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Sunday, 22 November 2020

Digno Garcia Trio Del Paraguay.

Now we have a slice of "Spain" via "Belgium"....some well known Latin Songs !!...If you have not heard of this Trio (or Quartet) according to the front picture !! before give it a listen its very different and good !!..well recomended I would give it 5***** !!!! (Stars) !!......Thanks Bob !!

     3. Cielito Lindo Y Carnavalito

Cleo Laine & Tubby Hayes

A very young Cleo from the 60's....enjoy some great Jazz Nostalgia !!

     6. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter 

Billy Cotton.320 Kbps

Now here's a bit of a rarity...its a EP at 33 and a third RPM from the back of a book about "Billy Cotton"...usually EP's are recorded and played back at 45 RPM...size wise I guess you couldn't get an L/P in the back unless it was a giant of a book !!!
the content of this EP seems to be have been taken from some of "Billy Cottons" Radio Shows that was very popular in the 50's + with guests as you can see...
Its interesting because I doubt whether it would have been commercially released and I wonder how many of these are still with the book !!!!...This one and the next couple of posts we can Thank "Jenny " fron the Gym...cheers "Jenny" !!!!

     1. Side One

Anna Maria Alberghetti

Alberghetti was a child prodigy. Her father was an opera singer and concert master of the Rome Opera Company. Her mother was a pianist. She had a brother named Gorge. At age six, Anna Maria sang in a concert on the Isle of Rhodes with a 100-piece orchestra. She performed at Carnegie Hall in New York at the age of 13. At 15, she was introduced to American film audiences in Frank Capra's 1951 musical Here Comes the Groom, which starred Bing Crosby. At 16, she was Red Skelton's opening act during his Sahara Hotel engagement in Las Vegas.

A pleasant selection of standards sung well by the gal with the three barrelled name !

Thanks John for the above selection they were great !!!..Have a Good Day !!! 

     5. My One And Only Love

Monday, 16 November 2020

Dennis Waterman.320 Kbps

 For those of you out there in the wonder of "Cyber Space" and across the pond and in the land of perpetual snow...and not forgetting the upside down land !! who don't know who "Dennis Waterman" is here's a little bio'...He started his career as a child actor he was "Just William" in the BBC TV version... In the early 1960's he was "Oliver" in the stage show "Oliver" He then went on to star in TV's "The Sweeny" with "John Thaw"....then "Minder" with "George Cole"....singing the theme songs for a few TV series including the ones he was in... at the moment he is in a TV series called "New Tricks"soooooooooooo bio done so will get back to this L/P...It has a slight country feel to it with a Dolop of Rock a pleasant enuff set of the only way to agree or disagree with me is have a listen !!!

 1. Jamaica Woman
2. Wasn't Love Strong Enough 
3. Holding On To Love
4. What You See Is What You Get
5. Gone Wrong Song

1. Love's Left Me Bleeding
2. Nothing At All
3. Love Is Like A Rainbow
4. I Could be So Good For You
5. The Lady's Up To No Good

    4. I Could Be So Good For You

Dennis Waterman...320 Kbps

 Another set of songs from the TV actor...none of the songs are well known but they are very interesting and well worth a listen !!

1. If Ever I Had To Say Goodbye To You 
2. It Ain't Easy 
3. Fly Away Little Bird
4. Louise
5.They Can't Take My Love Away
6. Smokie Joe

1. Heartbeat
2. Growing Old
3. Something Called Love
4. Yesterdays Papers
5. Cockney Cowboy
6.Another Whiskey Sour

       5. They Can't Take My Love Away.

Thursday, 5 November 2020

Tony Christie

A fine selection of songs from an underrated Singer that seemed to do beter on the continent !!
What an uncomfortable pose for his cover !!

     5. Walk Like A Panther

Monday, 2 November 2020

40 Supergreats.320 Kbps

A great "Super" Compilation of 40 Tracks from the 70's....Its great to hear some of the minor Top hits of yesteryear !! as well as the popular ones ....Notably  "Susan Cadogan's" "Hurt So Good" & "Stealers Wheel" "Stuck In The Middle"
So come with me for a walk down "Memory Lane "!!!

    7. Hurts So Good

     8. Stuck In The Middle

4 more from the 78 rpm box...including a singer that is in The Guinness World Records Book !!
A nice aprox 24 mins listening experience !

1. I'll Come When You Call......Ruby Murray
2.It's The Irish In Me......Ruby Murray
3. I'll Walk Beside You......John McHugh
4. You Are Mine......John McHugh
5. In A Monastery Garden......Court Symphony Orchestra
6. Destiny Waltz......Court Symphony Orchestra
7. Men Of Harlech......The Royal Welsh Male Choir
8. LLef......The Royal Welsh Male Choir
                                                Ruby Murray
Ruby Florence Murray (29 March 1935 – 17 December 1996) was a Northern Irish singer and actress. One of the most popular singers in the British Isles in the 1950s, she scored ten hits in the UK Singles Chart between 1954 and 1959. She also made pop chart history in March 1955 by having five hits in the Top Twenty in a single week.
The 1950s was a busy period for Murray, during which she had her own television show, starred at the London Palladium with Norman Wisdom, appeared in a Royal Command Performance (1955), and toured the world. In a period of 52 weeks, starting on 3 December 1954 and lasting until the end of November 1955, Murray constantly had at least one single in the UK charts – this at a time when only a Top 20 was listed.

The Royal Welsh Male Choir sings to you from the land where fine singing is a tradition. It was founded in 1883 and two years later was accorded the right to use the Royal prefix following a command performance at Windsor Castle before Queen Victoria.

John McHugh was born on July 23, 1911 in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England. He is known for his work on I'll Turn to You (1946), I'll Walk Beside You (1943) and The Ken Dodd Show (1959). He died on June 5, 2004 in Penn, Buckinghamshire, England.

3. I'll Walk Beside You

Saturday, 31 October 2020

Kay Starr

Some vintage Kay Starr is always great to get the feet tippy tappin' !!

1. A Hundred Years From Today
2. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
3. Glad Rag Doll
4. Fit As A Fiddle
5. My Buddy
6. You Can Depend on Me

1. I Want A Boy
2. I'll Never Say Never Again Again
3. The Prisoner's Song
4. Once More
5. Georgia On My Mind
6. Jump For Joy

     6. You Can Depend On Me

Nippers Greatest Hits..The 30's

 A stroll down memory lane when times were calmer than they are now !! at least till the 1st September 1939 !!!......Music courtesy of "Nipper" the HMV / RCA Dog

     14. I Can't Get Started

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Davy Graham

If you like guitar music then this one should delight you !!..with only the drums for accompaniment this show how good he plays the guitar !!
 Though Graham is commonly referred to as a folk musician, the diversity of his music shows strong influences from many genres. Elements of blues, jazz, and Middle Eastern music are evident throughout his work...There are three extra tracks. 7.8 & 9

1. Don't Stop The Carnival
2. Sermoette
3. Take Five
4. How Long How Long Blues
5. Sunset Eyes
6. Cry Me a River

1. The Ruby And The Pearl 
2. Buffalo
3. Exodus
4. Yellow Bird
5. Blues For Betty
6. Hallelujah
7. Angi
8. Davy's Train Blues
9. 3 4 AD

     13. Angi

Monday, 26 October 2020

Anita O'Day

This is a great "Live " performance from the great Anita !...Thanks John !!

    5. It Never Entered My Mind

Sunday, 25 October 2020

The Four Freshmen....320 Kbps

These guy's along with "The Hi Lo's" are the best in "Jazz" orientated vocal groups I think that they set the "Benchmark" for all the  Jazz groups that came after !!....It was "Stan Kenton"who first heard them and recomended to the record company....I believe that they are still performing today...but not the original guy's...I think that they have gone through quite a number of personal changes but I believe the "Freshman" Sound is still there !!!

1. Love
2. You Stepped Out Of A Dream
3. I Remember You
4. The Last Time I Saw Paris
5. Street Of Dreams
6. Our Love Is Here To Stay

1. Love Is Just Around The Corner
2. You Made me Love You
3. The Nearness Of You
4. Mam'selle
5. Speak Low
6. Guilty

1. Love Is Just Around The Corner.

Friday, 23 October 2020

Renaissance.320 Kbps

 Another one from the "Symphonic" sounding group....But this time not so loud and they have toned down the sound so you can hear the sweet clear sound of "Annie Haslam's" voice...again the more you listen to it the better it becomes....stand out tracks are "Richard IX" and "The Entertainer"!!! 

1. Flight
2. Missing Persons
3. Chagrin Boulevard
4. Richard IX
5. The Entertainer

1. Electric Avenue
2. Majik
3. Distant Horizons
4. Orient Express
5. Auto-Tech
    4. Richard IX 

Thursday, 22 October 2020

Concert Favourites 2.WRC..320 Kbps

 Another Classic Selection from "Readers Digest" to have a little "Up Market" sounds too keep the balance and keep eveybody out there interested !!!!..Once again...
"The New Symphony Orchestra Of London" is Conducted By "Rene Leibowitz"

1. H.M.S. Pinafore
2. Hora Staccato
3. Minuet from Quintet In A
4. Ritual Fire Dance
5. The Skaters Waltz

1. Naila Waltz
2. The Flight Of The Bumble Bee
3. Humoresque
4. Suite From Porgy And Bess

    2. Hora Staccato

 Re-Post and Re-Recording on a New Audio - Technica Turntable....Sound 100% better !!!

 Another trip down memory lane 45's & EP's . A reminder of how you listened to music !!!!..ages ago !!
First there was the Cylinder then we got the Brittle Shellac 78 rpm followed by EP's & 45rpm
out came the Reel To Reel Tape Recorder followed by Cassette's which was thiner and smaller tape..then we had 8 track players that you got in your car....OOOPs nearly forgot the humble Vinyl L/P started off 10 inch and progressed to 12 inch !!!!....have I forgotten anything ???
and finally we have Digital MP3's Ect Ect Ect !!!..what next I wonder !!!...any Ideas !!
Anyway enjoy these blasts from my past !!!

1. Malaguena / Mambo From Chile....Caterina Valente
2. Babalu / Bambino....Caterina Valente
3. Moonglow & The Theme From Picnic....Morris Stoloff & Orchestra
4. Theme From Picnic....George Dunning & Orchestra
5. Live It Up / I Want Your Love Tonight....Dusty Springfield
6. I Wanna Make You Happy / Now That Your My Baby.....Dusty Springfield
7. If You Go Away....Damita Jo
8. When The fog Rolls In From San Fransisco....Damita Jo

    7. If You Go Away

Monday, 19 October 2020

Nina Simone....320 Kbps

Here is Nina at her singing best and includes a couple of tracks of her on the piano proving just how good a pianist she was....This compilation by "Polydor" includes some of her great tracks...When I first bought this L/P I thought maybe it was some re-recordings that she had made at some time in her career but no they seem to be the original "Bethlehem" recordings....Just checked on "Google" and it seems that it is the first L/P that Nina did for "Bethlehem Records"just re-released with one track missing by "Polydor"....So enjoy a great unique voice !

1. Mood Indigo
2. Don't Smoke In Bed
3. Love Me Or Leave Me
4. He Needs Me
5. My Baby Just Cares For Me
6. Little Girl Blue

1. Central Park Blues
2. I Loves You Porgy
3. Good Bait
4. Plain Gold Ring
5. My Baby Just Cares for Me

Thursday, 15 October 2020

Joe Loss & Orchestra--Vladimir De Pachmann--Beniamino Gigli--Nelson Eddy

A glut of HMV shellac 78's from Swing to Gigli  & Nelson Eddy !!

1. In The Mood......Joe Loss & His Orchestra
2. Oasis......Joe Loss & His Orchestra
3. Prelude In E Minor OP 35 No 1......Vladimir De Pachmann
4. Chopin's Prelude's In B Minor & G Major.....Vladimir De Pachmann
5. Che Gelida Manina......Beniamino Gigli
6. Salve Dimora Casta E Pura.....Beniamino Gigli
7. Ah Sweet Mystery Of Life......Nelson Eddy
8. Neath The Southern Moon.....Nelson Eddy

Joshua Alexander "Joe" Loss LVO OBE (22 June 1909 – 6 June 1990) was a British dance band leader and musician who founded his own eponymous orchestra.
The Joe Loss Orchestra was one of the most successful acts of the big band era in the 1940s, with hits including "In the Mood". In 1961 they had a hit with "Wheels—Cha Cha", a version of the String-A-Longs' hit "Wheels". Other hits included David Rose's "The Stripper" in 1958, "Sucu Sucu", "Must Be Madison", "The Theme from Maigret" and "March of the Mods (The Finnjenka Dance)" of 1964.

Vladimir von Pachmann, also called Vladimir de Pachman, (born July 27, 1848, Odessa, Ukraine, Russian Empire—died January 6, 1933, Rome, Italy), Russian pianist known for his performances of the music of Frédéric Chopin.

Beniamino Gigli (pronounced [benjaˈmiːno) 20 March 1890 – 30 November 1957) was an Italian opera singer. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest tenors of his generation.
Gigli rose to true international prominence after the death of the great Italian tenor Enrico Caruso in 1921. Such was his popularity with audiences he was often called "Caruso Secondo", though he much preferred to be known as "Gigli Primo". In fact, the comparison was not valid as Caruso had a bigger, darker, more heroic voice than Gigli's sizable yet honey-toned lyric instrument.

Nelson Ackerman Eddy (June 29, 1901 – March 6, 1967) was an American singer, baritone and actor who appeared in 19 musical films during the 1930s and 1940s, as well as in opera and on the concert stage, radio, television, and in nightclubs. A classically trained baritone, he is best remembered for the eight films in which he costarred with soprano Jeanette MacDonald. He was one of the first "crossover" stars, a superstar appealing both to shrieking bobby soxers and opera purists, and in his heyday, he was the highest paid singer in the world.

    1. In The Mood