4 September 2020

The Hi-Lo's

The Great Hi-Lo's doing justice to a handfull of standards...Grrrrrrreat !!

The Hi-Lo's were a vocal quartet formed in 1953, who achieved their greatest fame in the late 1950s and 1960s. The group's name is a reference to their extreme vocal and physical ranges (Bob Strasen and Bob Morse were tall, Gene Puerling and Clark Burroughs were short).

1. Dancing On The Ceiling
2. Yesterdays
3. Impossible
4. But Beautiful
5. In The Wee Small Hours of The Morning
6. The Love Nest

1. This Heart Of Mine
2. Music For Lovers
3. My Romance
4. The Lamp Is Low
5. Wait Till You See Her
6. Fairyland
    5. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning

Helmut Zacharias & Orchestra

The man with the magic violins strikes again !! This time in Stereo !!

1. Piove (Ciao Ciao Bambina)
2. Ave Maria No Morro
3. Pabilito
4. Come Prima ( More Than Ever)
5. Le Gitan Et Le Fille
6. Bermuda Shorts

1. Tea For Two Cha-Cha
2. Passion Flower
3. Ballade Irlandaise
4. Carribean Cruise
5. Mon Coeur Au Portugal
6. When The White lilacs Bloom Again

    1. Tea For Two Cha-Cha

Saturday, 29 August 2020

Caterina Valente.320 Kbps

 This is the Television Concert that Caterina did in 1975 on the day that she should have been performing in my home town of "Leicester".....I had booked to see her and was very exited then "Boooooom"got a msg from the ticket office that the performance had been cancelled because of the clash of dates !!!....never did get to see her !!!...which was a pity I would have loved it !!...AHhhhhhhhhh!!!!.C'est La Vie"!!!!!!!!.....There is a slight needle jump near the end of the "Mother Goosenova" Medley !!....BUT not enough to spoil this great recording !!!

Not To sure about the applause tho!... seems to be "Canned" (Recorded) not the actual applause...Might be wrong but it does sound a bit funny no cheers and fading at the end of the songs !!

1. a. Before The Parade Passes By
    b.  Samba De Orfeu
2. Everybody Gets To Go To The Moon
3. Italian Medley
4. Alla Turka
5. Mother Goosenova Medley
6. a. We've Only Just Begun
    b. You've Got A Friend

1. Scarborough Fair
2. The Windmills Of Your Mind
3. a. Malaguena
    b. The Breeze And I
4. Canto De Ossanha
5. Leaving On A Jet Plane

Caterina Valente...320 Kbps

Big hair and flairs must be the 70's !!! a compilation of "Caterina's" 70's Hits mostly sung in German with Side 4 sporting  6 different languages....

Disc. 1

1. Canzone D'amore
2. Quando Quando
3. Tausend Rosarote Pfeile ( Little Arrows )
4. Einen Ring Mit Zwei Blutroten Steinen
5. Hava Nagilah Hava
6. Tschau Tschau Bambina

1. Popocatepeti Twist
2. Ich Hatt Getanzt Heut Nacht ( I Could Have Danced All Night ) 
3. Schau IchZum Himmelszelt
4. Ein Schiff Wird Kommen
5. Kleiner Gonzales ( Speedy Gonzales )
6. Wunderbar Wie Schon Der Abend War

Disc. 2

1. Der Sherriff Von Arkansas Ist Ne Lady
2. I Love You
3. Rosalie Murt nich Wienen
4. La Strada Del'amore
5. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Honolulu Strand Bikini
6. Sag Adieu ( Petite Fleur )

1. Blue Moon ( English )
2. Till ( Italian )
3. L'ame Des Poetes ( French )
4. Sakura (Japanese )
5. La Malaguena ( Spanish )
6. La Havanna a Paris ( Portugese )

    5. La Malaguena

Samantha Jones

The distinctive voice of Sam Jones singing her heart out with 12 tracks...She definatly should have been more successful than she was.

Jean Owen (born 17 November 1943), known as Samantha Jones is a former English singer whose career spanned the mid-1960s through the early 1980s. She won three international pop music contests and charted records in the Benelux countries. Her recordings later experienced a revival on the Northern soul scene. Jean Owen started her career in 1961 as part of popular English vocal group The Vernons Girls. During her time with the group, the line-up went from sixteen members to just three girls. 
In 1964, with the help of producer Charles Blackwell, Owen embarked on a solo career and signed with the international record label United Artists, who gave her the stage name Samantha Jones. Her first TV performance as a solo performer was a duet with Long John Baldry on 20 November 1964, with whom she had also duetted in Around the Beatles while a member of the Vernons Girls. She released several unsuccessful 45s (amongst them "Surrounded by a Ray of Sunshine," later a staple on the Northern soul circuit). Two of Jones' songs were covered by Françoise Hardy and released on the LP known as L'Amitié. In 1967, two of Samantha Jones's performances were included in the soundtrack of the film The Vengeance of Fu Manchu. Her first album Call It Samantha was released in US only in 1968. Jones switched to UK label Penny Farthing in 1969 and recorded her second album A Girl Named Sam with the producer Mark Wirtz. The performance of one of the tracks, the chugging "Today (Without You)" brought Samantha Jones the Grand Prix of the Radio-Télé Luxembourg in October 1969 and charted in Belgium and the Netherlands. A year later, Jones won the music festival held in Knokke-Heist with a version of "My Way", which subsequently reached No. 4 on the Dutch charts. In 1988, the track was included in the compilation album World Stars – 28 Greatest Artists of the World.

On 15 July 1970, Samantha Jones made a guest appearance on The Morecambe & Wise Show, performing "You've Got Your Troubles". Later that year, she released her third LP The Other Jones. Samantha Jones appeared on the edition of 5 June 1971 of Disco aired in West Germany on the ZDF network. By then, Jones had become a known cabaret act and performed on cruise ships including the Queen Elizabeth 2. Samantha Jones sang on numerous BBC radio shows. In 1982, the Dutch label Dureco released the album Goin' Places. She stopped singing in 1986 and became a producer placing numerous musical production shows on cruise lines. Today, Jean Owen lives with her husband in London and Henley-on-Thames 
    1. The Other Side Of Me

Friday, 28 August 2020

Samantha Jones...My Way

Alice Darr

Not much info about this great seems that this is was the only studio recording that she made...along side a live performance in France...But I guess that this is the same for all the forgotten singers of yesteryear..... that the information is sparse....I agree with the review below about the influence of Julie London....its a great find and well worth a listen !

Alice Darr is another forgotten voice in the world of Jazz. Along with a host of others of forgotten yet talented vocalists of the era of the 50' and early 60s (Jerri Winters, Helen Carr and Jeri Southern come to mind) , she was a low key but thoroughly professional singer that reminds one of Julie London by the way of Carmen McCrae. As far as I know this was her only recording she ever made and what a good one it is. The album was recorded in one day which is somewhat of a minor miracle in itself (.Miss Darr was probably thinking I may not get a second chance at this) on May 18th, 1962 at the famed A & R studios with an unknown ,at the time, Phil Ramone at the helm.. She sings 12 songs that even I ,who knows the Great American Songbook well, have never heard of. Not a standard in the bunch which by no means is a bad thing , just that one song tend to meld into another with out any great distinction. 4 of the songs were written by the guitarist on the date , the great Mundell Lowe ...... but Darr's singing is so apropos of the time she transcends the so-so songs into sweet poetry . George Duvivier 's bass is a nice support for her . As far as I know , the album is out of print , originally recorded on the Charlie Parker Record label........( Review Courtesy Of.......Daddyojazz )

1. I only Know How To Cry
2. Yes He's Gone
3. Love Does Funny Things
4. Leave me Alone
5. Under The Smile
6. There He Goes

1. The Lost And The Lonely
2. I Can't Find My Way Home
3. It's A Lonely World
4. Try Try Again
5. Seasons Lost Love
6. You're So Far Away From Me
Alice Darr with Dean Martin 

    2. I Can't Find My Way Home 


The Boswell Sisters

Just come across a box of 78's so "John" has kindly wrapped them all up for me so they wont get broken 78's are brittle and prone to break if you sit on them " or drop them !!! enjoy some 100% vintage sounds !!!

The Boswell Sisters were a close harmony singing group, consisting of sisters Martha Boswell Lloyd (June 9, 1905 – July 2, 1958), Connee Boswell (original name Connie, December 3, 1907 – October 11, 1976), and Helvetia "Vet" Boswell (May 20, 1911 – November 12, 1988), noted for intricate harmonies and rhythmic experimentation. They attained national prominence in the United States in the 1930s. They made numerous recordings for Brunswick Records from 1931-1935. These Brunswick records are widely regarded as milestone recordings of vocal jazz. The Boswell Sisters chalked up 20 hits during the 1930s, including the number-one record "The Object of My Affection" (1935).
Young Ella Fitzgerald loved the Boswell Sisters and in particular idolized Connee, after whose singing style she patterned her own....(Info edited from Wikepedia)

1. Doggone I've Done It
2. Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
3. Gee But I'd Like To Make You Happy
4. Were On The Hoighway To Heaven
5. Crazy People
6. Bell Bottom Trousers
7. Coffee In The Morning Kisses At Night
8. Me Minus You

    5. Crazy People