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Thursday, 26 March 2020

Re-Posts & Lock Down !

Its now been some time since all of my files from "Zippyshare" are not available as eveybody is now getting the 403 Forbidden page from England and many other countries......So if anyone wants a re-post on any of the posts just leave a comment on the page that you we are now in Lock-Down and confined to only go out when necessary I could be spending more time on the Blogs.... I will be using "PixelDrain" & "Mega" if one of these doesn't work for you let me know in the comment which one you want... so feel free to make  any comment for re-posts or anything else...Cheers....Luigi

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Verdelle Smith

Another new singer that is new to me...Its seems that this is the only L/P that she recorded which is a pity would have liked to have heard more of her !!

 Perhaps the closest parallel to Verdelle Smith would be Dionne Warwick: a soul singer by discipline but a dramatic pop singer by any other name. She cut two songs that were later covered by Nancy Sinatra and Scott Walker -- "In My Room" and "Tar and Cement," respectively -- and that gives a good idea of the symphonic melodrama that lies at the core of her work. This is not meek music. It's big, sweeping and grand, with mini pop symphonies that showcased her range and power.  Smith's appeal lies in how she never quite belonged in either the pop-soul world or in Hollywood pop. She fell through the cracks, a powerful soul singer but what's best about Smith is how she never belonged to any world, how she was soulful without being gritty, overblown without being sticky.

       6. Toot-Toot-Tootsie.

"Tar and Cement" w/Lyrics- Verdelle Smith

Sunday, 22 March 2020

James Last Orchestra...320 Kbps

 Here's "James Last" getting in on the "Non Stop Dancing" Records that was popular in the late 60's 70's....popular songs all strung together !!!

The Laurie Johnson Orchestra....320 Kbps

Roll Up!! Roll Up!! all you Big Band enthusiasts have a listen to this....It's great !!....I doubt if any of you out there will have heard of "The Laurie Johnson Orch" fact I don't think that it did exist as a working Orchestra I might be wrong but I think it was made up of session musicians and good English ones of the day....Laurie Johnson is a first class arranger doing film and tv scores...he has done arangements for "Ted Heath's...Jack Parnell...Geraldo Bands...And Mantovani so you can see he has a good pedigree !!!Soooooo if you like a good Big band Jazz Sound give this one a listen....would have loved to hear it in "Stereo"...don't know whether it was recorded in "Stereo" was recorded in 3 sessions 6th 13th 27th of August 1957....if anyone has any more info about it would be great to hear about it !!......Oooops just checked up on "Google"and it seems that it was a working Orchestra they made two more L/P's as well as this one.....marvelous what you can find out when you "Google" somebody !!

1. Chinatown
2. I Lead A Charmed Life
3. I Cover The Waterfront
4. In A Little Spanish Town
5. Hallo
6. Surrey With The Fringe On The Top

1. Iroquois
2. Aunt Orsavella
3.The Things We Did Last Summer
4.Donkey Serenade
5. Olwins Dream
6. Operation Orchestra

       6. Surrey With The Fringe on The Top.

Friday, 20 March 2020

Barbra Streisand...320Kbps

 There's not much you can say about BS that hasn't been said a thousand times before so I won't say it !!.....except that she has now in 1978 got complete control of her voice !! An interesting thing to do is make a "playlist" of her first L/P "The Barbra Streisand Album" with this one starting with "Track 1" from TBSA "Track 2" from this one and so on and listen to the difference its a really cool "playlist".......Most of the songs on this one are not well known except for a couple but that really doesn't matter its her interpretation of the song and of course her voice that gets you !!!

1. Tomorrow
2. A Man I Loved
3. I Don't Break Easily
4. Love Breakdown
5. You Don't Bring Me Flowers

1. Honey Can I Put On Your Clothes
2. One More Night
3. Stay Away
4. Deep In The Night
5. Songbird

       2. One More Night.

James Last And Orch....320 Kbps

This should jog the memory a bit... hits from all decades rolled into a continues non stop tracks...Not exactly a "Rave" but pleasant sing along value !!!

Side 1                                                                 Side Two

1. Rivers Of Babylon                                       1. Brown Girl In The Ring
2. Dancing In The City                                    2. One For You One For Me
3. Night Fever                                                  3. Save Your Kisses For Me
4. Boogie Oogie Oogie                                     4. Amazing Grace
5. If I Only Had Time                                     5. Yesterday
6. Sailing                                                          6. Love Is In The Air
7. Una Paloma Blanca                                    7. I'm On Fire
8. I Can't Give You Anything                        8. I Only Want To Be With You
9. Y Viva Espana                                            9. You Make Me Feel Brand New
10. Fernando                                                  10. I Write The Songs
11. Massachusetts                                          11. Yes Sir I Can Boogie
12. Your The One That I Want                    12. Money Money Money
13. Rasputin

Side Three                                                      Side Four

1. Black Is Black                                            1. Stayin' Alive
2. In Zaire                                                      2. Let Me Be The One
3. Kiss You All Over                                     3. Cecilia
4. Mull Of Kintyre                                        4. I've Gotta Get a Message To You
5. Lara's Theme                                            5. Strangers in The Night
6. Rock Bottom                                             6. Daddy Cool
7. I Love To Love                                         7. Summertime
8. Love Hurts                                                8. Jeans On
9. Belfast                                                        9. All By Myself
10. It's a Heartache                                      10. You're The First My Last My Everything
11. Substitute                                                11. Knowing Me Knowing You
12. Dancing Queen                                       12. Devil Woman
                                                                       13. Stuff Like That

Peggy Lee...320 Kbps

Here's Peggy Lee at her sultry best....small voice seldom more than a it say's on the sleeve notes and I agree that's how she does most of the songs....but I recon that the last track "Deed I Do"seems to be recorded at a different session it doesn't seem to fit in with the other tracks !!

P.S. Thanks to Calvin we have the Original sleeve which is much better that the one that I had !!....Cheers Calvin !!!

1. As You Desire Me
2. It Could Happen To You
3. Pretty Eyes
4. Remind Me
5. You Fascinate Me So
6. I Wanna Be Loved

1. I'm Walking Through Heaven With You 
2. I Remember You
3. Too Close For Comfort
4. In Other Words
5. Because I Love Him So
6. Deed I Do

       1. I'm Walking Through Heaven With You.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Nelson Riddle & Orchestra..320 Kbps


Here's an L/P that's very interesting in the fact that you might be waiting to hear "Sinatra" "Ella" " Peggy" or even "Nat King Cole" to come in at some point....BUT no its just "Nelson Riddle" on his own...on the back it say's it's a party record and people should be dancing to it...but it's better just to sit down and have a quiet listen it's a Good Un'...I first heard it at my local Cinema "Savoy"they played some tracks in the Interval for quite some time so I went and asked the manager what the record was and here it is from the late 50's !!

1. Let's Face The Music And Dance
2. You Are My Lucky Star
3. You And The Night And The Music
4. Younger Than Springtime
5. You Leave Me Breathless
6. Your An Old Smoothie

1. Then I'll Be Happy
2. I Get Along Without You Very Well
3. I Can't Escape From You
4. Have You Got Any Castles Baby
5. Darn That Dream
6. Let Yourself Go

       2. You Are My Lucky Star.

Judy Garland..320 Kbps

 Here's Judy singing her heart out in one of the best of the "Garland "Films including one of the finest songs from it...and the video of it is below !!.....I can't believe that when the film was first released they cut out the "Born In A Trunk"...thank goodness that they put it back as that also is a great part of the film !!

P.S. Also found two great outtakes from the if Judy rocks your boat you'll enjoy them !!

 1. Gotta Have Me Go With You
2. Born In A Trunk

1. Here's What I'm Here For
2. It's A New World
3. Someone At Last
4. Lose That Long Face
5. The Man That Got Away 


Tuesday, 17 March 2020

The Man That Got Away - A Star Is Born (1954)

Judy Garland - The Man That Got Away (Outtake 1)

Judy Garland - The Man That Got Away (Outtake 2)

The Mike Sammes Singers...320. Kbps

 If you like easy listening and like group singers then this is one for you its a favorite of mine and the cover has not suffered too much so thats ok !!...They were the backing singers to loads of "Pop" records of the 60's & 70's and maybe description of them is a very laid back version of "Ray Conniff Singers".....BUT they have there own style so that's where the comparison ends !....Best track is.. "I'll Know"

1. Put On A Happy Face
2. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise
3. Misty
4. Spring Spring Spring
5. Dreaming
6. There Will Never Be Another You

1. California Here I Come
2. Baby Talk To Me
3. I'll Know
4. Deep In A Dream
5. Passing Breeze
6. Let's Get Away From It All

       3. I'll Know.

15 Fabulous Tracks...320 Kbps

 This one is for the easy listeners brigade..a compilation of some "Studio 2 Stereo" releases on the "EMI" label...I suppose they did that to persuade you to buy the record if you like some of the tracks...Best track is the first one
"The Gypsy Fiddler"...

1. The Gypsy Fiddler....Ron Goodwin & Orch
2. Light My Fire....Helmut Zacharias & Orch
3. Aranjuez Mon Amour....Valentino
4. Spitfire Prelude....Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orch
5. Basin Street Blues....Mr Acker Bilk
6. When I'm Sixty Four....Bravo Brasso
7. Overture The Arcadians....Vilem Tausky

1. Theme From A Summer Place....Manuel And The Music of The Mountains
2. Wichita Lineman....Brian Bennett
3. Patu Patu Ake....Wout Steenhuis & The Kontikis
4. In The Hall Of The Mountain King.... The Halle Orch
5. Spanish Eyes....Sid Sidney & Orch
6. Hey Jude....Franck Pourcell & Orch
7. Mexican Whistler....Chico Arnez & His Cuban Brass
8. Overture Bitter Sweet

       1. The Gypsy Fiddler.

Monday, 16 March 2020

Barbra Streisand...320 Kbps

Barbra singing songs of today which was 1969 when this L/P was produced....she stamps her vocal style firmly with her foot....Nice pic on the back !!!

1. What About Today
2. Ask Yourself Why
3. Honey Pie
4. Punky's Dilemma
5. Untill It's Time For You To Go
6. That's A Fine Kind O' Freedom

1. Little Tin Soldier
2. With A Little Help From My Friends
3. Alfie
4. The Morning After
5. Goodnight

       2. Ask Yourself Why.

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Nana Mouskouri

This is the first English L/P that "Nana" recorded it was recorded in "New York"and originally Titled "The Girl From Greece Sings" "Nana Mouskouri in New York"....its a belter of a record and shows how good she was even at an early age....well worth a listen too !!..thanks Bob !!

       6. Till There Was You.

Ady Zehpnfennig

Getting quite fond of these organ L/P's from Bob they are  becoming quite entertaining and the arrangements and playing are something to shout about !! anybody who thinks that they wouldn't enjoy it give it a go you might be pleasently surprised !!

       4. Claire De La Lune.

Dinah Washington....320 Kbps

Here's a nice compilation of Dinah's Hits and some early recordings...

P.S. This is a very good "Stereo" recording sooooooo all you "Stereo" Buffs out there who might have their computer conected to a "Stereo System" have a listen to this....It seems that all the "Mercury" L/P's alway provide good Stereo must be their way of recording !!!!

1. Salty Papa Blues
2. Mixed Emotions
3. Time Out For Tears
4. I Wanna Be Loved
5. Trust In Me
6. Mad About The Boy

1. September In The Rain
2. This Bitter Earth
3. Such A Night
4. If I Loved You
5. Harbour Lights
6. What A Diff'rence A Day Made

       1. September In The Rain.

The Hill Bowen Concert Orchestra....320 Kbps

Here is an outing to the film scores from "Readers Digest"......if you like your music "Concert" wise then this is the one for gimmicks just plain good film music !!

1. Warsaw Concerto
2. Laura
3. La Strada
4. Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing
5. The Song From Moulin Rouge
6. Intermezzo

1. Exodus
2. Over The Rainbow
3. Tara's Theme
4. The High And Mighty
5. Gigi

       4. The High And Mighty.

Peggy Lee...320 Kbps

Another of Peggy's Latin L/P's...unfortunately this copy is not in Stereo but it still sounds great!!

1. Come Dance With Me
2. By Myself
3. You're So Right For Me
4. Just Squeeze Me 
5. Fantastico
6. Together Wherever We Go

1. Love And Marriage
2. Non Dimenticar
3. From Now On
4. You Stepped Out Of A Dream
5. Ole
6. I Can't Resist You


       1. Come Dance With Me.