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Thursday, 18 July 2019

The Golden Age Of The Hollywood Stars.

Here's a strange different and wonderful double L/P....full of Dialogue & songs from 50 films from 1926 till 1949 made by Warner Bros....I guess it wont be everybodys cup of tea but its a great nostalgic romp of yesteryear....Its a pity that there are no gaps in the tracks so I had to record them as Side 1-4...and you will have to check the playing list to get what films the track is from....nothing I could do about that the tracks are too close together to separate them.....The L/P sleeve has a 12 page booklet inside that is full of pictures and information on the films featured... very difficult to scan otherwise I would have tried to scan some interested to have some comments from people who decide to give it go and a listen......

Side One                                                         Side Two                              Side Three

      Side Four                                                                                                          
I hope everybody who downloads this unusual L/P enjoys it as much as I do.....Takes a little bit of sorting out because of the lack of tracks definition but keep with it and you should enjoy the experience !!!..The size of the file is it might take a while to download but bear with it will be worth it !!!..

Jack Jones.

Another fist class L/P from Mr Jones...recorded 1965-66-67 according to the label on the L/P, so I imagine that might be some singles involved....usually the singer and producer of the L/P choose the songs for it and record then all in one go....or the tracks have been lying around for some time and someone decided to create an L/P

3. As Time Goes By.

The Four Freshmen.

Another great recording of songs by 4 guys who sing and play instruments..trombone and trumpets I believe !!....but not at the same time !!....great track is "Crazy Bones"

  4. I Wanna Go Where You Go.

Monday, 15 July 2019

Burt Bacharach

Another easy listening L/P by Burt Bacharach playing his hit songs...once again he sings on one track "A House Is Not A Home"

1. Reach Out For Me 
2. Alfie
3. Bond Street
4. Are You There
5. What The World Needs Now

1. The Look Of Love
2. A House Is Not A Home
3. I Say A Little Prayer
4. The Windows Of The World
5. Lisa
6. Message To Michael

2. Alfie.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

World Wide Movie & Tv Themes.320.Kbps

 The first side of this L/P from "Readers Digest " Stable takes some well known "Film" songs and gives them  completely different arrangements and they are great !!...The second side is okay but not as good as the first one....I Wonder if all the orchestras that are featured are all the same !!!..what I mean is made up of "Session Musicians" and a random name picked out from a hat !!!!

1. To Sir With Love...Norman Percival & His Orch
2. Somewhere My Love...Carlo Savina & His Orch
3. Born Free...London Pops Orch
3. A Man And A Woman...Johnny Gibbs& His Orch
4. You Only Live Twice...Johnny Gibs & His Orch
5. Stella By Starlight...London Pops Orch
6. Long Ago And far Away...Robert Mandell & The Mike Sammes Singers

1. Peter-Gunn...Warren Barker & Orch
2. Theme From Peyton Place...Warren Barker & Orch
3. I Spy...Warren Barker & Orch
4. The Untouchables...Warren Barker & Orch
5. Gunsmoke...Warren Barker & Orch
6. Theme From Route 66...Warren barker & Orch
7. Theme From The Man From Uncle...Warren Barker & Orch

6. Theme From Route 66

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

It's Trad Dad

Okay now we have a compilation from the film.....I think I did see it in the distant past !!..not sure maybe it will be on TV I'll watch it if it does !!...nice to hear the oldies again !!

 3. Rainbows

Monday, 1 July 2019

Dakota Staton.

 4. Can't Live Without Him Anymore.

Don McLean.

Here's a great one by Don....He seems very relaxed on these recordings recorded in 1973....very accoustic with "Banjo's" "Mandolin's" "Violin's" & "Fiddles".....Just a thought anybody knows the difference between a "Violin" and a "Fiddle" ??....Love "The Mountains Of Morn"...with some revised lyrics (I Think) !!

1. Sitting On Top Of The World
2. Living With The Blues
3. Mountains Of Morn
4. Fool's Paradise
5. Love O Love
6. Bill Cheethan/Old Joe Clark

1. Everyday
2. Ancient History
3. Over The Mountains
4. Lovesick Blues
5. Muleskinner
6. Happy Trails

 4. Lovesick Blues.

Sarah Vaughan.

This is a great L/P from "Sassy"Recorded in 1960,Sarah is in the studio with a small jazz combo headed by trumpeter Harry 'Sweets' Edison and and pianist Jimmy Jones who provide suitably sympathetically support.She's in great voice and sounds completely at home with material that ranges from the jolly 'Have You Met Miss Jones' to the yearning 'Trouble is a Man' and the dangerously downbeat 'Gloomy Sunday.'......I got the L/P cover and the quote above from the "Net"......I gave the cover to a Friend who was a good copy artist to make me a copy of the cover....that was in the 60's needless to say I'm still waiting for it !!! track for my money is
"I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out Of My Life"!!!!

1. Have You Met Miss Jones                 
2. Ain't No Use                      
3. Every Time I See You
4. You Stepped Out Of A Dream                       
5. Gloomy Sunday
6. What Do You See In Her 

 1. Jump For Joy                                             
 2. When Your Lover Has Gone
3. I'm Gonna Laugh You Out Of My Life
4. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
5. Somebody Else's Dream 
6. Trouble Is A Man

 3. I'm Gonna laugh You Right Out Of My Life

Petula Clark

This Petula L/P was the only one that she recorded for MGM....obviously in america there is not much information on the back cover I think it was probably 1972 or thereabouts Pets in good voice and the tracks are a mixture pop tunes... and one written by her and one by Tony Hatch & Jackie Trent....The arrangments are by "Don Costa" who has done most of "Eydie Gorme's" L/Ps so they are cool !!...(Now is 1972)....not 2019 !!

6. Baby I'm Yours

Monday, 24 June 2019

Burt Bacharach

A nice easy listening one now from one of today's great songwriters... he even manages to sing the title track and makes a good job of it !!.....most of the tracks are well known and the arrangements are similar to the "Hit Vocals"

1. Promises Promises
2. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
3. Knowing When To Leave
4. Any Day Now
5. Wanting Things

1. Whoever You Are I Love You
2. Make It Easy On Yourself
3. Do You Know the Way To San Jose
4. Pacific Coast Highway
5. She's Gone Away
6. This Guy's in Love With You

 3. Do You Know The Way To San Jose.

CBS Showcase.VA

This L/P is a 27 track compilation on two L/P's..A good compilation of CBS tracks from very different L/P's...It does contain my favourite track of "Georgie Fame"..."It Could Happen To You" wish he would have done more "Standard" songs....and a great recording of "Robert Goulet"...."My Cup Runneth Over" !!!.....The back sleeve is exactly the same as the front ..In case anybody was wondering why  "No Back " !!!

Disc 1
1. Run Baby Run....The Tremeloes
2. It Could happen To You....Georgie Fame
3. Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree....Anita Harris
4. Cloudy....Simon & Garfunkle
5. Sunrise Sunset....Jerry Vale
6. Something Stupid....Stan Butcher His Birds & Brass
7. So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Singer....The Byrds

1. What Now My Love....Barbra Streisand
2. Once Upon A Summertime....Barbra Streisand
3. Moon River....Ray Conniff & Orch         
4. Alley Cat....Ray Conniff & Orch
5. Just Like A Woman....Bob Dylan
6. The Times They Are A Changing....Bob Dylan          

Disc 2
1. A Taste Of Honey....Tony Bennett
2. I Wonder What Became Of Me....Diahann Carroll
3. If I Were A Rich Man....Laurie Holloway
4. Mongo's Boogaloo....Mongo Santamaria
5. True Love.... Peaches & Herb                         
6. Anything Goes....the Dave Brubeck Quartet        

1. Born Free....Andy Williams
2. Sunny....Andy Williams
3. A Man And A Woman....Percy Faith & Orch  
4. Georgy Girl....Percy Faith & Orch
5. My Cup Runneth Over....Robert Goulet
6. Make Someone Happy....Robert Goulet
7. How R Ya Hawaii....The Happy Hawaiians
8. Lao Pu Pu Lei....The Happy Hawaiians  

 2. It Could Happen To You.

Mason Williams.

This is the guy who wrote the hit "Classical Gas"and he does another version of it on this L/P..I have posted another "Mason Williams" L/P earlier and it has been downloaded 97 times so I guess some of you out there have given it a listen !!..This L/P is just as good so PEEPS don't be shy and give it a go....Apart from "Classical Gas"can't say that I have not heard of any other of his tracks that have become Hits.....A fantastic track is "Manha De Carnival" its a "Cool" L/P !!

1. Jose's Place
2. Find A Reason To Believe
3. Saturday Night At The World
4. I've Heard That Tearstained Monologue
5. All The Time

1. Classical Gas
2. The Tomato Vendetta
3. Manha De Carnival
4. Its Over
5. The Exiting Accident

 3. Manha De Carnival.

Barbra Streisand

   Now then !!! I have a bit of an issue with this L/P.....BUT before I go into it I have to tell you that it has my all time favourite "Streisand" track and also my second favourite one on it !!
that is...No 1 all time great track..."The Kind Of Man A Woman Needs" No 2..."He Touched Me"....both of these are "Barbra" at her best !!!!......Now comes the moans....I wish that the producers had toned down the orchestra... on some of the tracks I think that it seems like the vocals and orchestra where trying to outdo one another to see who could be louder !!....It is from a TV special show....maybe it's taken from that but I doubt it...I think that Barbra would have gone into the studio to record the tracks...OR maybe I have a faulty interested if any one out there who has the L/P has a pristine one !!...and is different !!

1. He Touched Me
2. The Shadow Of Your Smile
3. Quiet Night
4. I Got Plenty Of Nothing
5. How Much Of The Dream Comes True
6. Second Hand Rose

1. The Kind Of Man A Woman Needs
2. All That I Want
3. Where's That Rainbow
4. No More Songs For Me
5. Medley
   a. Second Hand Rose
   b. Give Me The Simple Life
   c. I Got Plenty Of Nothing
   d. Brother Can You Spare a Dime
   e. Nobody Knows You When Your Down And Out
   f. Second Hand Rose
   g. The Best Things In Life Are Free   

 1. He Touched Me.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Matt Monro.320.kpbs

We now have "Matt" recorded I guess in US of A with a selection of songs dedicated to the fairer sex !!...hence the title !!! usual with all of Matt's recordings you can't fault them !!! excellent L/P !!

8. You've Got Possibilities

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Peggy Lee....320 Kbps

 Here's a Compilation of Peggy's from 1957 to 1968....most of her popular hits are on this one with a re-recording of her first hit "Why Don't You Do Right"!!

1. The Alley Cat Song 
2. I'll Only Miss Him When I Think Of Him
3. Fever
4. The Shadow Of Your Smile
5. Big Spender
6. Manana
7. A Lot Of Livin' To Do
8. I'm A Woman

1. Call Me
2. Pass Me By
3. Yes Indeed
4. The Folks Who Live On The Hill
5. Till There Was You
6. Alright Okay You Win
7. Don't Smoke In Bed
8. Why Don't You Do Right

8. Why Don't You Do Right.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Hollywood Gold..VA

I could listen to this L/P all night and have done in the past !...Why oh why didn't the record company continue with a series and followed it up with Volume 2 ect...they certainly have enough songs to do it !!!....All the tracks are taken from the MGM musical films from 1937 onwards and MGM made loads of them....Its a sad fact that most of the singers on this L/P are no longer with us.... BUT its great that we can remember them by Film & Record !!...All the tracks are gems !!

1. A Couple Of Swells....Judy Garland & Fred Astaire
2. Bless Your Beautiful Hide....Howard Keel
3. Almost Like being In Love....Gene Kelly
4. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes....Kathryn Grayson
5. Rose Marie....Howard Keel
6. The Best Things In Life Are Free....June Allyson & Peter Lawford
7. Johnny One Note....Judy Garland
8. Vilia....Fernando Lamas
9. Look For The Silver Lining....Judy Garland
10. Singin' In The Rain....Gene Kelly

1. Hi Lili Hi Lo....Leslie Caron & Mel Ferrer
2. Over The Rainbow....Judy Garland
3. S'wonderful....Gene Kelly & Georges Guetary
4. Too Darn Hot....Ann Miller
5. Stranger In Paradise....Vic Damone & Ann Blyth
6. Who's Sorry Now....Gloria de haven
7. Dear Mr Gable (You Made Me love You)....Judy Garland
8. Aba Daba Honeymoon....Debbie Reynolds & Carleton Carpenter
9. Doin' What Comes Naturaly....Betty Hutton
10.The Night They Invented Champagne..Leslie Caron & Louis Jourdan & Hermione Gingold

10. Singin' In The Rain.

Kiki Dee

This is an early Kiki Dee L/P.....she sings well on it and does a great job on all the well known songs that are there...BUT the A&R men or whoever it was that did choose the songs unfortunately didn't do a very good job....I realise that these tracks must have been Kiki's first single's.....There is no details on the back sleeve so I realy can't be sure.....I am only glad that  Elton John got her signed up on his label "Rocket"and produced the great L/Ps that I have already Posted on here !!....Not forgeting the great one she did for "Tamla Motown"...

1. Can't Take My Eyes Off You
2. Excuse Me
3. Sunshine
4. Patterns
5. Hungry Heart
6. Now The Flowers Cry
7. When We Get There
8. Why Don't I Run Away From You

1. On A Carpet Ride
2. I
3. We've Got Everything Going For Us
4. I Dig You Baby
5. Stop And Think
6. There He Goes
7. How Glad I Am
8. I'mGoing Out

7. How Glad I Am.