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Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Richard Harris.

We now have a "Mr Harris"singing the songs of "Jim Webb"..still wondering if he finally got time to bake that cake again !!!....I would guess that this might be the first of "Richard's" venture into the recording studio....If I am wrong I guess somebody will put me right !!!

1. Prelude / Didn't We
2. Interlude / Paper Chase
3. Interlude / Name Of My Sorrow
4. Interlude / Lovers Such As I
5. In The Final Hours

1. Mac Arther Park
2. Dancing Girl
3. Interlude / If You Must Leave My Life
4. A Tramp Shining

      2. Dancing Girl

Charly Foster

This one is great fun !!...courtesy once again from "Bob" across the channel..a great selection of tunes some well known ones and some not so !!...BUT we have some enthusiastic instrumental playing and once again never heard of them....with a guess and seeing on the back it was recorded in "Belguim" its a "Belguim" based band....well worth a download !!

      1. Liebestraum

Saturday, 6 August 2022

Werner Muller & His Orchestra

As the title say's the Strings are Cascading !!..another great instrumental  L/P  from the German orchestra.
1. Tango In The Rain
2. Lisbon Antigua
3. Bistro
4. La Cumparsita
5. Simonetta
6. Monte Carlo Melodie

1. Arpanetta
2. Song Of The Pearl Fisher
3. Guitar Mambo
4. Valse Baccara
5. Bolero Bleu
6. Tango Of The Drums
          3. Guitar Mambo

Yma Sumac

Queen Of The Exotica 6 tracks including the 50's hit Virgin Of The Sun God !

1. My Destiny
2. Virgin Of The Sun God
3. Anthem
4. Forest Creatures
5. Love
6. Farewell

          2. Virgin Of The Sun God

The Caterina Valente Singers

It's great to have this L/P now in "Stereo"....I have got and posted my version "Mono" earlier on this here is the Stereo Version !...and there is definitely a difference !!

1. Dominique
2. Desifinado
3. I Want To Hold Your Hand
4. Moon River
5.Cuando Calienta El Sol
6. Swing Low Sweet Chariot

1. Stardust
2. Baubles Bangles And Beads
3. Maria
4. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
5. Cheerio (Addio) (Chariot)
6. Midnight In Moscow
          1. Dominique

Vic Damone

Below we visited Hollywood for a live performance,now off we go to New York to Basin Street East to be precise for another "Live" gig !!......some of the well known songs are defiantly given a different treatment.. but it does take a couple of songs before Vic gets in his stride vocally of course !!
1. You And The Night And The Music
2. When Your Lover Has Gone
3. What Kind Of Fool Am I
4. At Long Last Love
5. Fascinating Rhythm
6. They Can't Take That Away From Me

1. The Most Beautiful Girl In The  World
2. Adios
3. I Left My Heart In San Francisco
4. Lot Of Livin' To Do
5. Your Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
6. On The Street Where You Live

Friday, 5 August 2022

Luiz Bonfa

There is something truly majestic in the guitar playing and composing of Luiz Bonfá
The Brazilian Scene, released in 1965 on the Philips imprint, sits right on the knife edge between something as wonderfully organic as his solo recordings and the more stylized Anglo projects that were flooding the bins at the time. This date was produced by Hal Mooney, who also served as co-arranger along with Bonfá. The Brazilian Scene set features 12 tunes, seven of which are Bonfá originals, and one an arrangement of a traditional song ("Malaguena Salerosa"). The rest are pop standards and some that would be (the Beatles' "Yesterday"). The studio group includes Bonfá's New York studio band, featuring the great drummer Hélcio Milito, bassist Donald Payne, and flutist Jerome Richardson, Of the pop standards, his reading of "That Old Black Magic" transforms the tune into a top-flight samba, with ticking triple-time percussion by Milito. The band performs this one without accompaniment from the orchestra, and it is among the set's highlights. This is colorful and polished Brazilian jazz performed by a crack group with tasteful -- if sometimes overly busy arrangements
                                                                        (Edited) Review by Thom Jurek Of AllMusic
1. Avocado
2. Moonlight In Rio
3. Malaguena Salerosa
4. Zomba
5. Yesterday
6. That Old Black Magic

1. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
2. Embolada
3. Bye Bye Blues
4. Her Face
5. Samalero
6. Dream Girl

          6. That Old Black Magic

Ella Fitzgerald

If you are an Ella fan then this is a must for you...IMHO this is the best live performance ever by Ella....As I have said before I have seen her 5 times in the 60's/70's...BUT I would have loved to be in this audience in 1956...The comunication with the audience is MAGIC MAGIC !!

So why did this recording sit in the vault for over 60 years?

The enchanting archival live album, Ella at Zardi's, finds legendary jazz vocalist Ella Fitzgerald in concert at the famed Los Angeles club Zardi's in February of 1956. No random session, the Zardi's show was captured in the wake of producer Norman Granz founding his then-newly minted label Verve Records for the sole purpose of recording Fitzgerald. While the singer had long been under Granz's management, in his estimation she had languished at Decca, suffering under the label's choice of average songs and poor promotion. In moving Fitzgerald to Verve, Granz sought to showcase her virtuosic talent on record much in the same way that he had with the vibrant Jazz at the Philharmonic concerts since the mid-'40s.While all of her talent is on display here, the charm of the album is just how intimate, low-key, and seemingly off-the-cuff everything sounds. Backing Fitzgerald with urbane sensitivity is pianist Don Abney, bassist Vernon Alley, and drummer Frank Capp.The result is a breezy cabaret vibe with Fitzgerald fielding requests from the audibly enthusiastic audience. Included are many of her most well-known songbook standards at that point, including such standouts as "Tenderly," "How High the Moon," and "I Can't Give You Anything But Love." She even offers up an exuberantly swinging reading of her signature 1938 original hit "A-Tisket, A-Tasket,"....Ella's dazzling vocal skills, that make Ella at Zardi's such a magical experience.
             Edited Review By Matt Collar From AllMusic

 The Zardi’s recording has great historic importance, as it is undoubtedly the earliest authorized recording of Ella Fitzgerald working in a nightclub....Zardi’s, located on Hollywood Boulevard, was one of the popular jazz spots in 1950s Los Angeles.

      4. Airmail Special.......(Wow!.. what a performance nobody does Scat Like Ella !)

Ella Fitzgerald & Oscar Peterson

Some great Ella's live performances now this one from 1953 JATP tours....

 In March 1953, Ella & Oscar and a group of people visited Switzerland on a JATP tour performed at a large theater there. Ella started off cheerfully with a youthful voice. The fast tempo scat and the ballad that makes you listen carefully are impeccable. From the ninth track, Peterson performed with Brown and Kessel in a straightforward manner. The sound quality is also superb, and the stage is full of enthusiasm and activity, typical of jazz of this era, and the audience also applauds with a crackling applause. 
                                                       Pure Magic !
Tracks 1-8....Ella
Tracks 9-13....Oscar Peterson

          7. St Louis Blues

Thursday, 28 July 2022

Bee Gees

 Here's a selection of tracks over 2 L/P's...The BG's in their Disco moods....

1. Jive Talkin'
2. Night Fever
3. Tragedy
4. You Should Be Dancing
5. Stayin' Alive

1. How Deep Is Your Love
2. Love So Right
3. Too Much Heaven
4. Our Love Don't Throw It all Away
5. Fanny

1. If I Can't Have You
2. You Stepped Into my Life
3. Love Me
4. More Than a Woman
5. Rest Your Love On Me

1. Nights On Broadway
2. Spirits having Flown
3. Love You Inside And Out
4. Winds Of Change
5. Children Of The World

          2. Night Fever

Sunday, 24 July 2022

Eddie Fisher

Here's The Singer !!

1. Anytime
2. Oh My Papa
3. Heart
4. Trust In Me
5. Lady Of Spain
6. I'm Walking Behind You

1. Tell Me Why
2. I'm Yours
3. I Need You Now
4. Wish You Were Here
5. Thinking Of You
6. Fanny
          5. Lady Of Spain

Eddie Calvert

We now have two "Eddies" on Trumpet and one vocal cordist ! (Singer)

         5. La Ultima Noche

Saturday, 23 July 2022

Francoise Hardy

A set of French Songs sung by the soft voice of Francoise Hardy...

                               A Couple More Re-Posts

   4. La Fin De L'ete

The Bee Gee's

By the picture on this L/P cover I would imagine that this must be an early set of recordings On The "BG's"....Sooooooo off to "Google"

 Horizontal is the fourth studio album by the Bee Gees, and their second album to receive an international release. The LP was released in early 1968, and included the international hit singles "Massachusetts" and "World". 
 The influences displayed on the album range from The Beatles to baroque pop.

Definatley a different Bee Gee's Sound !!!

          6. Horizontal

Saturday, 16 July 2022

Perry Como.

We now have some re-posts that has been requested

Seems that we are stuck on "Compilations" at the moment so here is another one !!...Mr Laid Back himself singing a couple of his hits then filled out with a couple of standard songs ending with not so familiar songs !!....All sung as only Mr PC can do !!!...Horizontally !!!

1. Kiss Me Kiss Me And Kiss Me
2. Here's To My Lady
3. You'll Always Be My Lifetime Sweetheart
4. Carolina Moon
5. Somebody Loves Me

1. Juke Box Baby
2. Mandolins In The Moonlight
3. I Know
4. The Island Of Forgotten Lovers
5. That Old Gang Of Mine

           5. Somebody Loves Me

Perry Como.

Here's a compilation of "Perry's" on a "Budget Label" that I'm sure would have first came out under another title...There's quite a few "Musical Show" songs on it....sung as only he can !!

1. The Sweetest Sounds
2. My Favourite Things
3. Fly Me To The Moon
4. I'll Remember April
5. The Hawaiian Wedding Song
6. In The Still Of The Night

1. Sunrise Sunset
2. This Is All I Ask
3. When I Lost You
4. The Songs I Love
5. The Shadow Of Your Smile
6. We Kiss In A Shadow

       2. My Favourite Things

Friday, 15 July 2022

Tony Bennett.

 Here's a nice selection of song's by "The greatest singer in the world" as Quoted by "Frank Sinatra"!!!....Some well known song's are on this L/P and they are different from what the originals are and sung by other singers....Tony seems to do that with most of the well known songs...hence the Quote by Sinatra !!....I prefer his more "Jazz" and "Swing" L/P's.....But this one is worth having a good listen to.....

1. Something
2. The Long And Winding Road
3. Everybody's Talking
4. On a Clear Day
5. Coco
6. Think How Its Gonna be

1. Wave
2. Make It Easy On Yourself
3. Come Saturday Morning
4. When I Look In Your Eyes
5. Yellow Days
6. What A Wonderful World 

           2. The Long And Winding Road

Tuesday, 12 July 2022

Li'L Abner Original Trailer

Li'L Abner (Film).

 This is another of my favorite films....the songs are very good....I think that you would have to see the film to appreciate them.....But a couple of them could be familiar like "I'm Past My Prime" and "Namely You" if you want a treat sometime go and see it....its an old film so if it comes on TV or you see it in your local DVD shop give youself a treat....It's corny but good !!

1. Overture / A Typical Day
2. If I Had My Druthers
3. Jubilation T Cornpone
4. Don't That Take The Rag Offen The Bush
5. Room Unuff For Us
6. Namely You

1. The Country's In The Very Best Of Hands
2. Unnecessary Town
3. I'm Past My Prime
4. I Wish It Could Be Otherwise
5. Put Em' Back The Way They Wuz
6. The Matrimonial Stomp And Finale

3. I'm Past My Prime

Sunday, 10 July 2022

Peter Palmer & Orchestra & Voices

Well now is it "Conniff" ?.....recorded in 1959... they say imitation is a form of flattery !...
so Peter does a decent job... I suppose that if you didn't know you would think that it was Ray Conniff....but to me being a lover of the Conniff sound there's is something missing the richness of the shuffle beat is not quite right !! and the voices are not as full and rich....still it is worth listening to !!

Bandleader, tenor saxophonist and composer who recorded several albums for Mercury Records including "A Swingin' Love Affair", "A Swingin' Dance Date", and "Moonlight on the Campus", with a small singing group which included Ann Trendler, whom he would later marry. Later in his career he changed his name to Johnny Palmer to avoid confusion with the popular Broadway singer and actor Peter Palmer of Li'l Abner fame.

          1. Lets Fall In love

Friday, 1 July 2022

Alma Cogan.

It seems we have a Alma fest !!!

I wonder if most of us who listen to songs either on Vinyl or CD or MP3 players and even the Radio think about the orchestral arrangements because I think that a good arrangement of a song can make it great...and this L/P has some fantastic arrangements in fact the whole album is A1....and it helps the singer sound great too...not that Alma Cogan needs any help in that department...Once again she sings perfectly....I wish some of our female singers of today could sing as clear as Alma you can hear every word she sings....Best track for me is "What Is There To Say" with "Falling In Love With Love " a good Second

1. With You In Mind
2. I Dream Of You
3. Lets Fall in Love
4. In Other Words
5. My Heart Stood Still
6. But Beautiful

1. You'll Never Know
2. All I Do Is Dream Of You
3. What Is There To Say
4. Don't Blame Me
5. Falling In Love With Love
6. The More I See You

    3. What Is There To Say

Alma Cogan.

Now this one is one to go a bit crazy about..forget the Alma Cogan of the "Novelty Songs"....She does a fantastic job on these standard songs I urge everyone to have a listen you won't be disappointed...I feel that if she was still with us she would have achieved a lot more vocal wise and I recon this album proves it...Just listen to the last track "If Love Were All"Pure Magic!!!

1. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
2. I've Never Been In Love Before
3. The Lady's In Love With You
4. I'm In The Mood For Love
5. Somebody Loves Me
6. Can't Help Falling In Love

1. Hello Young Lovers
2. Our Love Affair
3. Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow
4. Love Is Just Around The Corner
5. let Me Love You
6. If Love Were All
            6. If Love Were All